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    probability of me getting brain cancer
    mwoods30 posted:
    I am a healthy 31yr old female.. As far as I know. However, I feel sometimes weird in my head. Slight dizziness, dull pain on Left bottom part of head. I wonder if this could be a sign of brain cancer. My aunt on my dads side had breast and brain cancer.(deceased) and my grandma on dads side is a brain cancer survivor. Also a cousin on dads side died of brain cancer. Anyone know my chances of either cancer, or a site to go to for more info? What could my head symptoms be?
    Lizardoli12 responded:
    It is worth getting checked out with a CT scan, you could have a blown disc in your neck or an Ulnar nerve issue, don't let your insurance company dictate the type of view the doctor needs such as a CT versus an MRI.

    I was treated for a c7 blown out disc and an artificial one was put in, then I was diagnosed with a pinched ulnar nerve in my left elbow, the next day I had a Gran Mal siezure that lead to the real culprit, a golf ball sized WHO stage 3, malignant brain tumor!

    If my insurance company had not limited the views on the CT, the mass would have clearly showed up!! I would not worry yourself to much as primary brain tumors are pretty rare in comparison to other cancers, and primary brain tumors stay in the brain and do not spread to the rest of your body, the brain is not fully understood yet and the funding goes to larger populations with cancer, patients with brain cancer still have a grim outlook and life expectancy when they do get this cancer, so follow up with a symptom list for you doctor and a family history with your PPO.
    leahquestions replied to Lizardoli12's response:
    good luck-- i have 12 tumors that have been radiated away in my brain and that's the ones they can see so I'm told...A 30% chance it'll come back - going through chemop then trying vitamins--- all vitamins i know a lady who beat cancethrough nothing but vitamins so that's where I'm going.. laura
    Korin123 replied to leahquestions's response:
    what vitamins are you suppose to take??
    Korin123 replied to leahquestions's response:
    My sister has tumors of the brain - shes having radiation treatments on wed. then maybe surgery. What kind of Vitamins are we talking about? I would like for her to start taking them also. Please HELP!!
    leahquestions responded:
    Make sure you go see someone soon-- I have cancer throughout my brain but it's gone as they radiated my whole brain-- fun I had dizziness- double vision on the left a t times unbalanced. They have a special mri fot t eh brain---- good luck
    leahquestions replied to Korin123's response:
    HI Korin, right now she can't take any vitamins it may interfere with her treatments--- no vitamins until all is said and done. May I ask how many tumors she has and how old she is? They can't do surgery on me, unfortunatly it's being comfortable now...The radiation isn't nice after a while there's a reason why they run into another room to zap you. it's not painful but it can affect you, see if she sees a blue light. I had whole brain radiation...LOL chemo is no better, I hate nausea...I would welcome sugery then do the vitamins--- Suzanne Summers bood on beating cancer and the best one is Beating cancer with Nutrition
    lorcan3 responded:
    I would see a doc and have a CAT scan done. Back in 1978, when CAT scans were in their infancy, I came down with a pituatary tumor. It was benign but the surgery left me with a lifetime of epilepsy. I was in the navy at the time and was in the Mediterranean when I became sick so Frankfurt had the ONLY CAT scan machine for the whole of Europe at the time. My birth father and BOTH of his sisters died of brain cancer. My dad died within 1 month of getting sick, his sister Therese died within 3 weeks but his sister Jean took 16 YEARS to pass away. All three were heavy smokers. The doctor said the cacer went form their lungs up to their brains, so first they had Lung cancer, then Brain cancer.
    madelynandava responded:
    I hope you don't have brain cancer. If you think it's a good idea to get a CT scan, then do. It's better to be safe than sorry. Don't worry though, leave you worries in God's hands, and let him take care of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    tweetybird32 responded:
    It sounds like pms, if your family is at a high risk on both sides, chances are you are too.

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