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    cancer have breast biopsy on 2/28/13
    chrisnes posted:
    Hi, I am new to this blog/post.
    I went in on 2/14/13 and had a mammogram. 3 hours after my mammogram I was called by the imaging dept in the city nearest me. They said I had a lesion next the pec-muscle and it is 9mm that I have to come in to get another Mammogram and maybe a ultrasound.
    On 2/12/13 I went to an orthopedic doctor who took a x-ray of my hip that has been causing me problems. I have been told for years that it is bursitis. This doctor told me I have maybe bone spurs that are rubbing on the muscle on the outside of my right hip. He took x-rays and saw something he didn't know what it was. He said hip fracture, tumor, or maybe a bone defect. He ordered a bone scan.
    I went in to the hospital for the bone scan and the breast mammogram on Wednesday.
    The Mammogram showed a 11mm by 6mm lesion in my right breast. Then I went for my bone scan, I had to have an injection of some type of safe radiation into my vein and had to drink a lot of water. The scan showed a very bright white spot in the hip area where I am having the pain. A radiologist is to read this and then get the report to my doctor by the 25th. I was informed that my doctor is on some type of administrative leave and nobody knows when he will be back.
    I then was told I have to go back up stairs for an ultrasound. The teck-persons doing the ultra sound could not find the lesion. They called the doctor in to do the scan and she couldn't find the lesion either. They said I have dense breasts and the lesion is close to my peck-muscle. They then got a mammogram from 2009 and said that there was no lesion on that mammogram so now I have to go back to the hospital on the 28th and have a ultrasound guided biopsy of the breast lesion. I don't know how they are going to do that because they couldn't find the lesion when they used the ultrasound.
    I am really worried here.
    My sister died of breast cancer in 1985 she was 32 and I was 19. It was offal. When my sister was 29 they removed a breast and part of her armpit and did not get all of the cancer. The cancer spread to her bones, brain, it went all over and was a terrible way to die.
    I don't know if I have cancer. The hip scan and the mammogram have me worried.
    Does anyone have any information they can offer.
    I don't even know what the 11mm by 6mm means, is that the length and the width of the lesion? Is it the diameter and depth of the lesion in my breast? When I looked at the mammogram it looked like a cluster. There was no pea-shaped image on the mammogram. It looked like an ink splatter with no defined shape. They said it was a tough lesion because it is so close to the muscle tissue. It could not be felt by the doctor on exam.
    I had a breast exam twice last year by an OBGYN and a PA and neither of them felt anything. The doctor who did the ultrasound couldn't feel anything either.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated. I know I have 7 days to hopefully find out something after the biopsy but any information would be great.
    If this is cancer and it has gone into my bones...what are my chances?
    Thank You, Chris
    vajanie responded:
    Hi Chris,

    I'm so sorry for what you are having to endure. I know the anxiety and fear that goes with this whole medical process, and wish it didn't have to be this way for you. I'm a relative newcomer, having just finished chemo, but just wanted you to know that I feel sure you'll be welcomed shortly by wise and compassionate women who can give you insight and sound medical information.

    I wish you the best and hope you'll come back and keep us updated.

    brcansur responded:
    Hello and welcome i know this isn't the place you want to be or asking the question you are but you have come to the right place. There are women here that have been or are going through the same if not close to what you are dealing with right now.
    Please let me start by saying dense breast make it harder to get good picture and find things. I had very dense breast and we could not find my lump which turned out to be 2 tumors in my right breast in my mammo. I had a MRI that found them and a Biopsy that determand what they were. Mine did not have much of a shape to them either when I looked at my pictures. But you have to remember we don't know what we are looking at or looking for so try not to guess and worry yourself sick over it until you really need to. Why add worry to your life if you don't need to try and keep your mind busy till your next appt do thing you enjoy and have a lot of fun doing. That is what I do it does work and keeps the oether thughts out for a while. Think of it this way you can't change it any way till you and the doctor get together and make a plan then you work on making it better if anything is found out to be wrong that is. So just keep moving forward and stay postive is all you can do be strong you have ladies here that will help you through this. The chances of servival now days is very good so please hang in ther you don't even know if that is what this is yet . I am sending you loads of good luck and angel hugs Roberta,
    jenna291 replied to brcansur's response:
    Chris, I too know about dense breasts as I found my own 3cm lump a few months after a mammogram did not see it, nor my primary care doc visit.
    I will be thinking of you and hope you come back and tell us exactly what your diagnosis is.
    Prayerfully you done have bone mets, I do have a friend who had breast cancer 4 years ago with bone mets, and she is doing very well. There are many treatment options and a lot of hope.
    I wish you luck and anxiously will await your update. Remember to ask any questions you can think of - writing them down will help, and taking someone in with you can be good to have an extra set of ears as it is all overwhelming.

    chrisnes replied to jenna291's response:
    Hi, i Thank You all for your advice and wisdom.

    How long after the biopsy can i drive? I have an hour drive to get home.

    How long after the biopsy will i get the results? I live in ND and we are a bit behind the times here.

    Thank You
    chrisnes replied to chrisnes's response:
    Hi, i have another question, i have had a lump in my elbow near a lymphnode for 6 to 8 years. i have asked 3 maybe 5 doctors to biopsy it and they all have turned me down.
    My sis-in-law who is a BC survivor said i should have it removed and tested but no doctor will touch it. they say it is just a cyst can a cyst turn into cancer?
    The lump causes me pain it is near a nerve also. when i went in to a bone and joint guy he blew me off. he thought i just wanted to have surgery.
    How do i get this lump removed?
    jenna291 replied to chrisnes's response:
    Hi Chris, I drove home after my biopsy, but I was a nervous wreck. It would be great to have someone take you if possible.
    I waited 3 days for my results, every facility is different. The waiting is definitely tough, so keep busy!!!!
    Let us know your results -
    vajanie replied to jenna291's response:
    Hi Chris,

    I was thinking about you and looked to see when your biopsy is coming up, I believe this Thursday, right? Anyway, I wanted to urge you that if you have someone who can drive you I definitely would do that. I think I would been ok to drive, but maybe not focussed as much as usual. I felt fine physically but sometimes I'm a little loopy after these fairly long tests.

    As to how long after the biopsy you get the results, I think it varies a lot depending on your doctor or clinic. I got mine the same day but I know others who have had to wait.

    Take care of yourself and please know that we'll be sending you positive thoughts.

    chrisnes replied to vajanie's response:
    Hi, I have to make the 60mile drive to my appointment in the morning by myself. It is going to be tough if I have the pain I had last night.
    Hip pain, hand pain, elbow pain, IC pain, and then I ate late so I had acid reflux and bad dreams all night.
    My (estranged) husband thinks he will be able to get a ride into town to come and get me if I need him to.
    I have no one else. Everyone is busy with their own lives.
    The pamphlet they gave me said 2 to 3 business days before I get the results.
    All the waiting is very stressful.
    Thank You and Take Care, Chris
    vajanie replied to chrisnes's response:
    Hi Chris,

    I know how hard all of this is. I hope your weather is good today for you to make the drive and that your pain has lessened. I hope you'll continue to let us know how you are getting along.

    Sending you caring thoughts,

    chrisnes replied to vajanie's response:
    Hi, I had my pre-op today with my PA for my hip operation and I told my PA about what went on at my breast biopsy that did not happen and she said that 6 months is WAY to long to wait. She brought up the report and read it. I said my understanding is that the lesion is next to my pectoral muscle under my dense breast tissue, and she agreed that is probably why they were not able to get a biopsy. So I said how will they be able to do a biopsy in 6 months if they cant do one now? She said that if it 'grows' they may then be able to get at it. I said IF it grows I will want to kick someone s ass that they made me wait 6 months for another mammogram or a biopsy. She said it is there way of monitoring the lesion. I said WHAT? I said do they do this to EVERYONE who has dense breasts? I said so there are women out there who may have breast cancer and are being told to wait 6 months because they cant get at the lump to biopsy it like my lesion, and she just nods her head. I said that is really SAD. She said we can try to schedule one sooner than 3 months. I just said no we can go with the 3 months.
    I need to find some place that CAN do the biopsy. But that will be difficult to do around here, so then I will need a referral from a doctor here to get to another most cases that is the way it works here. I will get on it as soon as I am finished with my hip.
    I thank You all for your input. It may take me a couple of weeks but I know I have to find out if it is cancer.
    I don't know what type of BC my sister had and both of my parents are dead so I have no information on her s, but I will get on it. Minneapolis is closest to us.
    My brother just went through prostrate cancer last year, I can find out where he went to be treated and maybe get some connections there.
    Thank You, Chris
    vajanie replied to chrisnes's response:
    Hi Chris,

    When is your hip operation, and what will they be doing, is it exploratory because of your pain and what showed on the x-ray? And three months is a long time to wait for your biopsy. If your brother went to a large medical facility and was pleased with it I hope you can go there. I had three well-defined lesions in my breast that were easily biopsied so I don't know how to interpret the dimensions of your lesion as they explained it. I also wondered if any doctor has taken another look at that lump near your elbow. If it's bothering you then you should have some attention. I have a lump, actually several in my arm, but they are lymph nodes, I was told. I actually had physical therapy at Duke for them as they bothered me a lot. Mine came from what they told me is axillary web syndrome, caused by my mastectomy. I know that this isn't your situation, but I'm just wondering if yours could be a random lymph node. Or just a cyst as one doctor told you.
    Best of luck to you Chris, you've been through a lot.

    chrisnes replied to vajanie's response:
    Hi vajanie ,
    I have my hip surgery on 3/6/13. I hope the doctor is right and can fix my hip. These are the things he has said he believes are wrong with my hip. What he thought was a fracture or a tumor in my joint/femur he now says is a bone defect ( I do not know how he will know for sure what it is until he gets in there) The doctor is going by the results of the bone scan. Now I don't know if this next part showed up on the bone scan also...the doctor said he believed I have bone spurs on the out side of the femur that he is going to grind down the rough edges. He then said he was going to cut a diamond shape out of the band/muscle on the out side of the femur so it no longer rubs against the bone. He said he would go in with some type of ortho-scope and clean out my hip-joint and see how much cartilage is left. I have a curve in my spine and my left leg is shorter than my right leg, I do not know if this has anything to do with what the doctor thinks (maybe the bone scan showed the rough edges on my femur idk) is wrong with my hip. I hope that it will all be fixable that day. The doctor says I should be able to walk after the operation and go home that day.
    When I was in for the breast biopsy on 2/28/13 I asked the doctor who was going to do my breast biopsy to also look at my elbow. She looked at it and said if it has not grown in the 10 years that I have had the lump she does not think it is cancerous, it is just opposite the lymph node that is in the elbow. She says it is in a place where a nerve is so that could be why I have pain there. I believe she is the 6th doctor to look at the lump. I will also ask the doctor who is going to fix my hip what he thinks it may be. I want it removed, I have had enough of the pain in my elbow also. I did go to a bone and joint doctor about it 10 years ago and he said he would not fix it (that up set me) when there is something visibly wrong and he said it may be hurting a nerve and then he said he wont fix it so I have to continue to suffer with pain, it does not make any sense to me. They really do not know what the lump it they have said a cyst, a fatty deposit, calcium deposit.
    How long ago did you have your mastectomy ( if you don't mind my asking?) How are you doing with all of 'it?' Did the PT at the pain cl work?
    When my sister was 29 she had her mastectomy 1983, they removed a lot of the muscle and part of her armpit. I remember the tube they put in her for drainage (she had to clean it all the time). I remember how she looked so thin. I was 16 and for some reason she had me watch her do the cleaning of the tube, I don't remember if she said why she wanted me to watch. She was also a nurse so maybe I was helping her I do not remember it all. I do remember shaving off all of her beautiful long brown hair. I remember starting in the back incase she changed her mind. She didn't (change her mind) she was a strong lady, I miss her a lot all the time and it has been so many years since she died.
    Thank you for sharing and your input into my situation : )
    chrisnes replied to chrisnes's response:
    Hey, on 2/28/13 when I went in for my breast biopsy that did not happen because they could not get at my lesion.
    I asked the doctor about the lump in my arm. I also asked about the fact that I had pre-cancer cells of my cervix in 1998. At that time I had a leep procedure and my next pap came back ok.
    I asked a nurse about my cervix in 2010 and the pre-cancer cells. That nurse said that cancer is cancer she said they just call it pre- cancer.
    In 2002 I had to have a TAH (total abdominal hysterectomy) because after the birth of my daughter I had POP (pelvic organ prolapse)(and a posterior repair) the doctor left my ovaries, I don't know why he left my ovaries (I am told it was because I was 36 yr old) but I have had endometriosis and fibroids removed two times (2000 and 2002). I have had a pear size cyst removed (2000) and endo removed in 2000 and 2002 (I think it was a long time ago.)

    Is any of this related to Breast cancer?

    I know I still have endometriosis, and scar tissue, I have CPP (chronic pelvic pain.)

    I also have Interstitial Cystitis, my bladder has shrunk to 400ml ( a normal bladder holds about 1,200ml) I have scaring and pinpoint bleeding all over my bladder. My Rx s to help me get through the day with IC (I take 10 to 11 pills a day) my Rx run a month about 630.00 per month. I have been on SSDI disability since 2009.

    Thank You, Chris
    vajanie replied to chrisnes's response:
    Hi Chris,
    You have really had more than your share of health challenges at your young age. I'm glad to see that your hip problem seems to be an orthopedic issue, not fun to have to have surgery but hopefully you'll be up and around soon. As for the lump near your elbow, I'd do just what you're doing, asking every single doctor what they think about it. Since you've had it for several years I think that's a hopeful sign that it's something benign.
    As for your doctor leaving your ovaries, I had a hysterectomy at age 37 and my doctor also left mine. He told me that if he hadn't I would have started immediately into menopause. That's not something I wanted. I image that was your doctor's thinking as well. I also had a pelvic organ prolapse, had the surgery for it, and had a lot of bladder problems too. I know that interstitial cystitis is quite a challenge to live with, my doctor thought at one time that I had it and I did a lot of research. I'm sorry you're having to live with this. I don't know if any of this is related to breast cancer because it's such a complex problem. I just don't feel qualified to even give you a guess. I hope that continuing breast cancer research will some day give us an answer to questions like these.
    Chris, I am so sorry that you lost your sister at such a young age. I can't imagine how terrible that was. I know you miss her.
    I don't mind at all your asking about my mastectomy. I had it in August 2012. I had stage 3 ductal infiltrating breast cancer. I had my mammograms faithfully each year and last year it just showed up as a very aggressive tumor. I didn't have much trouble with the mastectomy, very little pain, and the drains were more just trouble than anything, the draining, measuring and cleaning. I wore a mastectomy camisole with little pockets inside to hold the drain bulbs. The pt I had was actually for the axillary web syndrome that developed from the surgery. That involved massage of the lymph system in my chest, back and arm and the therapist massaging with her thumb the lumps in my arm. They were reduced in size but are still there, along with occasional swelling.
    I am doing pretty well, have some bad days, but back to a normal schedule. I had chemo, had a bad time with my first two treatments and ended up in the hospital with severe dehydration and diverticulitis. My drugs were changed and I did fine after that, no nausea or vomiting. I lost all of my hair but it is growing back. I certainly can't say that losing a breast was easy, even at age 67, but I was just so anxious to have surgery, I wanted that awful tumor out. I have excellent range of motion in my arm, they give you exercises after the mastectomy and it's a very good idea to do them.
    Chris, I certainly wish you well with all you're facing, and hope you'll keep coming back and let us know how you are. I'll keep positive thoughts for you as I know others will.

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