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    pattym1019 posted:
    How many ml's should my newborn have every 3 hours? I am breastfeeding but I dont think he is getting enough and wants to eat more often?
    Olivetre responded:
    Every baby is different on how often they feed. Some will feed every two hours others around 4. Are you pumping every time or is your lo feeding from the breast? If your lo is content after feeding and is having 6-8 wet diapers he should be fine. If he is feeding from your breast he will suckle longer telling your body that it needs to produce more. My daughter is now a month old and sometimes she will feed every 4 hours then all of a sudden wants to feed every 2-3 hours. When she does this she is going thru a growth spurt. If you have not had his first appointment he should weigh a little more than is birth weight.
    Be sure you are staying hydrated and eating healthy. Try not to stress out as it will lower your supply.
    noelle1225 replied to Olivetre's response:
    I agree... everything I've read from good sources says 6-8 wet diapers a day means baby is doing just fine:) Babies nurse ALOT the first several weeks. remember, their stomach is only the size of their fist and empties quickly and they are used to never being hungry bc they used to get constant nourishment through the cord. It slows down and spreads out once they start to be able to eat more at once and putting on a little weight to held sustain them inbetween feedings:)
    mom2laurenmckenna responded:
    My lo as well would feed very often especially when she was trying to catch up to her birth weight and through the 2nd month. She fed hourly at times. It was time consuming at first, but worth it. My lo is 10 months now and an "old pro".

    As long as he is gaining weight don't worry. Pp is right, stress and dehydration will reduce production. Plus your lo can sense stress. Bf is natural and the two of you will find a grove.

    Me, 36, DD 43, Lauren McKenna, 10/12/10

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