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    Mammogram Results for 5 Year BC Survivor
    jmast52 posted:
    Hello, I am the husband of a breast cancer survivor. In Oct. '06 my wife had a breast cancer diagnosis. The tumor was slightly larger than 2 cm. She had a lumpectomy. Fortunately there was no sentinal node involvement. She chose to have chemo as well as radiation. She took tamoxifen for the first half of her after treatment (her choice) and arimidex the second half. She did stop taking the arimidex about six months early due to side effects. So Oct. 2011 was her five year date. On Dec. 8. 2012 she had her mammogram. When she came out I asked how she was and she was concerned as she said she saw something that resembled what she'd seen in her initial diagnosis in her other breast. Obviously there was nothing to do but wait. Today, Wed. Dec. 12, the report came in the mail. Being concerned I held the envelope to the light (forgive me, but I was concerned) and it stated it showed a finding that requires additional imaging studies for a complete evaluation. It further stated most such findings are benign (not cancer). What I'm hanging on to at this minute is that last statement as her first mammogram result in '06 stated that it appeared to be cancer. I was so hoping that her concern would be unfounded. So now I'm waiting for her to return from work. What I'd like to know (for reassurance purposes) is how frequently this happens and what the odds are that it is a benign situation. She lost a lot of weight after her first cancer (voluntarily, though she really wasn't overweight. She's about 115. She eats well. She was exercising until about a year a go. The only thing that concerns me is her job, where she works 10 hour days and is under a lot of stress at her job. I'm a frightened husband who doesn't want to see her go through this again. Any info on this situation would be appreciated. I was so grateful the last time around. I'm hoping that this is standard concern and procedure for a breast cancer survivor and nothing serious. Thank you.
    CSandyC responded:
    jmast52: Not an expert, but, I've had the same thing happen to me, & I'm a 20 yr cancer survivor. When I was diagnosed, I opted not to have radiation/chemo ! It is a known fact that it does happen to occur in the opposite breast sometimes. It is standard procedure for breast cancer survivors to have ultra sounds after a mammo shows something that they want to check further. Almost every year that I go in, they almost every time have to do an ultra sound, & that is as far as it has gone. Hold onto that fact. I certainly hope that is what they are concerned about, & that it is determined to be nothing that you need to worry about.
    jmast52 replied to CSandyC's response:
    Thank you, CSandy, I'm hoping that it is nothing to be concerned about. Her previous cancer was determined to be a slow growing type. In 2001 she had a mammogram that showed something but after further determination it was decided it was nothing. In 2003 she had a mammogram that we think was not done properly in that afterward my wife stated "That's the first time they didn't squish my boob". When she had the 2006 mammo, the cancer appeared to be in the same spot as the area of concern in the 2001 mammo. Thank you again for your response and concern.
    rachael67 responded:
    John, it is obvious how much you care and how very concerned you are. We all appreciate when our partners and loved ones care enough to support us and to even do research on our behalf! We know your wife must be most grateful. I hope you know you are quite special!

    Yes, more often than not our members face follow-ups of some sort. Careful, professional physicians make sure we don't slip thru the cracks!

    Please keep us updated on how your wife (and you!) are doing. We will send support and good wishes her way!


    PS...Might I suggest that you discuss with her how worried you become when she has tests, and ask her if a report comes in the mail when you are home and she isn't if you might open and read them. I think it might relive the angst a bit as well as the guilt from playing detective!
    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    jenna291 replied to rachael67's response:
    Hi John, I am sending support you way. It is good the doctors are being thorough with her.
    Her situation sounds similar to mine, I am five years out, had chemo, lumpectomy then radiation. I had tamoxifen for 2 1/2 years and am still taking arimidex. I do sometimes wait for the other shoe to drop, it is quite natural with all we go thru, especially considering I was missed on a mammogram and have no family history. Each time I have a mammogram and mri I almost expect a question, so far, thankfully, that has not happened.
    Try and stay positive! People like CSandy give all of us hope!

    Keep us updated on how you are both doing and know we are here for support and questions.

    best ~
    jmast52 replied to jenna291's response:
    CSandy, Rachel and Jenna, She has an appointment tomorrow morning, Dec. 14 for further testing. Thank you all for your concern and kind words of support. They are appreciated. I'm hoping the results will be positive.
    goodlook121 responded:

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