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    February Roll Call
    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    I am stepping in for your usual mod for a couple of weeks and like to start the month off with a roll call.

    1. Name or name you go by on the board 2. Tell us about your children (age, gender, recent frustrations/milestones) 3. How long have you been BF'ing? 4. Do you EBF? Or is your child on formula or solids as well? 3. Since it is February-how about one thing you love about each member of your family...including yourself.
    wxbuny responded:

    wxbuny- weather bunny!! Alicia Kaidyn Mae- 20 months-girl-Frustrations- potty training!!! She is speaking full sentences and speaks clearer than many three and four year-olds! Gabriel James-12 weeks-boy-no frustrations, yet, lol- he is only waking to eat once a night now, he is playing copy cat with his tongue and blowing raspberries. so cute!!

    I EBF both of my babies, Kaidyn until 12.5 months, Gabriel until at least 1, then it's up to him. Right now he only gets BM. I love that my husband works hard so I can stay home with our children, he knows how important it is. I love that DD is so sweet! Empathy is something toddlers usually lack! My little gabriel is just so awesome! He is the happiest baby! I love the fact that I can be a great mom and even though my house is anything but spotless my babies have a great time!
    HannahTMI responded:
    1. HannahTMI, but you can call me Hannah too.

    2. John is 2.5 years old. Mark is 11 months. John is a typical almost three year old, asking why all the time and discovering imaginative play. Mark is still not walking, but he has started to take a few steps between things. He doesn't want help. He climbed up on the couch last night without help!

    3. I BFed John for 8 months. Mark and I are still going strong. I plan on nursing him until he decides he's done.

    4. I EBF Mark until he was 6 months old and then I followed Baby Led Weaning along with some homemade baby foods.

    5. I love that my husband is a good listener, even when I think he isn't. I love John's sense of humor and affection. He is the world's greatest snuggler. I love Mark's voice. He is so loud and talky. I love my own cooking...haha! I'm not afraid to admit it.
    newmommy1209 responded:
    Hi all!!!

    My name is Desiree (Dez), newmommy1209. I have a very precious 3 month old, Witten, he is the joy of my life. Our biggest milestone is smiling I just love it so much when he gives me a big smile. On the other hand me and DH have gotten a whole 6 hours of sleep in 2 days... I am so tired. We have been BFing since he finally got the hang of it at about 1 month old but he has always had BM.

    Well I love DH so much for giving me this child and for being so sweet and giving me a break when I really need one from doing the Mom thing. And for DS (just one...) I love when he is looking up at me it is the sweetest thing ever it makes me feel all warm inside, even when I so tired and cant think straight.
    jlcohen78 responded:
    I'm Jamie! Mom to Jacob (31 months) and Jaelyn (16 months). DS is a typical 2 1/2 year old big brother. He wants what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it. The lovely terrible 2's! DD is my sweet little angle. Always smiling and happy. Talking up a storm and wanting to do everything that her big brother does. I exclusively pumped for DS until he was 7 months old --- and stopped just after finding out I was pregnant with DD. DD is still nursing several times a day. We started her on solids at 6 months and she's never had a drop of formula.

    My husband is my strength. I love that I can depend on him for anything. I love everything about both of my DC. I love DS's laugh and the way DD's eyes light up when she smiles. And me --- well, I love the fact I'm still bf-ing DD!
    sarahann1978 responded:
    What a cool post!

    1. Sarahann1978 my name is Sarah

    2. My baby love is my son Austin, he just turned 1 on Jan. 22. He takes steps, but is not quite walking yet. He loves to jabber, but doesn't say many actual words. He is in the process of teething, started at 3 months, and has 12 teeth that are either out or at least poking through the skin.

    3. I just finished weaning him from BFing this past weekend. I EBF until 9 months when I went on the regular pill and my supply tanked. I supplemented with a little formula, but not much-we only used two cans in the three months. He loves to eat and mostly just eats table food now.

    4. My DS: I love his smile and giggles; my DH I love how he compliments me as being a good Mommy; myself: I love that I am being the Mommy/wife that I always hoped to be and keeping up with everything else too.
    LMaar responded:
    Hey everyone, I'm Lauren and have a almost 4 month old daught who is EBF sicnce birth...I had a rough start to BFing, but I'm glad I stuck through the pain and tears to get where I am now! After our pedi appt on the 9th we'll probably start rice cereal, but she hasn't shown too much interest in eating.

    I love: the way my DD talks with her Daddy - she is already a Daddy's girl lol. (and I love her little, sometimes big fats are adorable for some reason!) I also love that even though my DH doesn't always know how to take care of DD, he always lights up her little face in a way that I can't...
    jlynnpaine responded:
    My name is Jodi. My daughter is Shaelynn Grace. She's 9 months old and has recently started taking steps. She also is learning more words and it's so much fun to watch her "read" her books and point to things and say what they are. She is BF and also gets pumped milk in bottles and sippy cups since I work FT. She would eat finger food all day long if we let her and has recently been on a "spoon strike" in that she will not allow us to spoon feed her anything. She wants to eat all by herself. I love everything about my DD of course but most of all, I love to listen to her laugh. You can't help but laughing yourself. As for DH, he is amazing. He is so supportive and helpful and is so great with DD. I am so happy that we have such a wonderful marriage and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together. As for what I love about myself, I love that I take such good care of our family.
    carlee_henry responded:
    1. I'm Carlee, I go by carlee_henry on the boards. 2. I have a daughter, Addelyn, who turns 4 months old tomorrow! She is so beautiful (if I may brag...). Frustration: Recently she has been SOOO fussy and not taken long naps at all! I wish I knew what was up. Teething, maybe? Triumphs: She had a great latch right from the beginning-- sooo thankful for that. Also, she is very musical already! 3. I have been breastfeeding since the day she was born! 4. Up to this point, Addy has had nothing but breastmilk. I have a feeling that at her 4-month appointment (which was supposed to be today, but was canceled due to the snowstorm) the pedi will give us the go-ahead on rice cereal. Even though I teach full-time and am back to work already, I have not had to supplement with any formula, and I'm very proud of that- particularly since it takes me 2 or 3 pumping sessions to get enough milk for one feeding (she takes two bottles while I'm at school). I hope that I will be able to continue to be her sole source of milk until at least her 1st birthday. 3. I love my husband because he is an amazing Daddy and an understanding, helpful husband. Such a loving, caring man. I love my daughter's smile and her laugh. And me....I love that I care so much for both of them!
    macangel92 responded:
    I'm Erin and my baby's name is Chloe Jeanne just turned 5 months last week and has been rolling and getting up on her knees. Due to her traumatic birth she has only been breastfeeding since she was a little over 2 months, but I pumped and she was tube fed my milk. She is eating solids now and gets formula sometimes as a supplement to make sure she is gaining enough weight and receiving enough iron.

    My mother and step-father for taking me in after my abusive relationship and being so supportive and loving their only grandchild so much. My babygirl because she is my heart. Myself and my strength to get through our trauma without falling apart and for being strong enough to walk away from a relationship that was not a healthy environment for my baby.
    Garr51 responded:
    Garr51-name is Shawna. I have one daughter. Her name is Claire. She just recently learned how to roll over both ways. She has a hard time moving one of her arms after she rolls over so sometimes she rolls right back over. It makes me dizzy watching her flop one way and then the next and so forth. Also, she loves to talk and babble. When she was little some frustrations were colic. She cried and cried and cried. It was so difficult because I tried everything to soothe her and sometimes nothing worked. So another milestone is getting over colic!! She is a joy to be around and I love every second with her. I love everything about her! Some frustrations are I wish I could stay home with her all day but I work full time. My husband is not very empathetic but what I love about him is that he will make sure that we always have the money to survive and budgets everything. He looks out for our future and plans for what may ly ahead. I love his smile and they way he cares about his daughter. He loves spending time with Claire by playing with her.

    I BF. I pumped after the first week because it was more frustrating to try to get her to stay awake and nurse. And then she would be starving. So I pumped for the first three and half months then all of a sudden one day I forgot my pump at my moms and I tried to feed her and she ate. So now I nurse and pump. She eats rice cereal and applesauce and sweet potatoes. I home make her food and am very proud of that.
    sarakraut responded:
    1. Name or name you go by on the board Sara

    2. Tell us about your children (age, gender, recent frustrations/milestones) 1 son, Caleb. He will be 2 years old in 2 more weeks. I am 34 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

    3. How long have you been BF'ing? I breastfed Caleb for 22.5 months. He self-weaned at that point. I am trying to stay active on this board since I will be nursing a new one in a few more weeks.

    4. Do you EBF? Or is your child on formula or solids as well? Caleb was EBF until 5 months and then we introduced solids. After he turned 1 we transitioned to whole milk during the day, and nursing in the mornings and at night. He never had any formula.

    5. Since it is February-how about one thing you love about each member of your family...including yourself. I love that DH is a wonderful stay at home Daddy and full time college student. I love that I have embraced motherhood and still managed to maintain a good balance with work, family, and friends. I love everything about my son!
    missbeth1982 responded:
    1) beth 2)nathan my wonderful son born 11-23-2009. Just started laughing anf squealing. Trying to get this kid to fall asleep on his owm ,no luck so far 3)been BF sice day one, 10 weeks 4)only BM and a vitamin 5) I love that my hubby and I support eachother, laugh at everything. We try not to take things personally, and we love eachother. I love that my son can make me smile no matter what kind of day i'm having.

    welcome Louise!
    czhsmom responded:

    Cade male 8 yo Eden female 10 weeks spent the day with MIL yesterday whom I love but not so experienced with children and ended up feeding her every 2 hours blowing through 17 oz of formula in 8 hours when at the sitters she has never had to take more than 12 oz. She only slept in 20 minute naps. I feel horrible! My poor baby. So grateful my MIL was willing to help out though! I know she will get more comfortable

    BFing back to work x 3 weeks doing better than expected with pumping

    Formula occassionally 2 oz about 2-3 x's week during cluster feedings if I can't keep up. But getting less and less.

    I love them all!!!!!
    umenoTamsha responded:
    Hello! My name is Tamsha. I have 2 boys, a 5 yr old and a 11 month old. My biggest milestone is when my baby was born with pneumonia and had to stay in the hospital for 7 days and there was the fear of heart problems, he wasn't allowed to eat for the 1st 2 days, it was rough especially after my firstborn was so incredibly healthy all the way. After that, everything else, colds, thrush, teething, acid reflux-it just wasnt so bad in comparison. I'm still nursing. He's been EBF and boy has it been rough!! I love all my boys and my DH. It's hard to highlight one feature/person over another.

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