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    Hi Everyone!
    An_249388 posted:

    Hi all,

    I am new here and hoping to get some help from you wonderful people.

    I am 27 years old, minimal exercise, 185 lbs and 6'1 in height, somewhat of a healthy eater, 10-12 hour intense work days in front of the computer in an HR function, going to school full-time as well for IT so the computer time is typically 14 hours per day over the past 10 years.

    I believe I have been a hypochondriac my whole life and have always worried that something is wrong with me even when there wasn't. I was diagnosed with anxiety and take Diazepam every once in a while - probably once or twice per month. Other than that, my tests have been normal every year at the doctor.

    Now to the issue, I have been having this weird feeling that something is wrong inside my head - like a Brain Tumor. I have been constantly thinking about it but do not have the funds to go get an MRI at this time. I have a $5,000 deductible at work and I recently got engaged and I pay for everything in our lives given that she is going to school full-time. My savings account has been depleted so I am saving the specialist as the last resort. Here are some of the symptoms I am having:

    - Constant Nausea

    - Blurred Vision sporadically - This is something that could be related to my contacts given I wear the overnight kind that I take out every 1.5 months.

    - Constant feeling that I am dizzy

    - Every time I sneeze or push when I use the restroom ( so any kind of pressure) and the top left side of my skull tingles.

    - When I eat anything spicy, I seem to get a little dizzy

    - Always feeling overwhelmed

    - Mood Swings

    - No passion for anything in life including outside activities or leaving the house

    - Don't have the willingness to do anything but be in bed or be on my computer playing games with friends

    I read on some of the Brain Tumor symptoms and looks like a lot of people have headaches associated with the tumor. I actually never have headaches.

    So ultimately, I am not certain if I have anything or if it's just my imagination but I am starting to get really scared reading all this stuff on the internet. Hoping someone here can help me and possibly guide me in the right direction.

    Thanks everyone!
    georgiagail responded:
    These are more symptoms of sitting in front of a computer for more than half a day.

    They are not symptoms of a brain tumor.

    Stop reading internet symptoms, shut off the computer, go outside and get a life that involves more physical activity.

    An_249544 responded:
    I find it very doubtful that you have a brain tumor. Many of your symptoms sound like depression. Being constantly overwhelmed, mood swings, decreased passion, and staying inside all the time are major signs of depression. Symptoms of depression can also cause physical symptoms such as nausea. Depression often goes hand and hand with anxiety and over the top thinking.
    I recommend that you go and see a family practice doctor. They are the only ones that can truly diagnose you and get you started to feeling better. There are many different (and cheap) ways to treat anxiety and depression (if that is the problem).
    Good luck! And stop reading so many internet symptoms!
    wisdomaid responded:
    You might just have depression. I'm sure you don't have anything serious.
    ronniejr37 responded:
    I agree with another poster, sounds like you might have depression. I am suffering from clinical depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder since the completion of my Chemo treatments. Your symptoms are very similiar to mine. If ythis has been occurring for more than two weeks and its not getting better, you need to see your doctor, only he can diagnose it. Depression and Anxiety, especially when combined can be very serious and debilitating as in my case.

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