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    Glioblastoma can not be removed, were shocked!!!
    SDerevage posted:
    The first week of april we find out that my brother-in-law is going to be a father. His girl friend of about 2-3 years is pregnant. Two weeks after that my brother-in-law passes out and his mother takes him to emergency. They find a mass in his brain. The next week he goes in to have the mass biopsied. And the shock hits the family, Dwain has Glioblastoma. It is so deep that he can not be removed. He is 40 years old his first child on the way and he is given 3 months with out treatment, 6 months to a year with treatment. Because his place of business is rebuilding from a fire his employeer can not afford health insurance. There is no income comming in so he and family is appling for medicad and disability. But this aid has to go through an approval process and we are told it will take 3 to 5 months. My brother-in-law lives in southwest kty were there are no jobs and it takes an hour to get to the location were he will start his radiation once his helmet has been fitted and made. I do not need to go in detail about what this is doing to our family. Some are accepting and some are not. The real need at the momemt is what kind of help is there for my family down in Kty to get Dwain to his radiation for 7 weeks everyday. Are there organizations that can help with transportation and the needs neccessary to live during this time while they wait for goverment approvals. My husband and have assisted with his mortgage and electricity. My husband and I live 6 hours north from the family so we can not help with transportation but we did assist on mortgage and electricity bills. I am sure all of you have your own devistating story about yourself or a loved one that is dealing with this horrable news. Losing my father to colon cancer in 1982 is the most painful thing I have ever gone through in my life. I have lost my mother, grandparents and ect. But my husband has not lost anyone so this is first experience with death. Dwain his the youngest of 4 boys and he just turned 40. I am interested if anyone has any ideas on any type of assistance that I can offer my family while waiting for the goverment to approve the asistance that they need. Thank you for listening,

    Sheila, his loving sister-in-law.

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