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    Spike in Cholesterol Suddenly
    An_250018 posted:
    The highest my cholesterol had ever been up to last year was 160. I was overweight last year due to meds, and lost about 80 to 100 lbs by reducing my food intake. The nutitionist told me to lose a pound a week I could only consume 1200 calories. I am also being treated with adjuvent chemo so my breast cancer wont return, hence the weight gain. I can't eat full blown dairy or fatty meats. Any foods that would raise my cholesterol I just cant eat, they make me sick. I have been eating a ton of veggies plain, and white meat chicken every night for a year and a half. When I was trying to lose weight I weighed my proteins, and I cut starch completely out of my diet. I dont eat processed food, or sugar, unless its naturally in a piece of fruit.

    I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome as well and seem to have most of the symptoms of the two conditions.

    I had to have my cholesterol checked and blood sugar etc for my health insurance, to get a bonus back from them. My cholesterol came back at 234! I have no idea how this can be. Its not my diet for sure, its not hereditary, but odd things have been happening to my body this past year. Could this be a symptom of my cancer returning, and it just hasn't shown up yet? Could this be a symptom not listed from the two new conditions I have? I have something else that just magically happened as well, and am trying to get a hold of my oncologist to connect the dots, and am getting no where. Can someone help?
    suki65 responded:
    I have found a site called Nutrition and healing by dr jonathan Wright very helpful for me .
    Also i have heard the grape cure is very good but i have not tried it .
    I have a genetic problem which is high cholesterol i was on statins but had lots of side effects from all 3 different statins and would not reccomend them ,I am now on a herbal tablet policosanol with coq10 and i have no side effects what so ever .

    good luck i have found websites very helpful
    anita532 responded:
    Firstly, it is not unusual to have cholesterol spike when you have lost a lot of weight. Doctors haven't figured that out yet. Secondly, the spike might mean you are headed for gallbladder trouble. Thirdly, it could be the pancreas not behaving normally. Fourthly, have your thryoid checked. I have been on synthroid for 35 years, always high cholesterol. No doctor would give me T3. There are some dumb male doctrors. I have a lady doctor now and she put me on T3 with my synthroid. For the first time in 35 years I now have normal cholesterol, thanks to T3. Even if your thyroid looks normal, a little T3 can't hurt. So many other good benefits of having added T3.
    Obaney responded:
    You may want to check your meds for the breast cancer. I had a spike and eat very healthy. My GP and I found that some of the meds I am on effect cholesterol.

    As for your Myofascial Pain Syndrome.....look for a massage therapist who specializes in Myofascial Release. I had a bi-lateral mastectomy w/o reconstruction and have been going to a wonderful therapist who specializes in MFR. I got off all my pain meds and am able to move freely without pain.

    I am back on pain meds not for Myofascial Pain but for bone mets. I still am good with the chest restrictions.
    sahasrangshu responded:

    Please do not get anxious about your chalesterol level.Please ask your oncologist whether you can take statins for they are the medicines for high cholesterol level in blood.There is no point in thinking that cancer is getting the upper-hand due to consumption of veggies and lean chicken meat.The other two problems that you recently have, can be solved by going to a suitable pain clinic and it shall be better if you undertake limited physiotherapy to mitigate your pain.Diet and exercise can help you lead a normal life,so do not panic but take a suitable consultation.
    sahasrangshu responded:

    Do not panic.Ask your oncologist whether you can take statins for your high cholecterol level in blood.You should never think that eating veggies and chicken could mean return to cancer.There is no such link.

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