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    toofat62 posted:
    have been on cholestoral medicine for a few years and nothing has changed. I want to get off of it. I can't afford it any longer. Will there be any side effects if I just stop taking it?
    iride6606 responded:
    No, but you should tell your doctor. Some drug companies will pay for your prescription as well if you meet their guidelines.

    Or just tell your doctor you are not getting any benefit and want to come off.
    billh99 responded:
    You did not indicate what med(s) that you are on.

    But work with your doctor and selecting a lower cost generic and shopping around at different drug stores including places like Walmart and Costco.

    For example Simvastatin 40 mg is less than $7.00 a month.

    Some states, cities, county offer their residence prescription discount cards. Likewise I have seen several doctors offices that offer discount cards.
    gemini1946 responded:
    You should consider herbal supplements as an alternative if you are going off statins.Omega 3's for one and B vitamins such as B6 and B12.Your doctor probably won't recommend it,but I've found it to work for me.I take 20mgs of Zocor,but I also take CoQ10 capsules to combat the muscle acts.Do the research on the internet.You'll be surprised at the info you can retrieve.Good luck.
    TegansGrandma responded:
    I took Pravachol for 6 years. Reading an article in the Reader's Digest put me in touch with my doctor. I had the same symptoms for years and it was brought back to the statin use. Severe Chronic Fatigue was just the tip of it. Muscle weakness, high blood sugar. Severe chest pains.
    The doctor said stop taking it. Did cold turkey. They consulted a cardiologist whom I saw the next week. He said I was right to stop. Did all the testings, scans, heart tests 2 weeks later. I detoxed over 7 weeks. I had never been in such pain. Slept so much over the first couple weeks. Dr said this would happen. They followed my detox. They also advised me to fill out a med reaction with FDA. There is alot of research about what statins do to you and then you blame something else, get a med for that.
    My diabetic blood sugars (A1C) went from 6.0 to 5.6, which is normal. To think the meds I was put on for a diabetic, all the testings, etc. I still do quarterly and they are fantastic. My lipids did not change much being off the statins. It is 4 years since off them. I cannot understand why the push is for everyone to be on drugs for this and that, when it has no warranty to it at all. It was expensive. My Co-pay was $40 a month. I use TR Niacin 2,000 mg daily. Did back then too.
    Long story short. I got my life back. I felt like I was going to die feeling that horrible. It was the rest of my life. I was barely 50. Medium built. Diet was very clean, exercised (lap swimmer) several times a week. Not a pop, coffee, alcohol drinker.
    My friends said they felt I would have been dead if I had not stopped taking the statins. Rather now, I live full life.
    Just call me grateful I read that article.
    gerb01 responded:
    I've gotten off off Simvastain, a little over a month ago, and had dramatic results, from being off of it.
    Life is great now, went from could barely walk, to riding a bicyle, 14 miles a day, 7 days a week, and really feel great.
    I do, however, watch my diet, very close.
    I eat no red meats, no deep fried foods, on pototes, no dairy products.
    I do eat, "baked and not breaded" fish, & skinless chicken breast, along with lots of veggies, and fresh fruits. No grapes, as too much sugar.
    I also lost 19 lbs to date. This takes will power, and the desire to improve your life.
    wilfrieda responded:
    I stopped taking my most recent prescribed statin because over a 30 year period I've taken everything available and nothing has ever dropped my total cholesterol below 200. A low fat diet did not work, exercise did not work. I've been told I inherited this from my mother's family. I do now drink a smoothie with several fruits, spinach or kale, unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon and flaxseed meal every morning for breakfast. I also have increased my fiber and take natural plant sterols. This has finally dropped my total cholesterol nearing the 200 mark.
    SSrini replied to wilfrieda's response:
    My blood test report of 30th May showed total cholesterol 288 (normal range 125-225), LDL cholesterol 184 (normal range 85-150). I did not take any Statins as I had neuropathy at age 10 and retinopathy now at age 50. By taking a glass of decoction of fresh herbal leaves every morning for 3 weeks, I was able to reduce my bad cholesterol levels drastically. I am a vegetarian and contd my normal diet except for cutting down on deep-fried foods, butter nd potato. My blood test report after the 3 week period showed: Total cholesterol 139 (down from 288 = 52% drop), LDL cholesterol 53 (down from 184 = 71% drop). My VLDL and triglycerides dropped by 28% each and blood sugar by 16%. It was simply amazing. Next mth I plan to treat myself specifically for lowering triglycerides and will keep the forum updated on the results.

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