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    Have question on possible brain cancer patient
    mawgy posted:
    My niece was diagnosed with operable brain cancer and given 2 mos to live? They are saying that she has a mass in the front of her forehead size of galf ball? Now in back of skull she has 8 (roots) tumors attached to brain? Then they found mass in her stomach that is also malignant. We do not know what to think for she has not been treated by any doctor because she has only been diagnosed by ER doctor the ER can not order hospice. She has medicaid, but has not utilized medicaid. Now if she has 2 mos. to live she is terminal, would she not be in pain? She says she is, yet she is going to beach, she is out doing things with her sister, saying she is trying to live life while she can! We are all very upset and do not know what to do. She went through the Patch Adams Foundation, but for some reason the doctor stopped seeing her, and would not perscribe her medicine. I can not help but think that there is something else going on here. Should she not be in so much pain that it would be unbearable? I am not familiar with this illness, no one in our family is, I do not want to doubt her but there is too many grey areas here. Please someone get back with me on what step should we take. She had an MRI, but when the doctor, whomever that may have been, requested another one, Medicaid dropped her and she did not get another one. I have never heard of Medicad dropping anyone. She says she is in pain yet all she is taking is Vicodin or Valium. A friend of hers is a care giver, not a nurse and is giving her shots of steriods and chemotheropy? Where is she getting this? how can she administer these? This could not be good for my niece!
    Lizardoli12 responded:
    That just sucks, a lot of doctors just do not know what to do, it sounds like the cancer is not a primary brain cancer since it is in other parts of here body, so where did it mestastize from? Steroids suck, they have so many side effects, there are hospitals out there that will take on patients without incomes and terminal illnesses, you have to do research. Clinical trials are an option and are available and described on line! Her doctor is supposed to be bound to help her and is a jerk for dropping her, you all need to advocate for her in anyway possible. Contact Cancer organizations to be guided in the right direction, you also have to bear the pain of following her own desires, does she want to live like this, does she have an advanced directive?

    I really feel for you, but statistics are just numbers, help her to fight for her life if that is her desire, or she is entitled to be comfortable if she chooses not to have her life extended on machines, she should not have to be in pain! Best of luck, I wish I could give you more information.
    leahquestions responded:
    HI , my name is Laura. I have terminal cancer,lung lmph nodes and brain. I am 49 yrs old and 2 mnths ago I found out I had 12 brain tumors with 2 of them being sizable . If your niece has operable brain cancer then she needs to get it done.. My cancer is inoperable! They can only detect brain cancer with the scans over a cm...I've had radiation on the whole brain and just woke up after 2 months.. I would question your neice. I would want ot see test results and encourage her to get what needs to be done..Medicaide can drop anyone if they think they have more than 2000.00 sad but true... I cannot see her not persuing medical intervention if it can save her life.... Yesterday was my first day alone without family because I couldn't be alone.. I was told I had up to 6 months but maybe 2 yrs.. After the chemo is over I am going all natural and mega vitamins because the lung cancer has spread rapidly during my radiation.. I want as well to go out o sea.. The only thing left to go fishing on a houseboat and enjoy my Key West sunset.. Hopefully I'll be able to do it..Your niece needs help because Dr's aren't GODS and they can't tell you how long you will live or when you will die??? I may have had this cancer 3 yrs and they never took the time or interest to seriously consider my complaints .. I was shaking and bobble head and all for a long time now and I had to console my DRs.. when in a way I want to sue them lol - they already knew I had a spot on my lungs last year too.. oh well they are just human... good luck with your niece.. talk to her laura lark of the Loiuse and Clark expedition was told he had only a few months to live but lived to be 96 yrs old another like 59 yrs so... never give up hope...
    jms4800 responded:
    Sounds to me like she is in denial? I would recommend getting a mental health professional therapist. Medicaid will pay for it. Mental health can get her a case manager to assist with appointments and medication. IF she does not like the oncologist, find another one. Valium should not be used with brain cancer. I am on Pristiq for depression and anxiety through my primary care physician. Seems to be working. This does not fix itself but 3-5 years is expected with the right radiation and chemo.
    Good Luck

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