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    What are my risks of having cancer?
    charlito posted:
    I am so sad that I might have a testicular cancer. Here is my story:

    I am 22 years old guy and I was born with an undescended testicle. When I was 9 years old doctors tried to replace my undescended testicle, but they couldn't. After 7 years, when I was a 16 years old teen I had another surgery and they removed my undescended testicle. Since then I just have one testicle. After surgery they send my removed testicle to a labouratory to see if there is any risk, and it was clear. Until now I never had any problem or question about it. And I never went to hospital to check about it.

    But now I learned some things about undescended testicles. Firstly, men with undescended testicle have a big risk of having testicular cancer, which makes me really afraid. And second, I was kinda late for surgery. Usually men have undescended surgery before 1 year old as a baby. But I was 16.

    Another thing about sex drive. I think I have normal sex drive, I always desire my girlfriend, and I get erections. But when it comes to sex, sometimes it is hard for me to stay erected. I don't know, maybe it is because of stress. I am not sure about this one, but the point is if I have testicular cancer, I only have one testicular. If I got have to remove this one too, I won't have testicles anymore.

    Another thing is lumbs on my testicle. I am not an expert, and it is really diffucult to check yourself. I try to examine myself, and I feel like I might have little bumps. But I always had them, and they never changed their size. They don't hurt either, but I feel there is something soft there. Under my testicle. Like a little vein.

    I will go to doctor to ask my questions and check myself If I have risk of having testicular cancer. But there is still time to go. I just can stay calm. I am very nervous about it. What do you think about my problem? Is there anyone having same issues?

    Thanks a lot.
    georgiagail responded:
    First, it's not a "big" risk of testicular cancer.

    Second, you've had your surgery. This testicle has been removed.

    Third, your ability to keep an erection plays no role in any of this.

    Fourth, you have cord under your testicle. That is what you are feeling.

    charlito replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thank you very much for you kind answer. I think I am kind of anxies sometimes.
    sam1985 replied to charlito's response:
    Exactly it is just anxieties.
    charlito replied to georgiagail's response:
    But according to this document:

    "If cancer does
    develop, it's usually in the undescended testicle, but about 1 out of 4 cases occur in the
    normally descended testicle. Because of this, some doctors conclude that cryptorchidism
    doesn't actually cause testicular cancer but that there's something else that leads to both
    testicular cancer and abnormal positioning of one or both testicles.

    . Experts in the United States recommend that orchiopexy be done soon after the
    child's first birthday for reasons (such as fertility) that are not related to cancer."

    I was 16 when I got the surgery, too late. Does it mean that it is a big possibility that I aminfertile. And it says testicular cancer is possible for both testicle, not the undescended one. I don't have any swelling or bump or anything. I feel something little for years but I think it is epididymis, it doesn't change any shape for years. Sometimes I have pain in my testicle, not exactly testicle but a little bit up, abdomen area. But it goes away after I ejaculate, but it makes me afraid that it happens often. Should I think the option to keep my sperms somewhere just in case that I lose my one testicle. How much does it take? I can't afford it now, but maybe later.
    georgiagail replied to charlito's response:
    A forum has no way of telling if someone is infertile. There are certainly tests you can take to check for that.

    If you've felt something little "for years" it's not going to be cancer. A tumor would increase in size; that's what makes it deadly.

    charlito replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thank you very much for your answers. I think it is not a big risk as you said, and I already got removed my undescended testicle. However, I will have an ultrasound. I hope it will make it clear if I have any problem.

    Another thing I learned that I am not bad genetically, there is no any case of cancer in my family. I hope that I will be okay.

    Thanks a lot.

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