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    First time mom w/ breastfeeding issues
    Jhawkchick posted:
    So this is my first time posting here since my little girl was born. She'll be two weeks old on Sunday and breastfeeding has been a bit of a struggle. My milk didn't come in until 4 days after she was born and since then my supply hasn't been nearly what I've expected. I went to the lactation center at the hospital where they weighed her before and after feeding to see how much she was getting. The good thing is she gets quite a bit very quickly (generally nurses for only 10 minutes on each side). In the 10 minutes she nursed she got about .6 onces from one side. I've obviously been supplementing with formula but it's a pain trying to nurse every 2 hours, prepare formula, and pump a couple times a day. I keep pumping hoping it'll help increase my supply but so far no luck. I'm open to any suggestions because I know how good it is for her but I really just want to give up. Also, I bought a nice electric double pump so I feel obligated to keep it up so I don't feel like I just wasted a bunch of money.
    cutenshort13 responded:
    Don't give up! I went through the same thing and now my DD is a nursing champ. I also took feungreek to help my supply get better.
    Jhawkchick replied to cutenshort13's response:
    Thanks! I'm trying to stay positive. I never knew how challenging breastfeeding really is. I'd heard people complain about their nipples being sore and things like that but I didn't realize it's a lifestyle committment to breastfeed. Overall, I know it's the best thing for my little girl so I'm not giving up yet. Thanks again!!
    Sigma3rc74 replied to Jhawkchick's response:
    Jhawk - I remember you from the 3rd Tri boards. . . How old is your LO? Mine is almost two weeks and I know what you mean about it being tough to BF every 2 hrs. My LO sometimes cluster feeds several times in an hour . . .
    I noticed the last day or so that the quantity I'm pumping is increasing so that's encouraging. I'm trying to build a supply for when I go back to work May 5.
    To combat the soreness I' found lanolin & the warm/cold packs have helped a lot.
    Hang in there & remember that for every day you stick it out, your baby reaps the benefits & so do you!
    Jhawkchick replied to Sigma3rc74's response:
    Hi Sigma3rc74! My LO is doing great..she was 2 weeks old on Sunday. We can see more of her personality everyday! How are things going for you? As for the breastfeeding, I'm sticking with it for now and not beating myself up about having to supplement. I figure some breastmilk is better than none. I do plan to try the fenugreek though. Do you know where I can buy it?
    Sigma3rc74 replied to Jhawkchick's response:
    Our LO's are so close - mine is two weeks old today! The past two days she's been awake and alert more, which I'm enjoying!
    I haven't bought any, but our local Vitamin World carries fenugreek - I would assume the other chain vitamin stores may carry it as well. I know amazon has it too if you wanted to order it online - it has mixed reviews, but some people swear by it. Hope it works for you!
    You're right - there is nothing wrong with supplimenting and making things as bearable for you!
    I was talking with a friend that now has a 1 year old and she made the comment how no one tells you that BF is a lifestyle change and I thought of you. She is so right. My mom is watching our LO next Sat so we can go to a local festival - I didn't think about it until today - I'll need to take my pump with me or I'll be miserable before lunchtime! Yikes! That should be a bundle of fun! I know it's worth it in benefits for her and this one day is not that big a deal, but what a pain!
    Ok, done whining
    Jhawkchick replied to Sigma3rc74's response:
    Yes...definitely take your pump. And don't forget batteries (if it has that option) because trying to find a discreet (sp?) place to plug it in may be difficult. Good luck this weekend!
    cutenshort13 replied to Jhawkchick's response:
    Check your local grocery store for the fenugreek. I get mine there. It has worked for me pretty well. The soreness does eventually get better. Lanolin does wonders for it.
    kheyser915 responded:
    There have been some great responses. I nursed my son for 20 months (he's 3-1/2 now) and I am still nursing my 16 month old daughter. I am a member of a great bf support group locally. While I've never had supply issues myself, I can say that keeping that baby on the breast is the best thing you can do. If you are pumping, why not supplement with breast milk and not formula? Then you won't be relying on the formula and you'll know when your supply has met the demand.

    Also, some others have recommended oatmeal to help increase supply - it's cheap and easy and obviously not harmful to baby. Good luck!

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