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    Awaiting Appointment with Surgeon for BC
    Renniecs posted:
    A month ago microcalcifications were found in my left breast. After a whirlwind of tests, I meet with my surgeon this Tuesday morning. I have a ton of support and am extremely positive. To date I've hesitated to get into discussion groups because I want to wait and see what the surgeon has for our plan of attack. Some days I feel too positive, others I study too much, but I'm not in denial, just waiting in the calm before the storm. Is this normal? I've had a few days of tears, but have changed many things like diet, attitude, more rest and less stress. I'm leaning for trusting for the best and preparing for the worst. I'm not fearing surgery or additional treatments, but wonder why I'm not more emotional. Any suggestions?
    judyfams responded:
    You have not said whether or not you have had a biopsy. Calcifications are usually benign and are usually followed up with another mammo 6 months later to see if there are any changes.
    I don't know if you have had a biopsy yet - or maybe that is the reason you are going to a surgeon - to have the biopsy done.
    I have calcifications in my left breast which are benign (after a biopsy) and are being watched. I had a mass in my right breast which was invasive ductal carcinoma and had surgery, chemo and radiation for that.
    You probably have heard or read about calcifications and know that they are fairly common and are usually benign which might be why you are not so emotional. Most women fear the word "mass" more than anything else when it comes to breast cancer.
    Until you have a biopsy and get the pathology report back you will not know exactly what is going on in your breast.
    Ask many questions of your doctor and be sure to get copies of all reports and test results so you have them.
    Let us know what the surgeon tells you as you will find someone here who probably has been through a similar experience and can offer you support.
    Good luck with your doctor's appointment.
    Rachael67 responded:
    No matter where you might be now or where you wind up, this journey is a real roller-coaster ride....To feel "uncertain" is part of the trip. And, just as each of us is quite individual, each of us have unique reactions as well. For instance, I have a PHD in worry! I not only do my own worrying, I take in worry (like laundry) for any and all!

    Keep in mind also that every change in life, every new event, can often give us the illusion of being in the middle of an earthquake,. no sure footing! The "what ifs" can haunt our thoughts much too often.

    LIke Judy, I too would be interested in just what has been determined thus far, but your reactions sound quite normal (albeit I am comparing you to all of us rather "unique normals"!) As you learn more, please return and we will help in any way we can. Meanwhile know that you are in our thoughts. The best of luck!!

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly!
    Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    Shell1007 responded:
    I was exactly the same way ! I tried to not look to far beyond each test or procedure until we knew all that we were dealing with. Then weigh all the options & do what is right for you & what you are comfortable with.
    One step at a time
    Trust me, you will have melt-downs, we all did (and still do)
    Please keep us updated as you get new information.
    The Ladies here are amazing & very supportive.
    Take care
    brcansur responded:
    Hello, I have to say that everyone reacts differently to events in their life. So what you are feeling is your way of dealing and is normal for you. Some people get a bad case of nerves, or cry others feel sick, some are very calm like you are all of these feelings are normal for that person and all of them are ok. The only time I would say you should be concerned is if someone was very mad,sad, hurt and holding these feelings in. That would not be good for that person to hold all those feelings in. It could make them very ill in many ways. It would be best to talk to someone and let your feelings out in a healthy way. But feeling positive is a good healthy feeling and nothing wrong with it. It is said to be a good attitude to have when dealing with any stressful event in ones life.
    Now all of that said, I will let you know I am one of those peole that always finds the positive in anything that happens in my life. So when dx with breast cancer my first reply was to get a bi mast and get the cancer out of my body. Now the positive from this is I always wanted smaller breast. I was a DD now I am a full C or small D see I am smaller! So therefore I got a positive out of breast cancer. If you look at anything neg in your life there is a positive you just have to look for it. So being positive is a good thing.
    When I was dx I took it very calmly I may have cried a total of 5 min and then called the doctor back ask for an appt as soon as possible to set up my surgery. I told him I wanted a bi mast he was shocked because he was having a hard time figuring out how to tell me I had to have just one breast removed. I pushed everything along and had my surgery 3 weeks later. I just stayed strong and positive and still am very positive. So that is my thought about how you are feeling and being positive it is as normal as breathing to me.
    Just take one day at a time and see what it brings you try not to worry and stay positive. Angel hugs Roberta,
    JLAMB26 replied to brcansur's response:
    I'm scheduled for DIEP flap surgery this coming Monday! I'll report back in to let you know how it goes. My surgeon recommended this proceedure because I was not a good candidate for implants either. While the surgury itself is more invasive and the recovery time is generally longer, I liked the fact that you are left with your own tissue and won't need to replace an implant in the future. I've done some research into the proceedure and it seems that the recovery time is different for everyone. I'm in pretty good physical shape...considering, so I'm hoping for the best. Good luck with your decision. Jennifer:)
    JLAMB26 replied to JLAMB26's response:
    Sorry wrong reply:) Jennifer

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