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    Stage 3c Lobular Breast Cancer
    2xwarrier posted:
    Anyone out there with at least a stage 3C lobular that can give some eencouragement??? Plus 12 of 15 nodes positive!!!
    kiwiallright responded:
    Hi 2xwarrier,
    On May 14th I was four years out with Stage 3 Lobular, no nodes involved. What stage are you at in your treatment? It is not a easy road.... That is my good news, I made it two years before it was found in other places. I am doing good, still active and enjoying what I can in life. I do wish you lots of luck,


    2xwarrier replied to kiwiallright's response:
    Hi, I am stage 3C with 12 lymphnodes involved!!! Just wondering what kind of treatment you or any others had and how you guys are doing out there.
    2xwarrier replied to kiwiallright's response:
    Where did it come back? I'm sorry to hear that. Sounds like we never get rid of this stuff.
    kiwiallright replied to 2xwarrier's response:
    A bit of history, after I finished chemo & radiation and surgery, I tried Femera and lasted about a month, it caused a lot of pain, then in July I tried Aromasin and last abt two & half months and had to go on blood pressure and cholestrol meds. After that I did not attempt anything else. In 2010 I was told about 75% that it would come back. We found it in the lining of the peritoneal and the spine and pelvis area. I went on the generic, Letorolze and we have been able to control it up about a couple of months ago, tired Aromasin again, but came off of it because I forgot about the blood pressure and I about ended up in the funny farm with the combination of the drugs. I hope that you are able to stay ahead of the game here. I do not have the energy I use to have but I still walk, ride my bike and presently trying to get my flower beds all planted this weekend as the weather has cooled down some. Have a nice day


    srbl62 responded:
    Don't ever think that you are not going to beat this. I was Dx, June 2010. Stage 3C, ILC, 6cm, 22/29 nodes positive. I went the whole nine yards. Chemo, mastectomy and radiation. Now I am just on my aromasin for the next few years. No recurrence, No mets. I am still here living life. Mind over matter has always been my attitude. Stay positive with your thoughts.
    brcansur responded:
    hello 2xwarrier, I was dx in 2008 with 2 different lumps 2 different forms of breast cancer I had bi mast and chemo and I am 5 years cancer free. So we can fight this I also had 2 pos nodes and was stage 3 triple neg. So please never give up the hope and the fight stay positive. I know I don't have as many nodes positive but I know the feeling you have right now and will have for a very long time. That comes no matter how many or the numbers stage it doesn't matter. We all feel the beast looking down on us at times and wonder. I have had a few scares in the past few years one just a few months ago but all is good. I just get up everyday with a smile because I am here another day to talk about it So today is a good day !! I find doing something I enjoy doing each day and being with those I love makes my life that much better and makes me very happy that is all that matters now. So do thing you love and enjoy live life to the fullest and just be happy. I wish you all the best and have a great day angel hugs Roberta,
    Aucklandpinky1 replied to kiwiallright's response:
    Hello, I had MX a year ago for Stage 2b lobular, worried about tummy area, digestive, peritonium etc as I know it tends to go there and just wondered how they tracked yours, did it show up in a scan, its just that I read regularly on these sites that they can only find it by a biopsy. Thank you.
    kiwiallright replied to Aucklandpinky1's response:
    HI AucklandPinky,

    How are things back home, good I hope. They went into take my ovary out and could not figure out why the peritonium looked like it did, they thought it was scar tissue from chemo. I am glad that they took a biopsy, even though it came back positive at least I knew that it was there.

    Have a great day

    danishgirl66 responded:
    my stage 3c diagnoses went to stage 4 just a couple of weeks ago. my doctor caught it with tumor markers in my blood. I'm sorry not to be more encouraging but there really are more treatments and meds that can help. There is also genetic sequencing to see which part of the tumor genetics responds to what kind of treatment. i'm feeling pretty optimistic.
    rachael67 replied to danishgirl66's response:
    Danish Girl, I am sorry to hear of your recent new diagnosis, but do have to commend you not only for sharing your journey and encouraging others, but for your attitude! We all learn over time that how we react to a situation can make a great deal of difference not only in our healing process but in our quality of life...You exemplify that to the max!

    May you continue to not only be optimistic, but have reason upon reason to do so!! You are in my thoughts and in my heart!

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    upnorth responded:
    I was diagnosed in July 2015. Currently completed all treatment and I am back to work feeling great!
    upnorth replied to srbl62's response:
    You sound like my diagnosis in July 2015. How are you doing?

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