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    Keeping up with Baby
    smithc27 posted:
    Starting day one, I have had an ample milk supply, plenty for my LO. But in the last 4-5 days, I feel like my milk production is having a hard time keeping up with my 7week old little girl. I know several peopl say "your body is just getting used to your milk supply" and it will adjust to what your baby needs. But it seems like it now takes around 4 hours for my breasts to recharge after a feeding. Which doesn't match up to her feeding schedule of every 2.5 to 3 hrs. And it seems worse in the afternon/evening. She nurses well, but doesn't seem satisfied after her bedtime feeding, and therefore doesn't sleep very good. Can anyone tell me why this is happening???
    kell0613 responded:
    My DD went thru a lot of phases like this where it seemed like she wasn't satisfied at nights. But she's likely just going thru a growth spurt (7 weeks sounds about right for that). Just keep feeding her on demand, as much as she wants it. Your breasts aren't taking as long to re-charge as you think, they're making milk all the time. It is likely that your body is just regulating, so you aren't over-producing anymore so you no longer have that 'full' feeling. Even without the fullness, you still have plenty of milk. At 7 weeks, she should still be waking up for 1-3 feeds during the night, especially on breastmilk since it is digested faster. Keep doing what you're doing! You're doing it all right
    smithc27 replied to kell0613's response:
    Thank you for the info! I was really starting to get discouraged!
    ButterflyBaby1107 responded:
    Your body has probably adjusted to breastfeeding. Are you feeling like this because you feel like your breast aren't as engorged or full feeling? Also it could be that your baby has hit her growth spurt and wants to eat more. just keep on breastfeeding-you are doing great!
    smithc27 replied to ButterflyBaby1107's response:
    I just worry because she is on a 3 hr feeding schedule, and when I nurse her, it seems like it normally takes about 4 hrs for them to feel like there is anything there (still soft at three hrs). We are still trying; I'm not giving up!!!
    kell0613 replied to smithc27's response:
    That is totally normal! It freaked me out at first when my boobs stopped feeling hard and full all the time. But They still have plenty of milk, even when they are soft. You just don't get the engorged/so full they're hard and feel like they're about to burst feeling anymore. And that just means that you body is making just enough for your little gal. As long as she is wetting diapers regularly, she's getting plenty. Remember, her tummy is still really tiny and breastmilk is digested fast, so it is not unusual for her to still be waking up for night feeds at this stage. Glad you're hanging with it!! I remember feeling exactly the same way that you did. You're doing great!
    smithc27 replied to kell0613's response:
    Ok, I was feeling better about BFing, but now I'm starting to worry again... My baby girl will be three months old this weekend, and has just started taking 6oz each meal when she's at daycare and I don't know if I will be able to keep up!

    I KNOW I'm not making that much; each time I pump (both at work or home), I struggle to fill a 4-5 oz bag. What can I do to boost my production? I feel like I make more on the weekends, when I am nursing her 100%, as opposed to using the pump during the week. Supplementing with formula wouldn't be the end of the world, but we tried to give her some a couple weeks ago and she flat refused it! Should I be trying to start her on solids / rice cereal? Seems to early... very lost and desperate, please help!
    kell0613 replied to smithc27's response:
    That sounds very familiar to me!!
    First, I think 3 months is WAY too early to start any solds, even cereal. You should wait.
    Getting 4-5 oz per pumping session sounds about normal. (FWIW, that's generally about how much I get)
    There is a lot of good pumping info on
    Here's my experience:
    I've been pumping since DD was 8 weeks old when I went back to work. She is now 7 mos. When I first went back to work, I pumped every 2 hours. I'm not sure what your schedule is like, but if it is possible for you, I'd highly recommend that! Also, if you're the one dropping her off at daycare, leave a little early and feed her right before you leave, so she's "topped off". Tou could also ask her sitters to try not to feed her after a certain time. (I have always requested that my DD isn't fed within 1 hour of my return. So most days she's starting when I get off work, but its better for me to BF).
    If you can't pump every 2 hours, the absolute longest you should go without pumping is 3 hours.
    Also try to add some pumping sessions in when you're home with baby....for example, I always pump just after I put her to bed at night. Also, throw in as much pumping as you can on the weekends - if you're home and its feesible, try to pump after each feeding.
    This will help you start to build up a supply, and you may be able to freeze some of the extra. Or at the very least, it will give you a few extra bags to use during the week.
    Also, if she is going to a daycare, I'd recommend packaging her milk in 2-3 oz bags/bottles. The daycares in my state are required by law to throw away any breastmilk or formula not finished in a single feeding. So if your LO isn't taking all 6 oz...but say 5 oz, you're losing an ounce a feed...which if she eats 5 times while you're at work is a full bottle. I just hate the thought of anyone's breastmilk getting thrown away!
    Hang in there! When you go to your Pedi for LO's 4 month checkup, be sure to tell her your concerns - be sure to let them know if it is your intention to continue breastfeeding. Some Drs will just say supplement right away. There are lots of other things you can try to stimulate your supply. Ask about solids then (My Dr advised us to start small amounts of cereal just after 4 mos)

    Finally (wow this is getting long) I take Fenugreek to help stimulate my supply. It is an herb that you can take while BF and it doesn't affect the milk. The only side effect is that you can smell a little like Maple Syrup. My hubby tells me it makes him hungry for pancakes I've heard there are teas out there too, but from what I've read different things work for different people.
    If you've actually read this long - Thanks! If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at

    Keep at it, you're doing a great job!!
    peanut_1991 replied to kell0613's response:
    I was in the same boat. I make plenty when my son nurses but while im working I wasnt pumping as much as he was eating. My. son is almost 4 months old and he usually eats about 10-12 oz while Im working. I started taking fenugreek and I am able to express more milk while im away. I have been pumping sense my milk cane in so i have a huge stock pile of breast milk. But after i went back to work its like my body knew it was the pump and not the baby. Its a crazy thing. Try to relax while you are pumping and focus on letting down. It helps me. Good luck!!!

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