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    tia and sphenoid
    afterstroke posted:
    afterstroke posted:Last December, while at work, and doing my usual overworking myself, I suffered at TIA. I did not know my slurred speach was significant and did not know what was happening. I could hardly move my right and left side. Upon leaving the hospital I had to learn to walk and speak without a slurr. I have always been very active and fit, because of a lifetime of asthma and upper and lower scoliosis. At first they said nothing was showing and the next day they said they found bleeds around my cerrebellum and referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist said it was migraines. The neurologist put me on Depakote, that made me function better almost at the onset of the drug. They then referred me to get another MRI w and w/o contrast. The neuro surgeon said I have a bony or fatty growth the covers most of my sphenoid sinus. They have done another scan and said that it hasnt grown and decided not to do surgery. I told the surgeon that I had experienced numbness on the right side of my head that lasted approximately 2 weeks. The neuro surgeon said to wait 3 more months to get another MRI. Presently, I have symptoms of being unbalanced (fell down stairs few times), back of necks hurts, mostly left upper arm pain (but do have pain all over, but not significant), some blurry vision at times, and a little blood when I blow my nose in the morning, and my children and husband tell me I leave things out of conversations or just blurt out stupid stuff. My doctor did not detect what was happening because apparently it is very rare. She did a battery of tests all last year which include, 2 pollups removed, 3 goiters biopsied, and a growth in my liver. Please help me figure out the best suggestion to my problems. Oh and of course my doctor put me on an anti depressant last month. She suggested for me to see another surgeon

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