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    Help Understanding Results
    b965122 posted:
    Hi, I took a health screening test at my work and got the results and wanted to see if anyone could help me understand them more. Not sure what all info is needed but I am 5'6" 225lb and I do have high blood pressure (I am on meds for it) the test was after 12 Hours of fasting. My Cholesterol numbers had me a little confused though, my total cholesterol was <100, HDL 26, TC/HDL 3.8, triglycerides 106, and LDL was N/A (I was told it was too low to measure).
    I was told the HDL was too low but the rest was good. Now I have read some places that if cholesterol is too low can be bad as well but no real info on what could happen. So I am hoping someone might know if I am ok or should worry about the numbers.
    billh99 responded:
    Note - no medical professional regularly responds in this forum.

    It is my understanding while your total cholesterol is low by modern standards, but not by historical standards (that is native societies without heart disease and estimates of pre-historic men).

    And that that low cholesterol is not a problem, except when caused by other diseases.

    The heart risk is not in the amount of cholesterol, but rather the number of particles. But the number of particles are harder to measure. A doctor has used the highway as an analogy. You need to know the number of people traveling (cholesterol particles), but easier to measure the number of vehicles (cholesterol).

    And estimate the particles by using an average number of passengers per vehicle. But if you happen to make the measure just as school buses left at the end fo the day your measurement would be way off.

    I am not sure, but I think that I have read of cases with very low total cholesterol, but also low HDL that is unheallthing, but not sure.

    Not sure what all info is needed but I am 5'6" 225lb and I do have high blood pressure (I am on meds for it)

    But that weight along with the hypertension are risk factors, even with treatment.

    Losing weight, increasing exercise and healthy eating will certain help reduce your risk. And maybe get you off the BP meds.

    And most likely help improve your HDL and reduce the triglycerides.

    If you are not scheduled to see you doctor in the next couple of months I would suggest working on your weight, diet, and exercise and in 3 months see your doctor and ask for a retest.
    JoeBee01 responded:
    Your HDL is too low according to what I've read; e.g., see

    I'd recommend you visit your MD re these results. I bet he or she will first want to test your cholesterol to confirm whether these unusual results are correct.

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