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    Need help determining whether this is true or false.
    kaydee89 posted:
    Hello All,
    I was contacting you for a little background information. I have a friend who has reported to me that one of her friends has a tumor in her head, but does not want to share much more information with my friend. I'm craving to know more about her condition.

    What I was told is this: She was suffering from headaches for about a week. She scheduled an MRI. From the MRI the doctor reported that she had a rather large, tumor within her temporal lobe. Originally she told me that from the MRI it was too large to operate on, but she then later confessed they said it was operable but not able to be fully removed. Yet, she doesn't want the surgery. She is home and was never hospitalized. Every night she complains of horrible headaches. I asked if they prescribed any medications for her pain she said yes, but doesn't want me to be involved with them, and I have never seen her take them. I am also not allowed to go to any of her appointments. The doctor told her from her MRI that she had a 10% survival rate.

    If possible, I would like more information. Is there more test she should have done? What are her symptoms? Are they going to worsen? What medications should the doctor have perscribed. Why did the hospital let her go home? Is there any activities she should avoid? Any foods she should avoid? Is there any services I can get for her if she is refusing surgery? Is chemo/radiation not possible? And anything else you would be willing to tell me..

    I hate to say this as well, but many have said this sounds highly fabricated, and at times I believe it to be so as well. If this is a lie, she needs help as well, just a different kind. Let me know what you guys think.

    My feelings are that there is no way an MRI could diagnose everything. And she claims she only saw one doctor, shouldn't there be many more. And what exactly is a 10% survival rate? Shouldn't she have a length of time. She never even saw a neurologist! A biopsy? Shouldn't she be hospitalized. She's only 19 and I'm not quite sure what to think of the situation.

    I think that is all.
    Thank you for your time.
    truck88 responded:
    Hi kaydee89, I understand that this phase in your life can be confusing and overwhelming. I went through a similar thing a few years ago when my father was diagnosed with brain cancer. I did a lot of research and found many websites. A few of them stuck out to me in terms of quality answers. I would recommend this website:

    I hope that you can explore it and find more answers to all your questions. I'm sending some prayers your way.

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