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    Possible brain tumor or lesion
    Stitches19 posted:
    Hi! I am a 13 year old female from Victoria, Australia, and I need some help.
    This is going to be quite a long story, though.

    Five years ago, I had a decline in my vision. I went to an optometrist, who said I had become nearsighted due to being on the computer so much, and I just needed some glasses and I should be fine.
    So I received glasses and went on with my life. After moving houses multiple times, we finally settled down in a small house west of Melbourne in 2010
    A mere year after we moved in, there was an extremely severe storm that flooded my area, and flushed the entire neighborhood's sewerage up and into my house.
    It came through the shower, the toilet, the taps... every drain we had. In the panic, no-one noticed. When my brother stepped in a puddle when he went to check out the bathroom, he came to me and told me there was something wet in there.
    By that point, the entire street was filled with water; stand in the middle of it, and the water would come up to a 5 foot 8 man's knee. The backyard was filled with water, and my mother was piling sandbags at the doors.
    I went to tell her about it, but she wasn't listening. She had more important things to do.
    So I went and sat on the top of my bunk bed for a few hours until the storm calmed down. Eventually, my mother drove my brother and I to my father's house, using the least-flooded route possible.
    We stayed there for a few days. I felt disgusting. I immediately went to take a shower, only to feel sick after.
    I didn't sleep well that night.

    A few days after, my mother came to get us. She and a few friends had managed to drain out most of the water from around the house. But that puddle my brother had stepped in, she realized, was sewer water. As in, feces and urine, everything that goes down your kitchen sink. Bleach and chemicals, drugs even. We had been stepping in it. It was in our carpet, in our walls. In the tiny cuts on our hands. All of the neighborhood's filth was in our bodies.
    Unfortunately, there is no real policy about sewerage in this country. Things like this don't happen often, so no-one really cares.
    My mother called officials over and over again, being thrown back and forth by people with no answers. Eventually, someone agreed to come out and look at the house, more than a week after the incident itself.
    Obviously, we couldn't stay in that house. It wasn't clean enough for anyone without a protective suit to go in! So we were sent to a tiny, generally bad motel. All we had was a minifridge, a bathroom, and two beds. I didn't go to school for a while after that.
    Instead I sat at home and vomited my guts out. I had diarrhea, worms (Which were dealt with quickly, thank God), and a terrible cold.
    I got over it in a month or two. After multiple complaints from my mother, we were moved to another hotel.
    Actually, it was less like a hotel, more like a small house.
    My brother and I had separate beds, our own bathroom, even a balcony. My health was a fair bit better by that point, although I was still pretty weak.
    After about two months there, we were sent home. A lot of things happened between those few months we were away, but this is focusing on my health, so I'll skip over that part.

    For a year after that (It's been almost two now), I was weak and sickly. My vision declined even more, I got sick easily, and generally felt terrible. My throat was always sore, and I was often in a bad mood. My personality changed from being a very happy, outdoors-y girl to an introvert who barely leaves her room and is always online.

    But, since the beginning of 2012 - actually, it was around May - things changed. In the short year after the incident, my eyesight had become more than twice as bad as it was prior to the incident. Even with glasses I still can't read the writing on the whiteboard at school, or read on my computer from more than forty centimeters away. But that wasn't what concerned me.

    Continued in next post ===>
    Stitches19 responded:
    I had spots in my vision, accompanied by double and tunnel vision. It was so common, it happened every day.
    I heard a high pitched ringing sound in my ears almost constantly.
    I had headaches every single day. I am currently on medication for them, but I can still feel it at the back of my mind. The pain increases severely when I am exposed to bright lights, sudden, loud sounds, or move too fast. It usually occurs when I get out of bed or jump up from my chair. Running is very painful.
    I used to be regarded as one of them smartest children in my school. All of my test results were above average for my age. I read faster than other children and was able to consume immense amounts of knowledge and recite paragraphs word for word.
    But now, I have trouble solving simple math equations. I can't put sentences together correctly, and often get words mixed up. I can't process simple things properly, and have terrible memory.
    I don't raise my hand in class anymore because when I do, I make an utter fool of myself by stuttering and saying something totally wrong.
    My sleep pattern is odd and irregular. I will stay up fro nights on end, and then sleep for days.
    I don't eat much anymore. I skip breakfast and lunch, and eat an average sized dinner. I sometimes snack when the urge hits me, but I usually don't eat a thing while at school.

    A few months ago, I was sent to an eye specialist so he could help me correct my vision and address the terrible migraines. He sent me to the hospital to have an MRI preformed on my brain and spinal cord, under the assumption that I had high pressure in the brain or swollen eye nerves.
    As it would turn out, my nerves were fine. as was the pressure in my skull. However, they found a small spot, around six or seven millimeters in diameter.
    I don't know where on my brain it is, or anything other than "There's a small spot on your brain", really.
    My specialist has decided to send me to a neurologist. I will be seeing him in March of 2013, and he will be preforming more tests.
    I am worried the spot may be a sign of a brain tumor, or even one of the lesions found in MS patients. My grandfather actually died of MS, and it is believed that my mother may have it too, so we are not surprised.
    Does anyone have any information or theories about what this could be? My mother thinks it does indeed have something to do with the sewerage, although I personally believe it is attributed to the high amounts of stress I was going through at the time.
    If you have anything that might help, I would love to hear it. Thank you for reading my story, and I apologies for any bad grammar or incorrectly spelt words. I put this through a spellchecker and read over it, but I can't be too sure.
    An_249699 replied to Stitches19's response:
    Hi, I am not a doctor and wouldn't pretend to guess what the spot might be. I also don't know the Australian medical system.

    What I do know from reading your letter:
    1. March is a long time to wait to interpret these results.

    2. Your family has been under a lot of duress.

    3. Understandably, you are under a lot of stress too.

    What I suggest:

    1. You should have a regular doctor--not just an eye specialist should be meeting with you about these tests. Please have an appointment soon--and by soon, I mean within the next week, or two weeks at the LATEST. Print this letter out and bring it. Ask him to go through your concerns, one by one.

    2. Ask the doctor to help you move that March appointment earlier. There are cancellation lists that all doctors' offices keep. Or your doctor may know of another specialist.

    3. Your family has clearly had some hard times lately. Is there a counselor or teacher at your school who could help you a bit? Are any social services available at your school?

    Hope this helps....
    sam1985 replied to An_249699's response:
    Treatments for adult brain tumor are based onthe type of tumor the patient is suffering from. A variety of treatments are available for patients.Choosing the right treatment can be difficult and therefore, the doctor, the patient, and the patient's family should all be consulted before deciding on the treatment.
    The standard treatment followed is surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.
    stellagonzalez replied to sam1985's response:
    Well thanks all for the valuable information now I guess after consulting physician we can go for the proper surgery for my mother.
    angel10121962 replied to Stitches19's response:
    I believe your headed in the right direction a nuerologist my sister has ms was diagnosed at age 50 since years of taking a shot once a week she went back to work the last 12years as rn but recently retired after back surgery her first spell or exacerbation hit her upper torso instead of her legs recently im the youngest sister I am age 52 ive had severe vision problems pain in back and upon looking on some old hosp records 2013 it said I had lesion on my brain as you I am scared my mother had breast bone lung and brain cancer my mood changes from min to min I lose my things my words get messed up in a sentence and my memory is a mess I am going to a nuerologist health care did not even tell me nothing it was said u have something on your brain in er on a admit with chest pain ive been wondering around almost 2 years with no suggestion to even c a nuerologist had I not seen those old records nothing woud of even been thought of I think maybe the water did have something to do with it infectious water my sister was given tetnus hep injection a mandatory procedure for nursing work it wasn't long after that she was symptomatic the specialist told her ms is caused sometime from enviormental factors would love to hear back from you as well I wil let you kinow about the lesion on my brain my email address is [email protected] phone 816 439 6021 my name is mary have blessed day vision is definiately related to all this mines getting worse and worse

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