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    How do you celebrate holidays when transport is difficult?
    Dave Balch posted:
    Happy holidays to everyone! It occurs to me that sometimes it's very difficult to transport patients depending on their condition. How, then, can you celebrate holidays or other special events?

    For us, it's very exhausting to go just about anywhere. By the time I get Chris dressed and into the car I'm worn out. Just getting in and out of the car is a project because she can't stand and I can't lift her, so we have a motorized lift to move her to and from the wheelchair into/out of the car. It is a wonderful contraption, but it takes some effort to assemble it, move her into the car, then disassemble it and pack it and the wheelchair into the car. When we get to our destination we have to do it again in reverse. Then we have to do it all over again when we go home. The closest family is 75 miles away so there's a lot of driving as well.

    We did all of this for Thanksgiving. The entire process from starting to get ready to arriving back home took 9 hours.

    I love taking her places, but as you can see there is a lot of physical effort involved. Just this week we had to go somewhere two days in a row and it almost did me in! She has very little energy, so it's exhausting for her as well. And if there's weather the process is even harder,

    We'd have everyone come to us, but there are too many of them, it's a very long drive, and we don't have room for everyone to stay over.

    So... this year we're just going to stay home. I've planned a special dinner and we're going to watch a movie then go to bed early.

    When it's just too hard or impractical to go to see family and friends, how do you celebrate special days?
    rohvannyn responded:
    My mother has fibro so we didn't do much traveling when I was younger. Right now with her dealing with my grandma, she had plans to take grandma to church but the snow was so bad they couldn't go. As I understand it, they spent Christmas with a pretty grumpy grandma! They tried to make an occasion of it anyway by listening to christmas programs on the radio, watching movies, and reading stories out loud.

    At the moment, my spouse is pretty much house bound because of anxiety disorder. When we celebrate a holiday we pick a meal we both really want, and sometimes do a little decorating. Myself, I also celebrate by keeping in touch with my online friends and celebrating in the various online games I play in my spare time.

    When I did caregiving I would sometimes help my clients decorate or do special holiday shopping.

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