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    Swollen Lymph Nodes in intestines
    beccabootrout posted:
    Hello Everyone,
    I am a 19 year old female and I have been healthy all my life, until the past two months. It all started on July 24th, 2011. I was at work when the pain started and I thought it was just from being on my feet all day. I ended my shift went home and was still having pain, that next morning my pain was getting worst and I went to the ER, they ordered a CT scan and blood work. I also was put onto a EKG because my blood pressure was 155/100. The EKG came out normal but my CT scan came back with swollen lymph nodes around my intestines. They put me on an IV with fluids and pain medicine. They ended up saying that I had Messanteric lymphadenitis, which would run it's course. They told me to come back if it got worse. Needless to say I have been back to the ER 2 more times. I have had a total of 3 CT Scans, 3 Ultrasounds, and mutiple bloodwork done. Today I had a PET/CT scan with Dye to determine what is wrong with me. My doctor wants to test me for lymphoma. I have been researching this cancer for some time now, it seems I have most of the symtoms I'm fatigued, change in stool, dizzy, itchy, can't lay on my stomach, night sweats, etc. I constantly have a lower grade fever from 99.3 and up, and my white blood cell count is normal to high range. I am bloated and in a lot of pain. I am not the same 19 year old i was two months ago. If anyone has imput they would like to give me, please feel free to tell me. I feel like this is taking over my life.
    worn1 responded:
    I am no medical expert but how did they rule out infection. An elevated white cell count can indicate infection especially with a fever. What lab tests did they request and what were the results? You may want to go to a different doctor for a second opinion. If you need the emergency room again go to a different hospital if possible. Out of couriosity did they put you on a wide spectrum antibiotic?
    beccabootrout replied to worn1's response:
    They said that my fever wasn't high enough for an infection along with my white blood cell count which is an 11, when i first went to the ER it was an 8 and that in the high normal range. They have tested my spleen , pancreas and gallbladder which came back normal. I had a CBC done, along with my Thyroid which were normal. I was tested for ovarian cancer because I found out i have cysts on my ovaries, the result was that my number is 9 and they consider anything 20 and below not cancer. They tested me for chrones disease, which I don't have. They treated me for IBS which didn't work. They had me on a wide spectrum gastrointestinal antibiotic, which i found out i'm now allergic too. I have my stool tested for parasites and infection which came back normal. They tested me for a few other things which i cannot honestly remember the names of them because i have so many done. I went for my PET/CT scan and everything was normal except for my cysts. I had my other test for cancer which was lymphoma, which were normal. The past few days my pain has been soooo bad I start balling and could hardly walk. This all is very irritating. I had to quit my job because of all this. Thank you for responding. Also if I think of anymore i will respond again.
    worn1 replied to beccabootrout's response:
    Please gather all of your medical information and make an appointment with a different doctor for a second opinion. The low grade fever with an elevated wbc count coupled with severe abdominal pain worries me. endometriosis, pelvic inflamatory disease,ruptured ovarian follicles and ruptured ovarian cysts,Urinary tract infections, appendicitis. These are some of the problems that can occur with your symptons. So please see a second doctor. The doctor your are seeing does not know what is wrong and is using tests to make his diagnosis for him instead of using the testing to confirm his suspected diagnosis. The key to a diagnosis is a thourogh history and physical exam followed by testing to confrim the suspected diagnosis. Ask family and friends who they see or who they would recommend then check the doctors out on the web.

    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to worn1's response:
    worn1, thank you for your thoughtful and very, very helpful advice for becca!

    becca, please keep checking back in and let us know how you are doing. As you learn new information, I might be able to point you towards different experts in our community!


    cmentzel responded:
    That is the same thing I am dealing with, with my 9 year old. They did a ct scan and said she had the same thing they diagnosed you with and if it did not clear up in a week, to go back in. We have been to 7 different doctors and no one can tell me anything. We have only been dealing with this for a month, not two years but she has little to no fever, her blood cell counts are all normal, pepto and stuff like that she says makes it worse. I do t know what to do anymore! She is goi g on the third week of not being in school because it hurts her to walk, sit, run, lay down. She cant do anything. There is only one gi specialist almost two hrs away that deals with children, but they cant get her in for another month and a half! I cant watch her go through this one more day much less another month and a half! Any ideas would be appreciated.
    beccabootrout replied to cmentzel's response:
    First off I want to to say how sorry i am to hear that is going on with them. I can tell you from experience that it was extremely painful. I want to tell you I am better now and after a year and half I finally found out what was going on with me. I found out I am allergic to corn. That was the reason for everything hurting, I was also diagnosed with severe IBS. But once I started cleaning all the corn out of my system my IBS started going away my stomach hurt no more unless I got to much corn in my system. I don't know if you know but corn is in almost everything America eats. I feel 100% better, in fact I feel better then I did before I got sick. I don't feel sluggish anymore and I don't get headaches anymore. My reaction from corn can range from a headaches for a day up to 7 days, bad abdominal pain, bad IBS with blood, and now I can start getting rashes. My body now knows when I intake corn. Also if you do get the test done and it does come back saying they aren't allergic to corn, your body can be corn intolerant. Which means your body basically can't digest corn. If you would like to know anything please just ask, I am more than willing to help in anyway. I know it can be annoying not know why all of it is happening.
    callyinfl responded:
    How do you feel about alternative therapies? There are more and more excellent results with problems that escape correct diagnosis from western doctors when you turn to an educated chiropractor other alternative healer. Also, if lymphoma if a possibility, please consider seeing a therapist trained in manual lymph drainage. They can help lymph (central to the immune system) to move thru the system and cleanse it. That's what lymph does. When your lymph is moving correctly, the cells are cleaned out and can work as they were designed to do. I hope you'll consider checking into it. All the best.

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    i would like to know something my dr still has not calle and tell me after me pet scan
    have a nodgel mass that is 25mm and i would like to knwo if that could be lung cancer and i am only35 More
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