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    Eye twitches and bloody noses
    llw137 posted:
    Hi, thanks for reading. I know I'm probably being a little crazy by asking about this but here is what is going on. I have been having constant eye/eye lid twitches for the past few weeks. Today, for the first time in the 25 years of my life, I had an insane nose bleed. It didn't stop for a good 5-10 minutes and ever since then it's been running nonstop to the point where I feel like I need to have tissues stuffed up there to keep things from running down my face. I think what scared me is that I've NEVER ever ever had a nose bleed, not even from trauma. I haven't had any type of blunt trauma to the face and/or been in very dry weather (I live in the Pacific NW, it's never dry here). The nose bleed coupled with the nonstop eye twitching got me a little nervous. There are mixed reviews out there about whether these two things can even point toward cancer of any type but I thought getting some advice before I went and spent money at the dr. would be good. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!!!
    Lizardoli12 responded:
    there are about 120 types of primary brain tunors, some cancerous, some not. I would for sure talk to my primary doctor and go from there! It could be a variety of things that are not serious, but ant pressure in your brain can cause problems from swelling. It could be a nasal issue or dry tissue in the nasal cavity! I would document any strange things with your body and address it with the doctor! Be persistent and get an answer. At times I felt crazy because the doctor sent me to a bunch of specialists who could not figure out that I had a tumor in my head, they found a blown disc and a compressed ulnar nerve and that was it, had the disc replaced with an artificial one and scheduled an ulnar nerve decompression and the next day after doing a nerve conduction test, had a grand mal siezure! Then they CT'ed my brain and did MRI's and saw a mass the size of a golf ball in there! Good luck and I hope it is a simple issue for you,, let us know how it goes?
    jms4800 replied to Lizardoli12's response:
    Some of the side effects of the different cancer drugs are hidden in the fine print. I have to pull bits and pieces of info from different doctors and nurse practitioners. I keep a list of questions for the Dr. or the Nurse and hand them to them to help track issues. I know my body and my abilities to withstand pain. I try to keep body, mind and soul in balance and never, ever give up seeking information. My life is in Gods hands, but my treatment I have some control over.
    Good Luck.

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