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    What Is The Pink Bus???
    rachael67 posted:
    One of our great resources is our famous PINK BUS! Some of you are familiar with her. Others may need a little introduction so I went back to the WebMD magazine of Sept/Oct 2005 written by Jeanie Lerche Davis. (In the article, ?Circle of Friends,? which you can access on WebMD, she is interviewing one of our members: Janice Haines [Janice_78> ) I have condensed the original:

    Circle of Friends

    It's early evening in Norfolk, Va., where "Janice_78" lives. Across cyberspace, the "Pink Bus" is ready to roll -- ready for breast cancer survivors like her to hop aboard.

    Riders on this virtual bus are slogging their way through scans and surgeries, making the best of bald heads and insurance hassles. On the Pink Bus, they get hugs, tears, maybe a few (virtual) strawberry margaritas. As they have found, just typing a few words -- posting a lone message in the abyss -- can bring real friendship.

    The Pink Bus is a joyride, you might say. It departs regularly, connecting the group of women and their loved ones who regularly support each other. They roll out the Pink Bus when someone is having an emergency, and everybody jumps on. Women and their families ...journey together on the powerful Pink Bus of hope and community.

    "Pinkie" (so nick-named by one of members in France) has come to be an integral part of our journeys. Those who might initially dismiss her as so much imagination, find that there are moments when they are left alone and suddenly are very aware that we are beside them, caring and supporting. Pinkie is indeed real! Call on her anytime, and please board her weekly!

    (One quick anecdote: Years ago one of our lovely members, Terri in California, told how she would print out the weekly Passenger List and bring it with her to her chemo treatments. There she would send caring vibes and prayers out to each one in need. That's the kind of special folks who are on our Pink Bus.)
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    Janice_78 responded:
    Hey Rachael,

    Thanks for posting about "Pinkie". It took me a while to find this, but I finally did. I'm sure that the "newbies" will enjoy this post.


    ncw43 responded:
    Thank you. How do I get on?
    rachael67 replied to ncw43's response:
    All you have to do is ask!

    And sometimes you don't even have to do that! Pinkie is quite a Gal, and she'll just show up, invited or no! She comes to each members house, signals them to come aboard and then circles to the member in need and picks her up.

    She always provides tons of good foods and drinks and entertainment.

    Now if the member wishes to have a paricular guest along (we used to get many requests for George Clooney, but I fear he may be sliding in the polls! ), that too is provided!

    So, let us know your scedule, any special requests, and we'll make sure we are all on hand to support you.

    Welcome aboard!!


    PS...Know that Pinkie doesn't just make trips to medical things...We often go to weddings and graduations, etc. We LOVE fun outings!!
    Marianne9407 responded:
    Sounds like I might need the Pink Bus. Starting chemo in June sometime....a nice way of supporting each other!

    rachael67 replied to Marianne9407's response:
    She'll be there and so shall we all! When you are more sure of the exact date and your schedule, post the information. Okay?

    Sending good thoughts that it is the least difficult and is done most quickly possible. Let us know how you are doing.

    jaydbraz replied to rachael67's response:
    Rachael, thanks for describing the 'Pinkie' today. I was with my new friend today and I found a penny. Mildred is still with me everyday.
    luciafrangi responded:
    how can I find it? what must I do?
    rachael67 replied to luciafrangi's response:
    The good thing about "Pinkie" is that you never have to really look for her...She tends to just know when she is needed! She swings by to pick us each up as well as the patient, and whisk us to the destination! She is really very smart and very organized!

    However, to make sure that we all are up and ready to ride, just post a littlenote on the community board and let us know when and for what....Then we will make sure your name is on the Passenger List for the week needed.

    Incidentally, the Pink Bus isn't merely for medical situations...She is also very happy to escort us all to weddings, graduations, vacations spots, etc. In fact, she loves that!!

    When you place your request, make sure you note if there is a particular drink or food or entertainment or whatever which will make your trip more enjoyable for you. We aim to please!

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    ksrose responded:
    I would love to get on the bus. kathleen
    rachael67 replied to ksrose's response:
    You've got it, Kathleen...When and where shall we take you? And, most especially, do you have any special requests?

    Good thoughts all the way!

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    789Yes responded:
    Hi, just am wondering how I can get aboard the Pink Bus>
    In Oct. 2008 I was told I had stage 4 breast cancer. I had been cancer free since, Jan.1990. At that time I had the masectomy done, tried chemo, but just couldn't do it, I became extremely sick after the treatments. Now It's back, I've been having strong chemo treatments and don't get sick. Sometimes I just feel lonely!
    rachael67 replied to 789Yes's response:
    I am so sorry to hear your situation...Sometimes life just isn't fair!

    I am glad to hear that you are now able to handle the aggresive chemo as that may make a considerable difference.

    But the lonliness is a challenge all by itself! And having found this welcoming and supportive community may be just the medicine to help ease that ailment! Here there are ladies who have been there/done that and know all the fears and hopes and anger and the limitless emotions that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis.

    We try our best to educate and comfort one another. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us...not to pass judgment or to list sweet platitudes which hold little meaning when we are in the pits of despair.

    Sometimes we need a hand to hold while we cry ourselves asleep. Other times we want a safe place to hold a pity party and focus on how we don't deserve the beast's attack.

    When things get totally out of control, we switch into spurts of great anger...and having others along to help throw things and kick the tarnation out of an old pail or scream at the heavens can help us make it through just one more difficult day....And, if we make it through enough of them, then we will eventually be on the other side and the skies will be blue again!

    And the Pink Bus (aka "Pinkie") is the way we accompany our members when they have appointments or treatments or just have a day they want company! Sometimes we go on fun outings like weddings and graduations too!

    We are a community of "Friends"...Sisters and mothers and wives and daughters most of whom have never met face to face, but who carry each other in their hearts and thoughts.

    So.....How do you get aboard? Friend, you are already there!!! If there is a particular day you wish us to make sure we are beside you, just let us know, and we'll put you on the Passenger List....Otherwise, when you hear us coming up your driveway , jump onboard with the rest of the Friends!

    You are in our thoughts. Please let us know how you are doing.

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    judyleann responded:
    Oh my gosh, I love this. Pinkie, our pink bus. How wonderful, it brings tears of joy to my eyes to know I will never be a lone, all I need to do is call on Pinkie. I love the idea of printing out the weekly passenger list.
    rachael67 replied to judyleann's response:
    Judy, your coming to this community has renewed a "magic" of sorts that I'd lost track of for way too long! We used to be called the Breast Cancer Friend To Friend Board and we were a very close knit group...Caring and supporting and joining in almost every day to share our journies and fears and laughter (Yes, we laughed a great deal!)....Hand in hand we were there for each other.

    Sadly, with redesigining and "improvements" and changes, most of our members sort of drifted away until there are only a few of the "oldies" who still check in from time to time. (We have a sister site called BC F2F - Pinkie Central where we sometimes "visit" each other, but nothing really regularly.)

    You, however, have renewed that feeling of fellowship with your perspective, and I cannot tell you what joy you have brought to me by doing so!
    I hope so much we can live up to what you see and need.

    Regarding Pinkie, it has been several months since I've printed out a passenger list as it seemed not many were interested. Perhaps I might dust it off in the near future if interest is revived. Meanwhile, please know that Pinkie is always aware (even when I might lose track!), and she gathers us together to support a member who needs us. She will be there for you on Monday, I promise!!

    Please let us know how you are doing.

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!

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