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    I'm back...with good news I think
    socgirl posted:
    Hello all

    I posted about a month ago regarding an ultrasound done on my left breast and I was nervous about the the way, thank you a lll for the support. Anyway, i didn't hear anything from the doctor...assumed it was nothing and was prepared to let it go. However, something got the better of me and i made an appt, which i had today.

    It was a bit of a surprise. 1st surprise - there is actually an additional lump that i didn't even know was there. The one that i could feel was at the 1 o'clock position and according to the u/s, it measures .6x.5. The other one is at the 11 o'clock position about 2 cm from the nipple and it was described as a semi-discrete isoechoic nodule (still trying to figure out what that means).

    The other surprise was that I have a BI RADS score of 3 and i'm to have a follow up u/s in 6 months. I know statistically, a BIRADS of 3 is good, however i'm surprised that my doctor didn't call me either way...seeing as i need a follow up. He told me with the holidays he has been busy, but he also doesn't seem that concerned about it.

    Unfortunately for me, i spend way to much time on google and while i left my doctor's office feeling pretty good, i keep reading all these stories of women who have a BIRADS of 3 or so and end up having cancer. Conversely, i did read some stories of women who had a score of 5 and it ended up being benign. Anyway, it might be a long 6 months. Would anyone recommend that i take my u/s results to a breast surgeon to review if i want more piece of mind. Thanks again for the support and sorry for my ramblings.
    judyfams responded:
    I think it is time for you to seek a second opinion from a breast center or a doctor who is a breast specialist.
    It does not sound like your two lumps/masses? are cancerous, but you do have changes in the breast tissue that needs to be monitored by a doctor who specializes in diseases of the breast.
    You do not mention your age which might make a difference since the breast tissue does change with age.
    In addition to all that, any doctor that does not call with test results is not a doctor I would ever stay with. All my doctors call me personally to give me the results of every test I take.
    Ask his office for for copies of your mammo and Ultrasound report and go for a second or third opinion as needed until you feel that all your questions have been thoroughly answered.
    There is no problem with waiting 6 mos. but ask the new doctor about having an MRI done too.
    My mammos are birads 3 - but having had breast cancer I always have to have a mammo every 6 mos for 5 yrs.
    Good luck and let us know how you make out with your other doctor's appointments!
    socgirl replied to judyfams's response:
    Thanks for your response Judy!

    I am 34 years old...i'm not sure how that factors into the decisions that were made. I know breast tissue changes with age, so i don't know if my age would be more of a concern or not. Also, i know statistically, my chances of something being malignant are lower because of my age.

    I also don't know my family history as i was adopted at birth, but to my knowledge there is no family history of breast cancer. I have copies of my u/s report, so i will see what i can do about a referral to a specialist. Normally, my doctor is very good about calling with any type of results...positive or negative, so i'm not exactly sure what happened this time. The fact that he doesn't seem concerned at all reassures me a little bit. On the other hand, i really don't like a birads score of just seems like such a "grey area." "Probably benign" is reassuring, but doesn't quite cut it for drives me batty.

    Anyway, thanks for the the meantime, i'm going to try to educate myself as much as possible regarding my personal risk, etc and try not to stress about it too much.

    judyfams replied to socgirl's response:
    Isoechoic nodules are monitored since it is the changes in their siz, shape and texture is usually the determining factor as to whether or not these nodules are benign or cancerous.
    So in your case they will compare the two ultrasounds to see if there are any changes.
    I would make sure the radiology center you are having these tests done has an excellent reputation for clarity of imaging, expertise of the radiologists and newest equipment.
    There are differences in radiology centers so ask the doctors you are going to to recommend a radiology center for you - since the report generated by the radiology doctor is crucial in your case.
    Once I was diagnosed my breast surgeon told me which radiology facility to use for my mammos - so ask the doctors you see which radiology centers they would recommend that you go to.
    socgirl replied to judyfams's response:
    Thanks for clarifying what isoechoic means for me. I asked my doctor yesterday and he told me not to worry about it now and we will discuss in 6 months...not really the answer i was looking for.

    Well, the good news I guess is that I have 6 months to look for a decent radiology centre. The place where my family doctor is based is a large medical clinic that has x-ray and u/s on site...i just had it done there. I will probably seek a referral to reputable breast centre.

    Thanks again for the advice.
    rachael67 replied to socgirl's response:
    I am in agreement with Judy...I would not let 6 months go by without a second opinion...especially one at a breast care center. (Incidentally, they would be a good place to check about reliable radiology facilities.) Limbo is not my strong suit and when combined with the fact I tend to worry extremely well, the sooner I feel confident, the better....Even if it not be good news I can deal with actuality better than what I conger up!

    Sending good thoughts your way!

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    socgirl replied to rachael67's response:

    Thanks for the advice and positive thoughts. Waiting in limbo is definitely not my strongest area either. I will see if i can get a second opinion before 6 months. In doing some research for breast care centers in the Toronto area where i live, most breast care (if not all of them) require a referral from a physician. The doctor that i've been seeing about this is not likely to give me a referral...just because he will say that he has already given me his opinion (agrees with the radiologist that it's best to wait 6 months). However, I can still ask. I may be looking for a new family doctor though We will see...

    Thanks again Rachael and Judy...I will do my best to get a second opinion sooner rather than later. Even though i suspect that the two lumps are not malignant, i would like to know for sure so i can try and put this to rest.
    jenna291 replied to socgirl's response:
    I completely agree with Rachael and Judy. I wouldn't wait 6 months either. A second opinion sooner rather than later will ease your peace of mind either way. 6 months is a long time to wait!
    Sending good thoughts your way that your lumps are not malignant, but better to see a specialist to confirm.

    best to you -
    cindy12345678 responded:
    I am with judy. Hindsight is 20/20. I was told to follow up
    in 6 mos. after an ultrasound. ( they told me they were
    fibroids) The earlier you catch something the better.
    You are entitled to a second opinion. I would want to
    know for sure. Not to scare you but I didn't make it to
    the 6 mos appointment 3mos. later it was somethng.
    socgirl replied to cindy12345678's response:
    Well, I made an appt. with my doctor for tomorrow. He is willing to discuss referring me to the breast diagnostic clinic at a local hospital here.
    judyfams replied to socgirl's response:
    Good for you! You are now back in control - let us know what happens.
    Good luck and hopefully this will be a good year for you!
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