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    I Have High Cholesterol
    brandylumas posted:
    I was diagnose with high cholesterol today and now I am on high cholesterol med and I am taking a good look at myself and I want to lose 162lbs so I can be at my desired weight. It's no fun taking med knowing that there's something you can do to prevent it. I'm looking for better ways to eat healthier and exercise more.
    suki65 responded:
    If you take the statins stop if you get any side effects .
    if you can try this

    An update has anyone tried intermittent fasting ?
    my levels have come down from 7.9 to 6.2 in 2 months with eating between 8 hours a day no more .
    my breakfast at 11am and my last meal at 7pm and i have results no more statins ,now to get my muscles and bones back how they where before the statins damaged[a style="outline: none; cursor: pointer; color: rgb(0, 102, 153);">Report This
    Morgan626 responded:
    Right there with you:)
    I have just been diagnosed too. My overall is 266, the doctor put me on Zocor, but I also am exercising and eating better.

    I have quite a bit of weight to loose too, but I am thinking in sets of 10 because other wise it seems too daunting.

    So hang in there together:)

    I had the same question someone else asked about tuna. What is the deal with that and high cholesterol?
    billh99 responded:
    See my answer in this thread for some general information about diets.

    But to lose weight you need to learn portion control. Getting a food scale helps some people.

    Also it helps to track what you eat. There are a number of websites/smartphone apps that help with this. Two of them are Myplate at and

    They also allow you to track exercise.

    I don't know what kind of exercise that interest you or what kind of motivation that you need. But there are any number of sites that you can track exercise and see how much you do each week.

    But just getting a $20 pedometer and trying to do 10,000 steps a day give helps alot.

    And check with your insurance company. Some of them have wellness/fitness programs. They can include such things as phone/email counseling on diet & exercise and reduced fees to local gyms.
    toofat62 responded:
    have been on cholestrol medicine for a few years now. My numbers have not decreased. I am looking to find out exactly what foods I should NOT be eating so maybe I can lose weight and get off of the meds....any suggestions?
    billh99 replied to toofat62's response:
    See my answer above.

    But besides avoiding simple starches and transfats/hydrogenated fat the best thing to do is portion control.
    toofat62 replied to billh99's response:
    I have tried weight watchers with not much results. I can't afford the medicines much longer so i am hoping to get smart enough to eat right and start exercising....
    Anon_320 replied to toofat62's response:
    Weight Watchers is very effective if you follow it. The people I know who haven't had any luck with it (including me, at times) weren't tracking everything they ate. As BillH99 suggested, tracking what you eat is the best thing you can do to lose weight. I've lost about 15 pounds this year by using the WebMD Food & Fitness Tracker . Every time I stop using it, I also stop losing weight.

    Besides tracking calories you take in, and calories burned with activity, it asks if you have certain health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and will track things like carbs, fat, etc.

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