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    post breast cancer surgery
    pgnimkoff posted:
    When can I return to work after a lumpectomy?
    georgiagail responded:
    This is a question you should be asking your physician as it would depend on what type of work you do.

    I had mine down on a Wednesday, returned to work the following Monday but I have a desk job.

    jenna291 replied to georgiagail's response:
    I went back 2 weeks after a lumpectomy but I had chemo before it, then worked thru 6 weeks of radiation (went after work each day for 33 treatments).

    I work in an office and did no lifting or stretching for several weeks, as I also had 14 lymph nodes removed during surgery.

    Your doctor will be able to help you, and as Gail said it depends on your type of work. I was still so tired from chemo, so I did wait 2 weeks.

    best to you!
    pgnimkoff responded:

    Thank you both! My sister has asked the doctor but didn't get a firm answer -- depending upon the surgery's findings. But I think all things considered two weeks might be that magic number.
    I remember my experience was also stretching the arm and being concerned about lymphedemas (spelling?).

    I'll pass these to my sister. Thank you again!!
    jenna291 replied to pgnimkoff's response:
    Hi pgnimkoff,
    I also went to physical therapy a few weeks after the surgery because I was unable to stretch my arm over my head. I did that for 2 treatments a week for about 8 weeks. Then I made sure to do the exercises at home. This was primarily because of the lymph node scar tissue under my armpit.

    Again, best to your sister - let us know how things go.

    pgnimkoff replied to jenna291's response:
    Thank you, Jenna, and all. My sister's surgery was yesterday. Unfortunately the doctor found cancer in the sentinel node. By Friday he'll have the pathology report to see if more surgery is necessary, and in any event what therapies will be necessary. She's been on HRT for 13 years. I cautioned her about this because it was caused my breast cancer 15 years ago. It breaks my heart. She's 11 years younger that I am -- I call her my 'first-born'. Thanks again for allowing my to feel!
    jenna291 replied to pgnimkoff's response:
    Hi Phyl, oh I am sorry about this for your sister. I do hope she is doing well and please let us know her treatment plan.

    pgnimkoff replied to jenna291's response:
    Thank you again, Jenna. It seems she will need 6-1.2 weeks of radiation, some P-T, and Tamoxefin. I just read recently that this pill causes a 'fogginess of the brain'. Any information regarding this? I believe she will not undergo chemo since any persons we know/knew with this treatment passed with pneumonia and other low-immune diseases.
    She is coming to terms recently that this does interrupt one's life and focuses on a new way of looking at it. She has already cancelled one trip with her husband -- and I believe he is also beginning to see his life as having to do some things differently. Only time will tell.
    Interesting she was recommended to read Dr. Susan Love's book on Breast Cancer -- wherein she says that this disease either makes or breaks a marriage.

    thanking you and all others for helping me help her.
    jenna291 replied to pgnimkoff's response:
    Hi Phyl, Well, for me, between being put into menopause from chemo, then 2 surgeries and 33 radiation treatments, then 2 1/2 years of Tamoxifen, now Arimidex so far 3 years, I don't know where the foggy brain comes from but it does exist! I find sometimes I can't concentrate but don't really know what to blame it on! I am sure stress is a factor too.
    I hope she doesn't need chemo, but I am in a support group with 8 wonderful women who all went thru it, and while far from easy, we are still here to talk about it!!!!
    Let us know her treatment plan. Support from family and friends is so key ~
    many blessings, Jenna
    sam1985 replied to jenna291's response:
    Hi There, Yes that is absolutely correct it all depends up on what kind of job you are in to. If you have a job which does not includes loitering around then i guess i week should be more then enough!! rest you can definitely have a word with your physician.

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