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    Should I get a second opinion???
    nicholem23 posted:
    I don't know if this is nothing but I am concerned and don't want to play the wait and watch game that my doctor does. I had cat scans done over the summer that showed swollen lymph nodes, and i've had abnormal blood tests on and off. She wanted to do a CT scan of my chest but it never materialized. Thats when the terms watch and wait came in.
    I have been having fevers recently, waking up with night sweats, a nagging cough(without being ill), itchy skin(not helped with meds) and red skin. I know some people who have had Lymphoma and they said some of these symptoms were similar to theirs, and my doctor had discussed the possibility of this diagnosis but isn't going to much further into diagnosis.
    I've been extremely tired lately no matter how much sleep I get, and just don't feel right. Should I go get a second opinion?
    Any help/advice would be appreciated!
    jayray1966 responded:
    It sounds to me that a second opinion by another doctor that your current doctor doesn"t know would be in order. Maybe what you are going through is normal for you. Everybody is different though and your body might be fighting some virus per say.
    As far as cancer goes there are so many different types it can't hurt to get another opinion just to be safe.
    My Melanoma started in a similar way, a changing mole that got in to my lymph nodes really quickly. Get it checked

    dontmattermyname responded:
    I can understand youre concern. Like you, I had many of the same symptoms as well as a few others. After a 4.5 year battle with doctors and dermatalogists they finally tell me that I have NHL MF type.
    My only advice is to get the second opionion. Dont do what i had done and wait to get another opionion. It can be a pain in the butt seeing all the doctors but you're health is worth it as well as your mental health.
    goodwitchglen replied to dontmattermyname's response:
    Hello My husband had two Hugeinguinal lymph nodes . removed the first Frozen result came back as fatty tissue? we were told that them results are inconclusive. and to Waite for the final result to that we are waiting for. After surgery the Dr. told me that he had more large ones under the ones he removed. He also has them on the right side how many I do not know. I do know that 3 day's after surgery the lymphoid under the ones he removed got larger then the ones he remove! To top it all Off the incision is now infected. Our surgeon is out till Monday because of the holiday. our family Dr. put him on Antibiotics this we see the surgeon My husband Is a diabetic Has been since he was 10 years of age. they seem to think the the insulin he takes is causing the large lymphoid. but they cant give Me a definite answer. I cant find this anywhere on the internet where this has ever been an issue. can anyone tell me have you heard of this? They are huge. He has night sweats we thought that is was the diabetes an itches in the same spot on his back a lot and has back pain along with other thing. thanks for you in site..
    noday responded:
    My wife had swollen lymph nodes and three years later she is at stage 4 or 5 and the MD no longer see any benefit it treatment. She is to go home and die
    diannes123 responded:
    You need to get a second opinion immediately. Your test results are abnormal. You need advanced blood work along with other specific tests. I have had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma for 16 years and I know what I am talking about. See a Cancer specialist immediately and get a different doctor. Your Dr. is an idiot for "watching and waiting" because she doesn't know what she is "watching". You need blood work, PET/CT and a bone marrow test among others. All of your symptoms point to some form of Lymphoma. I'm not trying to scare you, but you need to take your medical care into your own hands and see a different Dr. immediately. Good luck.
    cancerhater responded:
    You should get a second opinion from a gastroenterologist. night sweats and fevers off and on, and being extremely tired were some of my husbands symptoms and he now has liver cancer. Do it now and good luck to you.

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