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    Bottle recommendation
    bnn06 posted:
    Can anyone recommend a good bottle? DS does not like a bottle at all, and I would like to get him to take one so I can get out once in a while. What bottles have worked for you guys?
    chappyaf responded:
    Both of my boys did very well with the Playtex Ventaire natural shape bottles.
    jlcohen78 responded:
    The only one DD would even try was the Adiri bottle and we tried them all. I've also heard that Breastflow by the First Years is good for bf babies.
    juarez29 responded:
    I second Beastflow from firstyear, good transition over to from breast to bottle
    babybman responded:
    got the soothie bottles and DS did well with them and had no nipple confusion
    jlynnpaine responded:
    We use Playtex drop-ins and Playtex Ventaire and DD has done well with both.
    SnowyKivrin responded:
    I'll second the Adiri Natural Nurser. They're the only ones DD will take.
    tinkerbell27549 responded:
    I use playtex drop-ins and jaden loves them. she smiles and open her mouth whenever i have one ready for her. but she only likes the really soft brown colored nipples not the clear ones. i havent tried any other bottles so i dont know about them.
    breezy_83255 responded:
    DD1 preferred the larger ventaire nipples and DD2 prefers NUK. Does he use a pacifier at all? If so, get a bottle with a similar nipple. DD2 didn't like bottles, so I got her a NUK pacifier to test (cheaper than the bottles!). She liked it, so I got NUK bottles.
    vp11972 responded:
    my 10 week old DD has done well with the playtex aventair wide nipple bottle. i also discovered that she likes to sit in her feeding chair rather than being held so she can look out at everything. At 6 weeks she refused the bottle for 5 days and finally got her to take it this way.
    sbgldngrl responded:
    if you are still checking..i also say try the Breastflow..they were recommended to me and my DD has not had a problem going from bottle to breast. she also took to the bottle without a problem and we didnt introduce til she was about 10wks old.
    KonaMommy responded:
    We introduced Playtex VentAir at about 3 weeks of age. DS would take it occasionally, but began refusing it at about 9 - 10 weeks. We switched to the Playtex LATEX wide NaturaLatch Slow nipples that are typically used with the drop-ins nursers. These nipples are exactly the same shape as the silicone ones that come with the VentAir bottles. Switching to LATEX worked like magic.. he can latch on perfectly and takes the bottle with no problems now. I highly recommend trying the latex nipples of whichever bottle you choose. I only wish someone had given me this suggestion sooner! HTH
    araspberrytart responded:
    Born Free bottles have been great for us. We use them with the wide nipples. Before that we were using the playtex ventaire ones, and we just found these to be garbage (sorry!!). For us, they leaked all over the place.

    Born Free bottles are expensive, but entirely worth the money. Our daughter spits up less, and doesn't swallow so much hair with these .
    mol13 responded:
    I use the Medela bottles with a rubber (not silicone) Nuk nipple. it's the only thing that DS1 would take for the first 4 months and now the only think DS2 will take. DS1 was on bottles during the day when I was working; DS2 isn't. He gets one once or twice a week.
    JeriD_AvaJean responded:
    My daughter Ava had horrible colic. I used the Dr. Brown bottle. You can get it anywhere I got it at Wal Mart for $5. It works pretty darn good.

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