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    Lumps all over body
    megmil85 posted:
    Hello. I am really concerned about my boyfriend. He has a doctor's appointment Tuesday, but I wanted to see what you all thought so I could try to prepare for what we could hear. I am thinking the worst but hoping for the best.
    He is 28 years old and otherwise healthy. But, recently, he has developed these weird sort of lumps all over his body. He told me he first developed one in his bisep about 10 years ago, and that back then, the doctor did a CAT scan and said it was nothing to worry about. But now, he has these all over, in his arms, forearms and biceps, and several in his thighs. He also has one in the soft tissue under his chin, one on his butt and Sunday found one sort of in his scrotum, near but not on his left testicle.
    The lumps don't hurt but his left arm, shoulder and neck have been hurting, and he says it feels kind of like a pinched nerve or something. His doctor told him when he looked 10 years ago that the lump could push on a nerve, so he's thinking this is what is happening. He said the one in his arm is the same size as it used to be, but now he has all these other ones, and the one near his testicle is really the one that worries him. Saturday and Sunday, he said he had some discomfort in his testicles which caused him to check them Sunday night, but he says they are okay right now. But last night, he was uncomfortable, too, but he claimed he thought it was just gas, which he has been having a lot of discomfort from lately.
    I'm just really worried for him. I've looked stuff up online and keep seeing stuff about adult soft tissue sarcoma and think that it kind of sounds like that but don't know. I am just scared of cancer so bad because my Mom died of lung cancer and my Dad is a colon cancer survivor. Plus, I know others in my family and friends who have survived different types, and so I am extra sensitive to this topic. I am being positive and supportive for him but am really scared for him because I haven't found anything else that sounds like it would explain these weird lumps.
    I even found one of them on his thigh myself. They aren't all big, some just about pea sized or so, but they are definitely noticeable if you are paying attention. They seem pretty deep in the tissue, so you don't feel them just by sliding your hand across the skin, you have to push and feel, but there are a lot of them. Does anybody have any ideas of what this could be besides soft tissue sarcoma? That sounds really bad and hard to cure, and if he has this many lumps, that would just be horrible. Thanks for any thoughts until his appointment Tuesday.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I'm glad your boyfriend has a doctors appt! Please check back in.

    Here's an article all about Cysts, Lumps and Bumps that might have some information you have not discovered:

    LILBOOG805 responded:
    It sounds like neurofibromatosis. That is a disorder which causes benign (noncancerous) tumors to grow around the nerves. I saw a tv show on TLC and the people looked just like what you are describing.
    AimzTaylor responded:
    I have been getting loads of lumps under my akin all over my body and there are new ones everyday. They are so painful an there are new ones everyday. Iv been getting them for months now. Abt 5/6 month in fact. I'm so worried as my Nan had ths and found it was a side effect cuz she had cancer. What am i to do.
    sweetwillie responded:
    Im glad we are talking about this problem. I notice the lumps on my body over 20 yrs ago and I had about five removed. I HATE THEM.I HATE THEM SO BAD!!! I heard that they were caused by stress to the central nervous system, which is generally caused by self abuse. (masterbation) Mine have grown and I had a large one removed in by leg about 10 yrs ago because a blood vessel ran through it. However mine a completely painless. I changed my diet and I am a vegan because cancer runs in my family. I like the fact that they can be liposuctioned out. I want them all gone. What about laser, can that remove them? Have you ever heard about them caused by masterbation? I mean I don't know all I know it that I hate them. Is surgery the only way to remove them ? I need some help here.
    georgiagail replied to sweetwillie's response:
    Masturbation plays no role in these.


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