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    pumping and ouchiness
    hgreenwood7058 posted:
    okay so lil man had quite a bit of troubles with latching unless i used a shield then he ended up with thrush so i pumped during that time and ended up continuing to do it because he would choke atleast once during feedings and when i gave him the drop in bottles with breastmilk in it he stopped choking. He turned 7 weeks yesterday. Well i have run into the problem of my nipples getting dried out and now the right one has to areas where it actually bleeds a bit and then kinda scabs over in between pumping (that happens even with using the lanolin stuff) and oh man does it hurt to pump for the first few minutes. then i think my body kind of goes into shock a bit and it doesn't hurt as bad but then when i stop it hurts even to have a bra on which i have to wear because i leak (also a painful letdown during that time.) I was wondering if anyone has any tips or things that have worked for them on healing because i exactly stop pumping on that breast unless i want to lose out on giving him food as long. Also he still has thrush i need to get another round of meds and so i can't use the shield or anything like that at the moment because i will end up with thrush again as well otherwise i would do that. i gotta try something though. also if you ladies have any ideas on thrush and ways to prevent it or treat it other than the nystatin (which is what he had last time and it didn't take it away). Thanks ladies
    lobermann responded:
    When my nipples would get dry and cracked I used lanolin cream. That helps alot!! Where you breastfeeding when he got thrush or were you pumping and he was eating from the bottle? The reason I ask is I thought I read somewhere that when your baby gets thrush you should be treated as well. I could be wrong though.
    lobermann responded:
    Oh, and what size flange ( I think that is what it is called) are you using. I had to go up to the 30 because the others were to small and caused it to hurt.
    kell0613 responded:
    Not sure what kind of pump you have, but look into finding some soft cups (flanges). If you have the medela, the regular cups that come are very painful (at least they were for me!) But you can find soft ones online. Lifesaver for me, pumping 3-4 times every day while I'm at work.
    For the nipple issue, just keep doing lanolin as much as possible. The Medela lanolin is softer than other brands (I tried them all!) and spreads much easier. You could also try the Medela nipple shield (they have a close contact one) that helps your nipple heal while still breastfeeding.
    I don't have any experience with thrush, so I'm not sure why you couldn't use the shield.
    But when I started bleeding and scabbing, my dr said the best hing was to just keep feeding. I also found that after feeding, wasing my nipples with a warm cloth, allowing them to airdry and then putting lots of lanolin on and then staying topless for a few minutes really did help with the pain. I too had a lot of leakage when DD was younger, so I could usually only be topless for 10 minutes before I started to drip Hang in there!
    hgreenwood7058 replied to kell0613's response:
    thanks ladies. When lil man first got thrush we were breast feeding and he was treated. they told me to get an OTC yest inf cream and just apply it a couple times a day for a couple days or until it was gone which i did and then wash it off prior to feeds or pumping. Mine went away and I continued to pump and after his feeding he still ended up having it stay. I am using a 27mm which is what the hosp. i am using a hosp grade madela dbl electric pump. will think about trying a softer shield cuz its super painful right now even with lanolin and maybe try the madela cream instead of the lansinoh.i primarily pump now since i go back to work in 2 weeks and need to stockpile but hurts a lot. will try you ladies suggestions though. thanks!
    KOOPERSMOM responded:
    It sounds to me like you may still have thrush. Systemic thrush in the breasts is VERY painful. It feels like razorblades coming through your nipples. I'm sure the scabbed/bleeding on your breasts is painful, but if you're having severe pain with pumping or letdown it could very well be thrush. You need to treat yourself and the baby as well as sterilize your pump parts/bottles every day. Yeast is VERY stubborn and hard to get rid of. Unfortunately, I know from experience
    hgreenwood7058 replied to KOOPERSMOM's response:
    I am on some antibiotics for a breast infection now. Still stings and such but not quite as bad. Only problems is the cracked and bleeding on my right side had gotten a little better then a whole lot worse. Little man is being treated for thrush because it didn't go away the 1st time. What did they give you to treat yourself for thrush?
    KOOPERSMOM replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    When DS1 was a baby he had thrush but I had no symptoms and he took oral nystatin and I did nystatin to my nipples and that took care of it. This time the baby had no symptoms and I had the terrible "glass through the nipples" pain and I decided to use probiotics and grapefruit seed extract (lots of both of them) to get rid of it naturally instead of with medications. It is VERY hard to get rid of systemic thrush. They suggest following a yeast free diet and taking lots of probiotics and GSE. I paid for a program on the internet that gave me info about how to treat it naturally. I think if you're dealing with systemic yeast you needs LOTS of Diflucan. A one time dose doesn't work like it does for a vaginal yeast infection.

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