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    How much longer?
    How much longer do you ladies plan to BF? How long has it been so far? Are you still enjoying it? It has been 8 months(on the 9th) and I plan to at least until a year. I think though that if everything is still going good I will still BF past a year. I enjoy BF 'ing very much and it is still going well for both of us. I love the closeness we have and knowing I am the only one that can calm her down. We can nestle at night and it feels very rewarding. I always planned to BF, but really I had no idea it would be this long..tehe...
    jlcohen78 responded:
    I've been bf-ing DD for 6 1/2 months and plan on going to at least a year. I really do enjoy every minute of it --- clogged ducts and all. It is amazing at how emotional of an experience it is. One of my favorite parts of being pregnant was the fact that I got to have her all to myself all the time. I loved being able to feel every kick, punch, hiccup and roll. And with bf-ing, it's very similar in that I enjoy being the only one that gets that special time with her --- no one else but me can provide her with that comfort. And it was solely me that provided her nutritional needs for the first 6 months.
    nat0220 responded:
    Hey Angie!

    I'm like you, I never thought I would enjoy it this much! I absolutely love it. I plan on going at least a year, 18 months at the longest.

    rachbug8 responded:
    It'll be 5 months on the 16th. I want to go at least a year, possibly 18 months if Davin wants. I can't believe we made it this long! I never thought I would enjoy it too much. The feeling of knowing that no one else can do this for him and I'm actually doing it well is amazing. (Self-esteem issues? nahhh..)
    MrsCrusen responded:
    I never set any time goals, just knew that we were going to make it work. I LOVE it - agree with pp, clogged ducts and all. My DD is 9-1/2 months old and she's hooked, although, her noon-time feeding she's getting more and more distracted by play than mom's boob. She use to want nothing but to be attached to me 24/7 but now during the day, she's all about getting nursing over with quick so she can get back to playing. Luckily, I have her full attention first thing in the morning and before bed, and sometimes when she still wakes up during the night.

    She's never had formula and we're approaching 1-year, so I can't stop pumping bottles now - for when I'm at work. I don't think I'll miss pumping during the day at all. But I'm very proud that I'm keeping up with her and we're still going strong.

    I'm still curious how the next couple of months will work? During the day she is less and less interested in nursing but she still needs it. Currently, I plan on letting her self-wean the first session of the day and the bedtime nursing. I love those and they're SO easy. I'll follow her lead about the daytime feedings.
    MISSBUBBLEYAJG responded:
    Hey Allison..I just noticed that our LO's weighted the same and were the same inches long at birth!!
    Chelley1981 responded:
    Well, it's been 11months on the 7th. I'm planning on at least one more month, but probably more. Jackson has decided that he no longer needs his lunchtime nursing session when I go to visit him over my lunch break. I have a feeling that switching him over to whole milk for his daytime bottles when he turns a year old will probably be ok. So I will probably only be nursing for the morning/bedtime feedings then. I think I will let him self-wean for those times. I will not miss pumping at work. LOL.

    I really do still enjoy the nursing sessions (clogged ducts, mastitis, thrush & all) and I actually already miss the noon feeding and it's only been a week.
    skerina responded:
    Kathryn will be 1 year on the 20th....where has the time gone?

    I plan to keep BF until she doesn't need it anymore. How's that for a vague timeframe... I really don't have a clear picture in mind of how long.

    I enjoy it, most of the time. At 4am, not so much.

    Jamelita responded:
    I enjoy it, but I wouldn't mind a break now and then! However, I plan on BFing for as long as she needs it up until the age of 2. I hope that she is done by 18 months. I want to keep LO away from cow's milk/ soy milk for as long as possible so it kind of leaves me with no other options.
    mandamatt03 responded:
    We are going on month 11 and loving it! I planned on making it a year nbut now plan on doing it as long as he wants it, unless of course he wants to be nurseed during recess I too never thhought I would love it this much!
    Angela03102 responded:
    We are 10 1/2 months roughly and I know we are going to go for at least a year. Like PP's I plan to introduce milk between 11-12 months to get him used to it and eventually stop pumping all together at work. I want to keep nursing while at home at least until 18 months. We have 300ozs in the freezer so I could cut pumping down and be able to make it to a year I think. 2 months ago I was ready to stop and couldn't wait for 1 year to come but now I get sad when Ethan finishes eating after 5 minutes and just wants to play
    simerlm responded:
    I have been bfing for almost 8 months, pumped the first 3. I will go to at least 14 months minimum. One year plus the two months for her adjusted age. I will just keep going until she is finished. I bf both of my others until about 14 or 15 months. I love it! I worked so hard to be able to bf this time that I haven't even thought about stopping yet!
    cduffy responded:
    It's been 6 mos and still going strong! I always planned to go to 1 yr, but I've been reading up on natural weaning, so I may go longer than that and still nurse at least in the morning and at night until she is reading not to. I love it!!
    umenoTamsha responded:
    I'm just starting out with this baby. I nursed my first for 7 1/2 months and then I couldn't take the no caffeine anymore, that and the biting. This one, he doesn't bite and I've become better at nursing I believe. It was soo tough for me with my eldest so I pumped for several of those months before trying nursing again. It's going so great with this one! I plan on bf'ing 'till he's at least 11 months to a year old but I may just end up bottle feeding him bm by that time. That'd make it easier to transition him I think but we'll see when the time comes. I really miss my one lonely cup of morning coffee I used to have!
    kms82082 responded:
    We've been BF for 7 months, we basicly EBF for 21/2 months starting supplementing with form at 5 months because of having to work and not wanting to pump there. I don't want to go to far past a year, maybe then only at night, and if he wanted to stop sooner, but I doubt it. He is still my lil boob man, lol.

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