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    Cries all the time
    An_249497 posted:
    My daughter is now 6 wks old and i have been breastfeeding the whole time since we left from the hospital. My problem is that every time she feeds, before she latches she cries and cries and cries then sometimes wont even latch, once she does finally latch she's a great eater. I pump after most feedings and have extra milk (although I always worry it's not enough) that I give her in a bottle sometimes throughout the day either when I am away from home or when I know that she is still hungry after breastfeeding. It's the crying that really bothers me, I get so sad for her because it is EVERY time she feeds and I don't think that eating should be such a horrible experience for her. Can anyone suggest anything to help my poor little one out?
    cino413 responded:
    My son has done that a little bit. We found that he was just had to burp and didn't want to eat until he had.
    lanyac replied to cino413's response:
    Yeah, she does need to burp, but she does this before she even starts to feed...I feel so bad for her. I pump alot more now so I let her have it from the bottle, but I'm afraid that this is also contributing to her not wanting to latch on....?
    hgreenwood7058 replied to lanyac's response:
    Its possible that she has nipple confusion due to feeding from a bottle and breastfeeding. This may be part of the problem. Its great that your pumping after though. Keep at it! I had been exclusively BF'ing plus pumping after as well for the first 6 weeks but then I had to start exclusively pumping due to going back to work. next week carson will be 9 months. Time consuming but worth it. Carson did do that a little bit too. Part of it was just him being frustrated with latching or being over hungry. Maybe try feeding her more frequently and burp often.
    lanyac replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    Thanks, I agree that is probably part of the problem....
    jessieflynn replied to lanyac's response:
    try to feed her on a schedule, as its hard for only a 6 week old to determine a schedule, But try a day or two on a 2.5 hour schedule and continue pumping in between. She may be allowing herself to go without eating alot longer than she can handle and once she reaches that point she needs it NOW...As Im sure we ca all relate to being hungry, once you are, it's hard to fix it fast until you are full and satisfied...
    lanyac replied to jessieflynn's response:
    It's pretty much not worth the screaming fits she goes thru now, she is almost 12 weeks now and will not breast feed anymore. I pump only and she still is exclusively on breastmilk, but I am sad that the feeding part did not work out. I still try everyday at least once or twice, but she cries so hard that I just can't bear to make her suffer so much just to eat, I would rather pump all the time and give it to her in a bottle and eating be a good experience for her than to make her feel as though eating is horrible.
    WeAllSurviveIt replied to lanyac's response:
    It is sad when we have to give up breastfeeding before we're ready. That being said, it may not be too late to get the latch back.

    When you are bottle feeding start with your daughter close in, cuddled against your bared breast. And bottle feed her so she does not get upset. Reacquaint her with the feel of 'skin to skin' contact during feeding. Switch the breast she is cuddled against, just as you would with actual nursing.

    After a few days of doing this, feed the first ounce or two from the bottle, so she isn't so hungry. Take her off the bottle and burp her and then offer the breast. If she balks, feed a few more ounces and try again. Gentle persistence is the key. Gently enough that neither one of you needs to get upset, but consistently enough that you both may end up where you want to be.

    There is debate on which nipple texture, shape, flow, etc. is best to reduce nipple confusion, so take what you read as guideline and go with your instincts as you know your daughter best.

    In the end, you're absolutely right, though. Feeding doesn't need to be traumatic for either one of you. You are still feeding breastmilk, which is the best thing to give your daughter and bonding can still take place with a bottle if latching at the breast proves too stressful for all involved.

    Good luck to you both and I wish you success in re-establishing the latch.
    lanyac replied to WeAllSurviveIt's response:
    Thank you so much, I will try this and let you know the outcome!
    An_250365 replied to lanyac's response:
    If you are pumping after each feed and you say you have plenty of milk, you may have over supply or forceful letdown. Does she choke, cough or gag when trying to latch? I thought my son preferred the bottle but after I realized I had forceful let down and tooth steps to remedy, he took breast easier and more often. Try scissor hold and/or block feeding if it's coming too fast. Still nursing at 7.5 months (takes bottles, no problem but still prefers level 1/ slow nipples).
    lanyac replied to An_250365's response:
    She actually gets mad because I don't let down soon enough and then if I get the let down going before latching her she just turns away as soon as I try to put her to the breast, like she knows what goes on there, but doesn't want it that way. I have tried so many times and I just don't get it. My other 3 children fed just fine with no problems, this one just doesn't want to feed from the breast she doesn't choke , cough or gag when the let down occurs at all so I don't think it's that. She likes the level 3 nipples, the other ones she gets mad at and sucks REALLY hard at.

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