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    Chemo Brain
    Rachel_Hartsock posted:
    What is "Chemo Brain" and what causes it.?
    georgiagail responded:

    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Thanks Gail!

    Hi Rachel - here's a little bit more information. "Chemo brain" is also called "chemo fog":

    Cancer Survivors Often Face Memory Problems

    This study shows that some cancer survivors experience problems with concentration and memory.

    Rachel_Hartsock replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thanks, Haylen! I appreciate it! It's helped me understand more, and makes more sense to me now that I know a little more about it!
    Rachel_Hartsock replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thanks, Gail!
    rsarah99 responded:
    I've heard of this in the hospital and in my mother's clinic....let me know as soon as you know!
    Lizardoli12 responded:
    Chrmo treatmentscan make you feel out of it or that you need a nap.
    Lizardoli12 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    This happens from radiation treatments also.your radiation treatments may be fast, but it fogs up reality.When I look at my NRI's, I can see how the radiation crossed over the center line of my Braib and caused me issues I still deal with. As a result of all this, I now have epilepsy. I have an average od 4 to 5 a month, and take 8 different meds, but they break threw anyway,I had a Vagus Nerve Stimulaltor put in, but a couple weeks later the ste becane infected. I willtry the other side in May. If that does not work they won't try again.
    lukeperry replied to Lizardoli12's response:
    I use to have an excellent memory, now since my chemo and radiation, I can't remember what I did 3 days ago. The chemo changes your memory. They haven't studied this brain problem very much in the past, but are starting to now. I remember things from years ago, better then a week ago. They say that it usually goes away after a few month's, to a year. It's been 2years for me, and I still have trouble remembering. Good luck with your Mom.
    MandyL1953 replied to lukeperry's response:
    I had chemo almost 7 years also and I think that it is still affecting my memory and ability to even carry on normal conversations. I even had a brain MRI to rule out early onset altzheimers. It has really affected my work. I work with numbers all day and I have to double and triple check my work because I was making so many errors.
    lukeperry replied to MandyL1953's response:
    I'm sorry that your still having the memory problem. I had chemo and radiation two and a half yrs. ago for breast cancer. My memory hasn't gotten back to normal yet. Sometimes I can't remember my daughter's name and I can't spell anything!

    I don't know if it will ever go back to normal, & now I have a brain tumor. So I'm thinking, will I ever get my memory back or is it going to get worse? It's such a mess getting cancer!

    They gave me radiation on my missing breast, and the rad did damage to my throat. Now I choke all the time, even with water and my mouth stays dry all night. Nobody told me that would happen. ( what good would it have done anyway, I had to get it.)My good news is, I'm going to see a plastic surgeon Mon.,about breast implants. I am so excited and I've been able to remember this appt. for 2wks. now!

    I'm so sorry for yours and my memory loss, and I don't know what to tell you. People think that I'm being rude and not listening to them, because I don't remember what they said 2min. ago. I hate always having to ask them again, but I can't remember. Now I just say,"I'm sorry that I can't remember, but I had chemo and when cancer patients say they have chemo brain, it's a real thing." I can't carry on a normal conversation either, I have to keep asking "what is the word I'm looking for?"

    The really good news for us is, we are both still alive!

    ronniejr37 replied to lukeperry's response:
    Luke, your right, we have all survived, I just posted, yesterday a big question, should be at the top of the discussion relating to this very thing. I finished all my Chemo 1.5 years ago. I am now suffering from possible clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I have late onset Chemo Brain and it has reduced the quality of my life substantially. I cant remeber co-workers names, I forget where I am going and, I can no longer complete any type of technical or financial reports at work, so I lost my job, Chemo Brain is real. Some people dont get it, other suffer for a few months, others get it as I did, late on-set and there is a potential I could have this problems for years or the rest of my life. The bottom line is, they are not really sure what causes it other than the actual radiation or chemo treatments, but they dont know what the mechanizim is....What you need is Family and Friend support. Do not be afraid to tell, explain to them, have them research this issue us cancer patients experiance, dont leave them in the dark, they need to know your not crazy, this is a frequent problem with cancer survivors
    sam1985 replied to ronniejr37's response:
    sam1985 replied to MandyL1953's response:
    Chemo brain is a term used by cancer survivors which describe thinking and memory problems. this disease usually occurs after cancer treatment. As of now chemotherapy is one of the best treatment to get rid of it. try going through this article to get a better understanding:
    Texaslady75 responded:
    I myself suffer from this. I couldn't remember asking a question not 10 min after asking it and also could stay focused or concentrate. I was Given a mild ADHD medication and It really helped me a lot

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