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    Chemo side effects
    Lizardoli12 posted:
    The standard treatment for my brain tumor was sugery, radiation, and chemo, The chemo med is in pill form called Temador, I am now on the part of the regime where I take it 5 days out of each month as long as I can tolerate it. Two doctors opinions say they want me to do 36 more, that equates to 3 years. I think I tolerate it pretty well, but I have to prepare myself.

    A couple days before, I make sure I am hydrated, eat well and have natural ginger products like the soda, gum and the root to make tea! I am told that ginger does not work for everyone, maybe 50% of people!
    The ginger gum is convient for me, I stick it in my pocket and it is there all the time, easy to access!

    2 pharmacies in my town that stock the gum are Rite Aid and Walgreens, if you can't find it, ask them to order it for you!
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    volschwagon responded:
    I went to RiteAid and they didn't have or know of the gum your recommended? Do you have a name brand? I've been using Altoids ginger and it helps a little bit. Just finished my first week of Radiation and on sixth day of chemo. Market of Choice had a big and inexpensive selection of Ginger related items and they are going to try and find some ginger gum products and get back to me?
    volschwagon replied to volschwagon's response:
    I finally got my Radiation Oncologist to agree to cut back the steroids to two a day! I was experiencing severe agitivity and had gained 45 lbs in 6 weeks. From 9 am till about 3pm I was very angry and sick. I feel better and since she cut back the dose but she deceided to give me more Lorazapam. I wanted a medical mj card to calm my nerves and be legal but shes way too up tight! I knew she would deny it when I had discussed it with her PA . Oh well I have the chemo oncologist and he's cool. Shes afraid I will get too fat. I started to do weight watchers again. I am not lettting anyboday grocery shop for me either and that has helped. Drinking two to three smoothies a day helps me feel full. I have a severe burn line down my head and redness after completing the third week of Radiation and Chemo.Five more radiation and lots of chemo left. Glioblastoma
    ArikoSan replied to volschwagon's response:
    Try the Low Glycemic diet, watch for hidden sugars on processed foods, use pharmaceutical grade supplements like vitamins and also Curcumin/Silymarin containing supplements, I know it may sound too witch doctor but I seriously think Integrative Medicine have something regular doctors are missing, take care.

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