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    Decrease in production.. UGHHHH
    ShanunC posted:
    ok so as Ive said before im excls. pumping. up until about i dunno 5 days ago I was getting 8-10 ozs at each pumping and I pump 5 times a day. so I had a nice over flow of milk..well I messed up one day on my schedule and got way off on my fluids the next and all of a sudden ive dropped to like and ounce or 2 from each side at each pumping. its a huge drop for me especially cuz I cant seem to get it back up. Ive spent the past days drinking water like my face is attached to the faucet and I added 5 minutes to my pumping time so I pump for 20 minutes each session as apposed to 15 minutes.. and ive only jumped an ounce each side at each pumping.. my biggest problem is my baby is a total piggy mcpigerson. he'll be 3 weeks old on thursday and eats 3-6 ozs every few hours. its awful. I had to call wic and get some formula and im mixing bmilk and formula half and half. Im just frustrated. I know it takes time and fluids to get the milk coming. but to have that much milk coming out and to have it decrease so much. Im just nervous it wont come back up. someone had posted something about fenegreek so i have to read that and catch up on it. Im not apposed to formula yah know.. i mean they make it for a reason. but to have made it 6 months pumping with my DD i just want to try hard to do the same with DS.. i think he deserves the best chances and best nutrients.. I know someones gonna read this and say have him latch but I just cant. I feel to uncomfortable. i am gonna try some skin to skin contact cuz my mom said that can sometimes help..
    i just dunno what to do other than keep on pumping and hope for the best and either get more milk in the end or eventually the supply will be gone.. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH boobs suck.. thats all im saying and there is def NO PUN intended on that
    MNMommy3 responded:
    LOL I feel your pain! My supply started to drop a bit too, and I was pretty much exclusively pumping because of extremely sore, cracked and bleeding nipples.. OUCH! But now for the past 3 days I've been exclusively nursing again. I've got about 4-5 bottles worth of milk in the freezer but I want like 10 in there and a good stash of 4-5 in the fridge. I've been drinking water like crazy and finally remembering to eat at each meal, but I'm not sure if my supply has picked up since I'm back to nursing instead of pumping. I tried the Motherlove Milk Plus, I think it's called, about a month ago. It tastes nasty but it definitely did keep me ahead of schedule. My pump has also lost some suction - I hear air getting in somewhere - so I'm going to try to pick up a replacement valve today and see if I can't get that fixed to get back ahead. YES boobs do suck!!!

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