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    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    My mother is moody. She always has been subject to her moods but as she has gotten older, it gets worse. Yes, she is on some anti-depression medication but still has her ups and downs. I know that can't be changed. But, I haven't lived with my mother in a very long time and am not used to handling my reactions to her ups and downs.

    Any hints on remaining patient with her moods?
    jncdd23 responded:
    I to have a mother that is moody a lot of the time. She tried taking anti-depressents and she says she "just doesn't feel right on them" so she stopped taking them. My father just recently passed away and I think that has brought a new level of tolerance to my reactions. Previously though I found that just sitting down with her and telling her how mean she was being to people and putting my foot down seemed to help. Yes she got mad at me but over the course of the last year of me telling her when she was acting in a way that you don't treat the ones you love this way I think it has actually brought us closer. I sympathize with her at times and at times I have to tell her that her angry attitude is only hurting her not the person that she is annoyed with. I also told her that the things she gets mad at are things our of her control and she can't fix them and unless she deals with it the way it is it will eat her alive. I never thought I could be so straight forward to my mom and tell her the way it is but like I said I think it has helped her and I think she has a better appreciation for me and what I do for her. Suggestion after you tell her how it is go for a walk or get away for a couple of hours so she has time to digest what you tell her and to calm down. Good Luck!
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    That sounds like a good plan. She isn't as much angry as what she would call "poor pitiful Pearl" when I was a child.

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