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    Do I have a brain tumor?
    ethood1999 posted:
    Back in January, I started getting sick, like unexceptionably.My primary symptom was headaches. I would get like 24/7 headaches, behind/above my eyes and at the back of my head. I would wake up with them, eat breakfast with them, go to school with them, go to sleep with them, they became a part of my daily life. I thought it was a stress reaction or insomnia, but I never went to a doctor because I wasn't feeling like I was going to die or anything.

    Then, around early April, I started getting kidney pains and bladder pains. One day I cracked and went home early from school and rested. Nothing seemed to make it better. I kept track of what I ate and if any foods or drinks were directly correlating to the pain - nothing. One night, I went to the hospital where I had many tests that I barely remember, but I'm pretty sure they CT scanned my kidneys and found out that I was fine.

    Starting in late May, I started having seizures. I would blank out for minutes on end and literally feel like nothing happened. One time in class, I walked from the pencil sharpener to my seat and everyone was looking at me. I had no idea what happened but apparently on my way to my seat I stopped and just stared blankly and I don't even remember blanking out. I'm pretty sure that's considered a seizure. I thought it was epilepsy, but they barely happen now and when they do happen, they are very short.

    Now, in the past few days, I've been getting this migraine headache. It's like a burning sensation all the time combined with the frequent stabbing of a needle from my skull to my scalp. It hurts like crazy. All of my previous "sicknesses" have been accompanied with the general lightheartedness, confusion, short term memory, collapsing, etc. so now that I'm getting this migraine too, I'm worried. The prime sickness I'm looking at is a brain tumor. I'm really scared because just saying the word scares me and I can't imagine undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. I'm getting all of these symptoms. I need help, please.

    By the way, I am 12 years old. My birthday is in May, so back when these symptoms started, I was 11.
    ethood1999 responded:
    Can't find how to edit this, but I'm getting my migraine on the left side of my head in a specific spot that I don't know how to explain.
    carlee91 responded:
    I was twelve when my seizures appeared also, and I didn't even know what a epilepsy was and I'll be 21 this January. I was diagnosed almost four years ago with my health conditions and it's been a ride of lifetime for me. When hearing the word tumor correlates with the word chemo, and makes people think of it at least. Until you have a proper diagnosis I would say not to stress over it because stress can raise your chances of having seizures. Also, I would recommend that you would pay attention to your sleeping patterns (how much you sleep) if you don't already, and how active you are, because these things will help you feel better.
    When I had seizures they would last for 30-60 seconds at most, I would get a tingly sensation over my body up through my spine, most nuerologists diagnose this siezure as a partial complex siezure but until you speak with a registered and licensed nuerologist it's unassured that you suffer from the same siezures. I was diagnosed with a rare form of brain tumor found by MRI in 2008, later diagnosed as a glionueral tumor. Up till now my health specialists are still finding information on these particular form of tumors. But, I can assure you from just suffering from a seizure condition doesn't mean you have a brain tumor, but until you have a MRI you won't know. Epilepsy and seizures aren't the same thing, epilepsy is: "Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which a person has repeated seizures (convulsions) over time. Seizures are episodes of disturbed brain activity that cause changes in attention or behavior" so, that may be the reason why you're having difficulty with short term memory loss coming from your temporal lobe which is a general and common place that seizures begin as my doctors have informed me. If you want more info or help on brain tumors, seizures, please let me know,

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