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    2glad posted:
    how soon after you had your LO did you get your first period? My LO is almost 5 months, and no period yet.
    jlcohen78 responded:
    10 months here and still nothing.
    fsuchick1976 responded:
    I got mine at 5 1/2 months.
    skerina responded:
    DD is 15 months tomorrow...and I've had a couple times when I had very light spotting, for a day or two (and a bit of moodiness), but otherwise, nothing. Don't miss it a bit!

    rachbug8 responded:
    We're at 8 months and I haven't had a visit from AF.

    I never in my life expected to be wishing for her to show up - I want another little one, dangit!
    sarakraut responded:
    I got my first AF back at 14.5 months.
    cduffy responded:
    Mine returned when I was 8 months PP...I've had 2 so far, and it's no fun!
    tlb209 responded:
    My LO is 8 months and still no sign of AF..........I kind of don't mind it!!!
    ix183 responded:
    just got mine, DD is almost 3 months, and i'm not supplementing at all she gets only the boob!
    lantonio04 responded:
    9m and still nothing.. although i had a lot of weird dreams last night.. including one that i had my first period and i had to push out something that was bigger then my baby for and i was trying to squeeze it out while on the toilet.. ECK LOL.. I HOPE NOT!!!
    simerlm responded:
    11.5 months here and still nothing!
    armywifemegn responded:
    you lucky lucky ladies!!!! i EBF and have done so from the very start and i started my period at 5 weeks pp and have gotten it eveyr 5 weeks since!
    lovesbug responded:
    DD was about 5 months old when I got my first period, but then it was 2 months before my next one, and then a month and a half, and now I'm pregnant again, so 3 periods in 2 years... yeah I can handle that lol
    moniqie23 responded:
    with my second baby I started when she was about 3 months, but I was not exclusively breastfeeding, with the third baby I didn't have a period until my son was 16 months, with the fourth baby not until he was about 5 months old, so I think it just varies and I think the more your baby breastfeeds the longer you may go without a period. enjoy it while it lasts
    Hopfer09 responded:
    Just had one last week n my LO is 8 weeks!

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