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    Interruptions, Interruptions, Interruptions
    Dave Balch posted:
    Before the year ends, I'd like to ask about interruptions. Working at home as I do, I find that I can't do much of anything with getting interrupted unless I'm working while she's still asleep).

    It's very frustrating, especially when I'm trying to concentrate. But it's not just work work, it's also working around the house, doing laundry, making dinner, doing dishes... it seems like I can't do much of anything without an interruption or two.

    Do you have this problem? How do you handle it?
    rohvannyn responded:
    Though I don't work at home, I'm constantly being interrupted when I'm trying to do things. For example, just when I get into an article I need to read or am at a critical point in a delicate drawing, the cat has to say something urgent, or my spouse needs my attention, or I have to yell at the neighbor kids to stop playing on the steps.It can be frustrating!

    About all I've been able to do about it is hone my skills in refocusing on my task, and sometimes write myself a quick note about what I was going to do next. I have a tendency to forget critical steps when interrupted.

    Happy New Year!
    Dave Balch replied to rohvannyn's response:
    Yes, interruptions have always been difficult for me but they are especially tough now that I'm a full-time caregiver. Sometimes it's a pill or remote control that fell on the floor, or it could be that she is too cold or too hot.

    One thing that I found that helps is telling her that I'm going to be busy with something for the next hour (or whatever) and not to call for me "unless something is burning or bleeding." I'm always happy to help her with whatever she needs, so I let her decide what can wait and what can't.
    davmid replied to Dave Balch's response:
    I have one client that is so helpful, he gives instructions for the next task before I am finished with the first set of instructions. And of course, his instructions mess up my routine as we both try to finish the same task. I do the work. When I find myself going in circles, I laugh, stop, and politely remind him that he needs to give me his instructions if I forget something.

    He is very understanding about what he has done, once it is brought back to his attention. And I always try to remember that sometimes it his perception of control, his need to think he is in charge when so much of his body and environment are not permitting him control.

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