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    It's Me!!! Hello everyone!!!
    Gizzy1 posted:
    Thought I would stop in and say Hi! Yep, it's check up time for me again and of course WebMD can't be far from the thoughts when going to the doc and for tests. So far the bone scan says no metastases and most of the blood work is good. Ify stuff is liver enzymes are up, but taking Lipitor for cholesterol caused that last year, so since they had me quit taking it the enzymes went down - but now they are up again and my cholesterol is also up. My guts are kinda in a mess, but going for colonoscopy on May 13. So it is high fiber diet for me and Miralax every day. Now you really wanted to know that, didn't you?

    OMGosh!!! Most of you probably don't even know me. I found WebMD 13 years ago after I had already had my mastectomy, been started on Tamoxifen and was told I had to make the decision whether to have chemo or not - which I decided to not have the chemo. Looking back 13 years though, I guess it was a good decision. So far tests are saying I'm still clear of the bc. I have my mammo on Monday.

    Rachael, I was so glad to see your name and those of others I recognized, but I did not recognize this site!!!! I see they just keep on and keep on changing things up! I always wished they had kept the discussion board like it was the very first time I got on here. It was sooo very simple. Rachael, I see you still have the Pinkie Bus going and wow, it even has it's name in the headline for F2F. Too cool!!! I've already been for a couple of tests and a couple of doc visits, but would love to catch a ride on Monday for that dreaded mammo.

    I will check back in sooner than this next time and hope everyone is feeling good. My prayers are with you all, all the time. Take care and God bless.

    Love ya,
    rachael67 responded:
    Aha! I must have known you were in the house as I just clicked on after your post! How wonderful it is to see a familiar face! ( I almost said "old face" and rethought that!! )

    Yes, we may have had a bit of plastic surgery, but at heart we remain our caring, supportive selves...So. Lady...WELCOME HOME!!!!

    Guess what is happening to me on Tuesday, the 27th? Colonoscopy! If I promise to be there for you on your procedure date (May 13), will you be there for me on Tuesday? (Won't ask you to do any hand-holding on Monday evening as that joy is all mine!!! Well, me and my potty, that is! *sigh* ) There are only two good aspects to this (no pun intended!)...One: We get to go to La-La Land. 2: Immediately after the procedure I figure I will definitely weigh less!!! (Every cloud has a silver lining! )

    Sorry to know that the liver numbers insist on playing yoyo...I know that is unnerving! Prayers that they prove to be nothing to concern yourself with in the long run.

    Yep, Bonnie (Springfever) began this post shortly after the change-over...She is the one who also gave it it's name...Cool, eigh? As well as the picture of the Pink Bus! (Applause!!!!)

    The new Exchanges are a bit different and no longer is the Breast Cancer Exchange only the F2F group, as it includes all the mets folks too....A bigger family so to speak! Sadly, alot of "the Gang" have yet to find their way back to us at either place, but slowly I think we may all find the road map and, more importantly, the desire to be together!!

    The Bus schedule is always posted on the main Exchange so look for your name on the list on that Exchange...But please come home here as well to let us know how you are doing!!

    Prayers and good thoughts are with you from us all!

    LizWisconsin responded:
    Gizzy are you Barb from TN? I remember you!!! It's me, Liz from Wisconsin! I think you were "Gizzy" - I have to go up and read your post, I just saw your name and wanted to reply real quick. I will be 16 years post right mastectomy in August. I was dx'd in 1996. Hope all is well. You on Facebook? If you are, let me know. I am Liz Memmer Bean.

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