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    seriously... tmi pumping poll
    cheeezie25 posted:
    ok, so breast size obviously does not affect if you can breastfeed, but I don't buy LCs claims that it doesn't affect how much milk you can produce. I had pretty small breasts before I was pregnant... 36A, and then I ballooned to a 38C, which feels HUGE for me lol. I have tried my best to increase my production, but I am wondering if I have trouble with this because I do not have giant boobs. The most I can ever seem to pump is about 5oz total, and that is when I am COMPLETELY engorged. I can't imagine any more milk being able to fit in there!

    Anyway... I am just wondering if other people have thought this and whether it is true. so, here is my very scientific poll:

    1) what size bra were you pre-preggo?

    2) what size are you now?

    3) how much milk are you able to pump per day?

    My answers: 36A, 38C, approx 20oz? have stopped counting...
    roni090909 responded:
    1- 34B 2- 36D 3- I only pump at work and I get about 4-5oz per session.

    My BF is also BFing, She was a 34B and is now a 36C and she pumps twice as much as me. So I really don't think that breast size has anything to do with it.
    nat0220 responded:
    I honestly don't think breast size has anything to do with it either. Here are my answers too

    1-34A (barely)


    3-I pump 3X a day at work and usually get about 15 oz total, and could probably pump more if I had more time. I make UBER amounts of milk.
    SailorsWife914 responded:
    1.) 36 D

    2.) 36 E

    3.) 50-55 ounces per day (17 ounces is the most I've ever gotten at one time! This morning in fact!)

    aims2415 responded:
    32A , 36C, 30-35oz
    momtobegrunden responded:
    Here is what I read somewhere. It makes sense to me.

    Breast size does not matter when it comes to actual breastfeeding. Even the smallest breasts can produce enough milk. However, larger breasts have more tissue, therefore more milk ducts, therefore produce more at a time. Someone with smaller breasts may need to feed her LO more often but when all is said and done, she's made just as much milk at the end of the day as her larger-breasted friend.
    mias_mommy1 responded:
    1) 34 A/B (kind of in between)

    2) 36D

    3) 42-46 oz in 3, 10 minute sessions.
    skerina responded:
    1) 34B

    2) 34D

    3) We EBF, so I don't know.

    Think about it this way: How much milk would fit in your baby's stomach in one feeding session? There's no reason for your body to produce more than that, once the initial adjustment period is over, unless you pump more often or for longer, thus telling your body that you need more.

    BTW, I still look down occasionally and wonder where the heck those things came from!

    MarissasMommy responded:
    I have had BIG boobs since puberty (as in going from a training bra to a C cup within a year!)....and I've never been able to get much milk, and I've not had success with BFing. LC said it was due to the fact that my nipples are fairly small and my boobs are enormous (her exact words!).

    1) what size bra were you pre-preggo? 38 DDD

    2) what size are you now? 40 G

    3) how much milk are you able to pump per day? I tend to get about 6-8oz first thing in the morning, but the other times I tend to get 3-4oz. Usually I get a total of around 20-24oz a day. For some reason Addison has never taken more than about 5 oz at a time, so I'm JUST able to keep up with her. Also, I have a freezer supply since I have always gotten about the same amount and she wasn't eating as much when she was smaller, so when she has a day where she eats more (growth spurts, etc) then I can get some out of the freezer.
    umenoTamsha responded:
    I'm still on my 6wks maternity leave but when I nursed my firstborn son, I got about 4oz's out of each breast when I pumped every 2 hours while at work. I don't know if I'll get as much out this time because with my first I had major latch problems so I was almost EP due to the nasty bloodblisters and the 'bite and yank' he'd pull on his poor momma. This baby is so much better! He's never bit me-a big plus for me!! I was a 38C before pregnancy but went up to a 38DD, which I now am once again. But I only went down to a 38D in the 5 years separating my 2 pregnancies. HTHs!! (right now if I pump I only get maybe 4-6oz's and that's if he's not eaten in hours-I'm lucky to get an ounce and a half after he eats)
    Pecan1978 responded:
    1) what size bra were you pre-preggo? 36B/C

    2) what size are you now? 40DD

    3) how much milk are you able to pump per day? before I started weaning myself off EPing, I got 50 ounces per day... now, more like 30 - 35 ounces per day. DS eats at most 25 ounces most days, so I'm still in good shape, supply wise. My biggest pump of the day is the first one - averages 12 ounces! Used to 18 tho.. that HURT with 18 ounces...
    CurlyCue75 responded:
    1--36/38 C/D

    2--40 F (yikes!)

    3--I pump 3x per day at work and get between 22-30 oz. The girls each take 8-12 oz while I work.
    Chelley1981 responded:
    I was a 36B. I'm now a 38C. I pump twice a day at work. I get about 8-10oz. during the morning pump and about 5-7oz. in the afternoon. There have been times where I got almost 10oz. from one side though, but it was probably because Jackson didn't wake up twice in the middle of the night to eat like he normally does.
    MISSBUBBLEYAJG responded:
    1) 34B

    2) 36B

    3) I can usually pump 5 ozs, but I dont need much either since I only work part time. If I pump both at the same time(usually when engorged) I can get about 4-5 ozs from both. It works out since DD only drinks 5 ozs bottles anyway.
    peachyisthelife responded:
    Started out a 40C and still am a 40C lol. I can tell my boobs are a little bigger but I still fit into Cs just fine. It's like before I was a small C, and now I'm a big C.

    I EP and i only make 20oz a day.

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