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    raised triglyceride level?
    aeonminded posted:
    Hello I am a 29 year old male I have been on a plant perfect diet for 40 days now. I went last week for a cholesterol check and it seems my total number is 160 which is great but for some reason my triglycerides jumped from 104 to 280. This makes me very worried for my health. Every morning I have 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup grape nuts, flax seed, chia seed, wheat germ, some raisins and a banana with almond milk. For lunch everyday I have a large salad with kale, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoe, cucumber, and I make the dressing with 2 tbsb balsamic with a little maple syrup and dijon mustard also either a half of a yam or a bean burger with some ezekiel bread. For dinner I usually either have either a meatless stir fry which is brown rice with alot of veggies or I have some type of soup again with some ezekiel bread. And for snacks I make my own hummus with beans and garlic and I eat that with these pretzles I found which contain no oil. I think I have been eating too many of the pretzles which contain wheat four which to my knowledge is just as bad as white bread. Also note that 2 days before my lipid test I had a bunch of red wine with my girlfriend, could this have effected my results? What do you think is causing my high Triglyceride level? Any help would be great! Thank you.
    billh99 responded:
    First of all you need to have been fasting to get an accurate trig (and LDL) reading.

    Sugar, simple starches, and alcohol can raise triglycerides.

    "Large" amount of alcohol can be a problems. I don't have any idea of what is too much. But AFAIK moderate (1-2) drinks is OK.

    Raisins can have LOTS of sugar, but moderate amounts (1/2) should not be a problem.

    Check the labels on the Grape Nuts, I have no idea how much sugar that they have, but I doubt that they are like some of the kids cereals.

    I would think that the pretzels would not be a problem unless you consumed a lot.

    One thing that you might be short on is fats, good fats.

    Nuts, olive oil, and avocodoes are some sources.

    I don't know what the chemistry, but high doses of Omega 3's is used for a treatment of high trig.

    Also I am wondering if you are getting enough protein?
    aeonminded replied to billh99's response:
    I did fast for 12 hours for the test. The night i drank the wine was about 48 hours before the test. As far as the pretzles i was eating alot but i have stopped ever since i got these results. And as far as protein i should be getting plenty with the amount of beans and leafy greens i am eating.
    iride6606 responded:
    For what its worth, fasting has less affect on triglycerides than any other component in your lipids. Fasting will lower your number but it takes much longer for it to have a major impact for testing purposes. Your test will most likely be affected by what you ingested for a couple days prior to your test but it does establish a baseline for you to compare future tests to.

    billh99 responded:
    This article says that you diet and weight should be stable for 2 weeks before the test to get a representative measurement.

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