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    Total cholesterol 246, Hdl 115, Ldl 112
    An_250219 posted:
    Im starting to question my cholesterol numbers. I cant find alot of info on my situation. Every time I go to any doctor for a cholesterol test my total cholesterol is high. However, my hdl is also abnormally high, in fact higher than my ldl. My doctor even started discussing lipitor with me. I dont really understand because I look at alot of the ratios and they are optimal.
    HDL/LDL OF 1.02
    TOTAL/HDL 2.1

    Is anyone in a similar situation and what has your doctor recommended?
    Im 34, workout regularly. Ive had these levels since my 20s. And posibly my whole life considering my 20s is when I had my first cholesterol test.
    iride6606 responded:
    How vigorous is your exercise routine? Exercise will increase HDL which may be driving your numbers up. Also, high HDL can be linked to hyperthyroidism or cirrhosis of the liver so you may want to get your TSH and liver enzymes check, not much to that.
    billh99 responded:
    I have seen some case studies of patients with high HLD, but very high risk because the HDL is "defective".

    You might want to ask for an advanced lipid test that give the LDL particle count or the different lipid fractions. From my reading those seem to give more accurate risk than the basic lipid test.
    An_250219 responded:
    Thanks so much. I will talk to my doctor.
    shannon9585 replied to An_250219's response:
    Hi! I'm curious if the original poster has an update after speaking with their doctor. I'm 27 years old, and have nearly the same situation. High total cholesterol, but very high HDL (109), slightly high LDL (111), normal Triglycerides. My last 3 tests have been approximately these levels (though overall, my HDL has increased over time and my LDL has decreased). I exercise frequently and eat a low-fat diet.
    bobby75703 replied to shannon9585's response:
    Hi Shannon,

    If you have any concerns about your vascular health, today's ultrasound imaging offers excellent color pictures of arteries and heart valves.

    I had this done and was very impressed with the clarity of the imaging.

    Its important to remember cholesterol itself is not a disease. Plaque formation can happen at any cholesterol level, high, low, or in between.

    Since you are only 27 years old, I would wager your arteries are clean and clear. But if you want peace of mind, looking at ultrasound pics of the inside of your arteries, I believe, is the way to go.

    Take care and keep up the exercise.
    shannon9585 replied to bobby75703's response:
    Thanks again bobby! Yes, from what I've read I understand that cholesterol itself is not a disease, and it's important to look at the larger picture of things related to cardiovascular health. I'll see what my doctor suggests. I suppose I worry that she may look at my numbers and jump to conclusions, so it's good to know what test and procedures I should ask for.

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