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    What Concerns You About Aging?
    atti_editor posted:
    Next week, older Americans, caregivers, experts and advocates will be coming together at the While House Conference on Aging to talk about how to improve the quality of life for older Americans.

    Do you have concerns about caring for an aging loved one, or maybe about your own aging? Submit your questions (or even your own experiences) for the White House Conference on Aging using the link above.

    Then, on Monday July 13th at 2:05 p.m. EDT, please join us as we stream the video of Dr. Smith's panel discussion and provide onsite commentary in the live blog located within the link.
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    rohvannyn responded:
    What concerns me about aging is that I am not going to have any backup to take care of my folks when it comes time. They are Boomers and will have a state pension, so it won't be hopeless, but I foresee a time when I'm going to have to manage things, by myself, from a couple thousand miles away.

    Then, when I get old, I don't see any real option to have a retirement fund - I still pretty much live paycheck to paycheck and have no financial safety net. With no children, eventually I will probably be at the mercy of the younger people around me. I don't want the government to fix everything for me, that's not the government's job. But LESS government interference would make it easier for me to save up so I can take care of myself when I get too old to work.

    With Social Security going far beyond the span for which it was designed, and more taxes on inheritances and such, I really do wonder what my fate will be when I can't work anymore. As it is, I have no retirment planned unless I manage to sell a painting or something to some rich person and get the start of a nest egg.

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