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    which is the better diet for lowering cholesterol?
    An_252025 posted:
    Which is the better diet for lowering cholesterol? I've read that the Mediterranean Diet is good because of the olive oil and the way they eat, not much meat and fish. Then I've heard the Eat Clean is good, it's almost like the MD. Then the doctors give you a list of what to eat and what not to eat that doesn't make much sense. I've read that saturated fats in moderation are good for lowering the bad cholesterol as is olive oil. Fish is supposed to be good for you but when you read the nutrition label it's high in cholesterol. What's a girl to do? I've more or less stopped eating eggs, I eat whites mostly and cook with the egg beaters and one real egg for my family but I just want to find a good diet to stick with and have it lower the cholesterol. I love to cook and try new things but am getting discouraged with my test results after following the do's and don'ts and being very careful about what I put into my food.
    billh99 responded:
    People generate cholesterol in mostly in their liver, but also in all of your tissues. The cholesterol in food has little effect on the cholesterol levels in the blood.

    Outside of the US most countries have relaxed the restrictions on eggs.

    Here are a couple of articles.

    The story on saturated fats is very confusing. There are a number of different types of saturated fats. Some claim that saturated fat from grass feed beef, wild animals, and coconuts are good for you. And that from grain feed beef & dairy is bad for you.

    I am not convinced one way or the other one this. So I eat lean cuts of beef, but mostly chicken & fish and low fat/no fat milk and yogurt. But I use real butter and not margarine. But I use less and a tablespoon a week. Likewise I eat regular cheese, although some is naturally lower fat. But I mostly eat stronger/sharper cheeses and it take very little to spice up a dish.

    While I don't count the amount of saturated fats that I eat it is a moderate amount. But I get lots of healthy fats from olive & canola oils, nuts, & fish.

    But everyone agrees that hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils are bad for cholesterol. And LOTS of package foods have these.

    The are some ultra low fat diets that some people do good on and reduce their cholesterol. And some high fat ultra low carbs diets that some people do good on.

    But most people have problems with such restrictive diets.

    Surprisingly high levels of carbohydrates can increase blood cholesterol levels. This is particularly true for refined carbs. Anything with sugar, white flour, or white rice.

    Personally I have a limited carbs, but not supper low carbs. My only concentrated source is oatmeal & OJ. But even at that oatmeal has lots of fiber which helps control cholesterol levels.

    But I eat lots of fruits and get some carbs from them.
    For example dinner was grilled red, yellow, & green peppers, onions, mushrooms, & fresh pineapple. Along with some frozen grapes for desert.

    And lots of different veggies. So mine diet is similar to a MD. And since I have very very few prepared foods, other than stables such as greek yogurt, it is probably also Eat Clean.
    margret21266 replied to billh99's response:
    Thanks for the info. I am between the MD and EC diet too. I don't keep much sugar around the house except for company for coffee. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and use stevia to sweeten it. I don't keep prepackaged food in the house except canned goods and I usually rinse them when opened. I cook brown rice and my spouse eats white. That's how he was raised ( coonass). we eat lean cuts of meat and when we go to the meat market he cuts the fat off the meat before we package it. Don't eat much beef but he eats a good amount of pork. I eat a lot of chicken and fish with some pork.

    I eat healthy but my bad cholesterol and triglycerides were high the last time. I don't want to go back on medication to get it down. Since not taking it I feel so much better. I have until Oct. to get it lowered before I go back to the Dr.
    jonigaudiello replied to margret21266's response:
    I too have inherited high cholesterol and despite my healthy eating habits have a tendency to run on the high side. I also refuse to go back on meds after years of statins and now muscle problems.

    One thing that I am trying is Kenzen Bergisterol. It's made with Citrus Bergamia Risso which is a natural juice concentrate. You can only get it from a Nikken distributor, which I am one but don't promote it as a business. I don't know yet if this is working for me. I was told it takes 2 months to have an effect. I'm scheduled to be tested in December and will know if it's working then.

    I'm also wondering if the medical community is going to change the current levels after new research that's been in the News.

    275 is considered high, but that seems to be my personal normal.
    billh99 replied to margret21266's response:
    To both you and jonigaudiello you might want to get a advanced advanced lipid test such as NMR or VAP. These look at things like the number of cholesterol particles and/or the size of the particles. These is some indication that they more accurate in indicating heart risk than the standard lipid profile.

    These test are only available from a specific labs, but they are available through Quest, LabCorp, and probably others. Or the doctor can send the sample directly to the specific labs.

    They can also do some other test such as insulin resistance, some generic factors, & other factors that indicate an increased hearth health risk.

    A very simple & quick background on cholesterol. Cholesterol & triglycerides are fats and and the blood is water based. Thus for cholesterol to be in the blood (serum cholesterol) the cholesterol is wrapped in a carrier of lippoproteins. The different types of cholesterol have different types of lippoproteins. And the amount of cholesterol in each particle and the number of particles can very widely for the same amount of cholesterol. The common cholesterol test reports the total cholesterol in a given type of particles, but not the size or number of particles.

    Elevated triglyceride levels are usually associated high carb levels, even good ones if you body chemistry is wrong.

    Exercise helps lower it. As does Omega 3's. In fact there is a prescription version of Omega'3 that is prescribed for people with very high trig. But if you are not doing it you might try 1-2 grams. Note that you need to look at the total EPA & DHA list on the back. Not the amount of "fish oil" shown on the front of the bottle.

    If you think that you are not sure, you might want to look for a lipid specialist. Look under Get Help.

    Also there are doctors and hospital clinics that specialize in Cardiac Prevention.

    There is a wide range of body chemistry's. Some people can control cholesterol is a Paleo diet, no grains or diary, high in fats, and no carbs except from fruits and veggies. And some even cut out the fruits.

    The other is the opposite. Ultra low fat. No meat including poultry and fish. No added oils or fats.

    Both of those are not easy in the extreme. But a diet such as MD or EC, watching portion size (weight) and getting exercise, sleep, no smoking most people without heart disease can control their cholesterol.
    suki65 responded:
    hi i am confused with what i can and cant eat i have never eaten bad foods the only thing i eat a little too much of is sugary foods ,so i cut them out and had to take statins but had terrible side effects (never take another statin ever again )

    please look at both these the reakfast one is what i have been doing for 4 months now the first 2 months my levels came down from 7.9 to 6.2 my next results are due end of August .
    i eat between 11am and 7pm and only drink water or sugar free drinks and it is working for me it is worth a try

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