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    Like Im the only one?
    When I go out in public I feel like Im the only one who BF's my baby. Every time I go to the dr's office I never see anyone else BF, I just see them give them bottles. I usually have to nurse her while Im there, so I feel like Im the only one. I wonder what they think when they see me? Come to think of it I havent really seen anyone in public BF. Is there less people doing it or is it just because they dont like to in public? I know I only do it If I have to. I dont bring a bottle with me out usually.
    jlcohen78 responded:
    I bf in public all the time --- at the dr's office, in the mall, at DS's gym class. It's rare that I see anyone else bf-ing. It seems like I mostly notice people with bottles. But at the same time, I've been bf-ing DD and have had people tell me that they didn't even realize I was doing it at first. Maybe I just don't notice it because I'm used to it. IDK!
    Becca0411 responded:
    I hide in my car.
    ambern99 responded:
    I usually hide in the car too.
    fsuchick1976 responded:
    I was BF'ing LO at Starbucks on Sunday. While I was there, I happened to see someone else BF'ing. She had a blanket over the baby, so she wasn't quite as noticeable as me (I've given up on covering LO). I usually don't see anyone else BF'ing.
    cduffy responded:
    I usually never see anyone else BF either! I was at the mall sitting in one of those massage chairs with DD covered the other day, and I was surrounded by other mommies in those chairs botttle feeding. I even got the dirtiest look from a woman (yes, a woman) walking by, and all you could see were DD's feet! It's as if the very thought of BF made her angry...hhhmmm. What is this world coming to?
    clovertine responded:
    I actually see people BFing all the time! In fact, I'm constantly shocked by the large number of people I see BFing in public. I admit to hiding in the car to BF, too. But I see people walking around stores, the mall, even at a restaurant the other night, and the lady's whole boob was hanging out! I very rarely take bottles out for my LO, I feel like I'm "wasting" the frozen milk! If I can just feed him when I'm out, I feel much like I'm maintaning my frozen stash of liquid gold! So you're definately not alone!
    KC_94920 responded:
    I think it all depends on where you are these days. I actually have only seen one mom bottle feeding a baby (before DD's Gymboree class) in quite some time. In my area, most moms seem to Breastfeed which I think is just great. Most wean before I do (I'd say the norm is 9-12 months) and I've only done that with one of my three but I still feel very supported and accepted which is a nice feeling.

    DD is older now and honestly has little need to nurse in public during a regular day. When she was littler I fed her whenever and wherever she demanded it but now she BF's primarily at home (first thing in the morning, before nap, after nap, before dinner and before bed) and if she needs a snack while we're out will take some milk in a cup or a food snack.
    Angela03102 responded:
    I am more like KC. I try to plan out my errands and shopping right after Ethan has ate at home. He can go 4 hours now between sessions so I haven't had the need to feed while out. We also rarely go anywhere with Ethan that would take a long time. It's such a rare treat to go out to dinner that we are more than happy to let Grandma babysit for that few hours I always imagined having to be brave and nurse in public but the chance has only come up a couple times over the past 9 months and even then, I was right near the car
    gdelice responded:
    I almost always bring a bottle with me. If not, then I hide in the back seat of my car I've seen people bf in public but I would never do it. My LO would not stand to have me put anything over his head plus those girls are a bit too big(DD) to let loose in public
    bekah1982_16 responded:
    I am 5 months and 3 weeks and I have had the same thought. Even though my child isn't born yet I notice the same thing. My husband's sister breast feed and seem to have a lot of issues in public. How something so natural has become looked down upon is beyond me. I plan to breast feed when ever I need to in public and not carry bottles. I also will not do it in a bathroom like she was told all the time. I believe as long as you do not go around flashing you breast I would continue what you are doing. I think that know more than ever people are breast feeding but that they are using bottles. A lot of women I have had the same conversation with says that the will feed in public because it is natural.
    Rosalin81 responded:
    I think I've bf'ed just about everywhere I frequently visit: mall, target's cafe, restraunts, kohls, ds's gym class, the zoo. The list seriously goes on and on. I've seen quite a few bfing mommies too, but deffinetly more bottle feeding mommies. I think that's mainly because women who nurse tend to find a quiet corner rather than be right in the middle of the action. It's usually in those quiet corners that I run into other nursing mommies. Oh and I have to wonder what the women with the DD thinks of me. I let my girls out in public all the time (I use a hooter hider, but my dd usually pulls it off of her face) and last time I tried to find a bra the largest they had was an H and it was too small . I do admit it would be nice to be smaller because it would make nursing easier in general!
    amyl61853 responded:
    I breastfed yesterday at lunch! I was sitting in a booth and just got him latched on when a guy came up to clean off the table. He just commented on how great a sleeper my lo was! He had no idea I was even bf and my lo wasn't even covered up at all.

    I say screw the people, men and women alike, who give dirty looks to bfing moms in public. It's a natural thing and would they rather a baby go hungry? I mean come on, don't people have bigger things to get upset about?
    xeana responded:
    I hide either in my car, a dressing room or wherever people can't see me
    Jamelita responded:
    I BF anywhere and everywhere. I believe that it should be a normal part of our society and daily life, and by BFing in public I am doing my part. Surprisingly, I have never received a dirty look or comment, at least not that I've been aware of! It wouldn't bother me in the slightest if I did, though!

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