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    Is it lower back pain or cancer?
    Anon_62467 posted:
    Can a lower back issue make me think I have gut cancer?
    georgiagail responded:
    I'm sure it can although many, many folks have low back pain and don't have "gut" cancer. Back pain is one of the THE most common ailments. It's usually due to muscle strain.

    Bakkila replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thank you.
    kjoyco responded:
    I had lower back pain last year that was persistant and worse with heat. It was actually my liver being blocked by cancer cells. It's how they discovered my Stage 4 intestinal cancer. A CBC would be useful to detect liver issues. If the pain gets worse of time (days) and does not respond well to heat or pain meds - see a doctor.
    ElizabethTracy replied to kjoyco's response:

    That's really interesting. I never thought about how lower back pain could be associated with cancer but now I know. Thank you for educating us and sharing your experiences with us.
    hwhite39 responded:
    I would bring this up to your primary as soon as possible. My father is facing possible pancreatic cancer, and one of the symptoms is back pain. If you feel it's a concern, then you should talk with your provider. Best case scenario, they do all the tests and it comes back you are perfectly fine. I think it's worth it. Good luck.
    ovedina replied to hwhite39's response:
    One of my many dearest freind, was just diagnose with a . word no one should have to hear. (CANCER) Truth of the matter is that it is being heard of. Infact more and more so. Don't know, what stage yet. But as far as the lower back, the pain is constantly, consistantly, deffinately, painfully, their. Delicate, and frail, and the least not to mention 79 yrs. of age she most BEAUTIFULLY is. (MOTHER) ................ I never, ever, imagine this could even happen to her. MOM. Two years ago I finally find my most HANDSOME, (DADS) o of all (DADS).... Unfortionately, I lost him to (CANCER). A year ago. Never had the priveledge to meet. He got hosp- italize for one thing but was told he was at his last stage.
    ovedina replied to hwhite39's response:
    ovedina replied to ovedina's response:
    Still very much so painfull. From what I have been told is, within a week or so in the hospital, and diagnose with -------- (CANCER) that very same week my (FATHER) past on. He was in disbelief. Said he had no symptons, and would not accept or hear of it. But yet I received that dreaded, most phone call early next morning. Telling me my (DAD) past on. All I ever will have is the words I love you mija. First,and last, time I ever heard his voice. Thought I'd share my sad but true story. THANK YOU, GOD BLESS!
    cancersurviver responded:
    I have been getting black areas in my stools for a few days.
    ronniejr37 replied to cancersurviver's response:
    Are you post Chemo/ Radiation,,are you taking any type of oral
    or other medications, even OTC's can cause this,or that your Doctor may have prescribed. Some types of cancer can cause this, but there are usually other symptoms. If you are on the post side of any treatments, this could also be a cause. It was about 6 months after my Chemo was stopped that my stools returned to somewhat normal looking and yes, I had the black tarry looking stools. It was a side effect of one of the Chemo drugs and also a side effect of the multiple OTC meds I was taking for constipation and or diahrreh, hope this helps a little,,,as ususal, always ask your Doctor
    CindyParis replied to ElizabethTracy's response:
    Kjoyco, my Brother in law just diagnosed with cancer in his spine, in his L4,L5,L6, and L7 disc and also in his ribs and his the upper lobe of his lungs. He had back pain for years, but no insurance. So when he finally was able to go see a Dr. it was stage 4. which they say can make it to around 5 yrs. but they think he has had it about 5 yrs. He had real bad lower back pain.. never hesitate....

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    i would like to know something my dr still has not calle and tell me after me pet scan
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