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    LIpitor Side Effects
    pahogg posted:
    I've taken myself off of Lipitor forever as doctor took me up to 80mg. Withing 6 weeks I was having cramps in my legs so bad at night I couldn't get up to walk them off. Doctor told me to get off of the statin which I did and within one week the cramps were gone. However, within a week of the cramps stopping I came down with neuropathy in feet which has spread to hands and body. Cardiolist says it's not possible for the Lipitor to cause neuropathy which is contray to everything I've read and heard from other doctors. I'm now going to try and deal with my cholesterol and trigylcerides with diet and natural supplements. Mind you my cholesterol was 155 and trygylcerides were 110 and cardiologist said the guidelines had been lowered so he raised the dosage. The neuropathy is no fun and don't know whether I can get rid of it as now seeing a neurologist with no results. My advice, do some research on statins and you'll see they are not all that they are cracked up to be and that your triglyceride level is more important to control than the cholesterol. However, controlling those will also help the cholesterol level.
    bobby75703 responded:
    Cholesterol plays a vital role in nerve function. Cholesterol helps form the fatty protective layer which insulates our nerves.

    Did your cardiologist really say its not possible for Lipitor to cause neuropathy? That is difficult to grasp since neuropathy is a well known side effect from statin drugs.
    iride6606 responded:
    Many of us have been on statins for years with no issues. Why did your doctor put you on 80mg? Did you ask? It has to be for some reason. A TC of 155 is well within the current guidelines unless you have certain risk factors or known CAD. You know you can question your doctor.

    As far as serum TGLs go, there is still much speculation out there as to whether they play a role in heart disease at all.

    As far as the neuropathy goes, it is not likely that it would be from the statin as you stopped taking it well before it started. Side effects from statins almost always go away within the first week and I have never read of any delayed side effect. The main cause of neuropathy is a deficiency in vitamin B or D. Have you looked into that?
    Anon_320 replied to iride6606's response:
    I just wanted to address this: "Side effects from statins almost always go away within the first week..." I have been off Lipitor for about five years and, though the muscle pain and weakness in my thighs has improved, it has never gone away. It still limits how much I can walk or stand at a time. If you go to the People's Pharmacy web site and read some of the articles about statins, you will find that it's not that unusual for side effects to remain for months or years, or become permanent.
    Anon_320 replied to Anon_320's response:
    After posting this, I came across an article on the People's Pharmacy site that said neuropathy is a known side effect of statins:

    "022 Headache
    "022 Muscle aches, muscle cramps, muscle pain, spasms:
    (anywhere in the body, including legs, shoulders, back, arms or neck)
    "022 Fatigue, weakness
    "022 Arthritis, joint pain, joint stiffness
    "022 Abdominal pain, digestive upset, nausea, diarrhea , flatulence
    "022 Blood sugar elevation, diabetes
    "022 Sore throat, flu symptoms, sinusitis
    "022 Dizziness
    "022 Itching, rash , hives
    "022 Liver damage, liver failure, kidney damage
    "022 Insomnia, sleeping difficulties, nightmares
    "022 Forgetfulness, memory problems, amnesia, confusion , cognitive dysfunction
    "022 Peripheral neuropathy, nerve tingling, nerve burning
    "022 Pancreatitis
    "022 Cataracts
    "022 Sexual problems, erectile dysfunction, low libido
    iride6606 replied to Anon_320's response:
    I have participated as a contributor on some cholesterol studies and can quote most of them. In the vast majority of cases the side effects go away in a week. Also, there is nothing to show that they can start after stopping their use.

    Not doubting that you have an issue, just stating what I have read. You may well be the exception, but the numbers support what I have stated, In any case, I hope you find relief.
    bobby75703 responded:
    If a person elects not to take a statin, the risk of being harmed by them falls to zero.
    iride6606 replied to bobby75703's response:
    And the risk of heart disease goes up. That's a personal decision. Again, I don't advocate one way or the other but the numbers have proven this out time after time. The numbers also prove there will be some poor outcomes. I go with the odds that are vastly in my favor but everyone needs to make their own decision.
    bobby75703 replied to iride6606's response:
    I guess a person has to follow whatever they believe causes heart disease. I personally gave up on the idea of serum cholesterol levels causing heart disease, but to each his own.
    suki65 responded:

    i am sufferring now from taking 3 different statins on and off over 2 years i am also going to see a neurologist soon but they wont have that the damage is done from statins its a disgrace as we think they know better but if it wasnt for these sites i would deffinately be very ill now with taking statins if i hadnt stopped and gone on to intermittent fasting i eat etween 11am and 7pm and drink water and sugar free drinks check out these 2 sites
    gerb01 responded:
    Holy shoot! 80 mgs. To me, enough to kill a cow.
    I was on a satin, 40mgs. and was having terrible, severe side effects.
    It's been a little over a month, sence, coming off of that nasty drug, and feel like a new person.
    I went, from not being not hardly able to walk, feeling exausted all the time, aches and pains, to riding a bicyle, 14 miles a day, 7 days a week.
    I do, however, watch my diet now, very close.
    I eat "no" red meats, "no" deep fried foods, "no" pototoes, "no" salt, and "no" dairy products.
    To date, in a little over a month, I lost 19 lbs, and feel great.
    We are on this earth, for a short period of time, and chose not die, in a wheel chair, or behind a walker. Who knows, I might live longer, this way, w/o the satin drugs, which were making my life miserable.
    This takes a desire, to want to improve your health, and your life.
    bobby75703 replied to gerb01's response:
    80 mg enough to kill a cow? Enough to kill a bull moose! Or worse yet entire nation.
    iride6606 replied to gerb01's response:
    There are no doctors here, only people that that relay personal experience and opinions gained by reading on the Internet. For some 80mg may be too much, but for others it is necessary. Instead posting opinion, I always go to the data.

    The NIH looked at Lipitor dosage in over 14,000 users to determine the safety of high dose Lipitor. The results are listed in order by 10mg, 80mg and placebo. Their finding is that there is no significant difference in safety between 10mg and 80mg.

    Treatment-associated myalgia was observed in 1.4%, 1.5%, and 0.7% of patients in the atorvastatin 10 mg, atorvastatin 80 mg, and placebo groups, respectively. No cases of rhabdomyolysis were reported in any group. Persistent elevations in hepatic transaminases >3 times ULN were observed in 0.1%, 0.6%, and 0.2% of patients in the atorvastatin 10 mg, atorvastatin 80 mg, and placebo groups, respectively. The incidence of treatment-associated adverse events for atorvastatin 80 mg was similar to that of atorvastatin 10 mg and placebo. In conclusion, the results of this analysis support the positive safety profile of atorvastatin at the highest dose.

    Again, 80mg of Lipitor is a safe dosage and is needed by many. The study shows it is well tolerated, but that does not mean that everyone will have the same experience. For some to repeatedly suggest that statin use is unsafe based on their reading of Internet articles is not the same as medical professionals and researchers that spend the time and efforts to actually find the facts and not just conjecture. I am a researcher and I do the work, I'm not an MD but I do have a Doctorate degree and I can only tell you what I know based on the work I do. The numbers don't lie, they are what they are. One can argue their meaning but to do so there should be data to support an alternative meaning, something that does not usually happen unfortunately.

    Again, for you it may not be compatible, but it sounds like you fully understand what works for you, well done.
    motheradele replied to iride6606's response:
    Iride6506, I have to say that I believe that you either work for the drug companies, or own one yourself. 80mg. of Lipitor is not a safe dosage, and as a matter of fact, doctors are not allowed to prescribe that high of a dosage anymore because of all the damage that was done by doing so! I never wish anyone any ill will, but I think it would be good if you would get some side effects of these nasty drugs, just so you can see what the rest of us are going through! It's amazing to me that you continue to stick up for these drugs even after so many of us have been damaged by them!
    iride6606 replied to motheradele's response:
    Wow, that's a lot of negativity in one post. I do not defend statins or drug companies; I don't care one way or the other who takes them. If you read my posts I state many times that in my opinion I would take other steps than statins. What I do is defend against incorrect, misleading or unsubstantiated information. For instance in your post, you state that it is not allowed to prescribe 80mg of Lipitor, that is just wrong. 80mg is allowed to be prescribed and recommended to patients within certain risk stratification so why would you post that? Were you just wrong or trying to strengthen your position? My father is on 80mg and is doing well at 83. Crestor was never approved at 80mg all others are. That's what I defend against, bad information and overreaction as I deal with data for a living.

    I'm not an employee of the drug companies, nor do I own a drug company. I am a researcher that has contributed on some of these papers, that's all. When I see all of these "statin this and statin that" and "drug trials are corrupt" and "drug companies are killing people" threads without any big picture analysis or supporting facts then I refute the post and provide the data. That's what I do and you wish me ill will for doing so, who is wearing blinders? You come here and recommend people don't take statins, by what authority or knowledge do you do that? You assume have no training,no MD just your personal experience. How does that make you a credible source of medical advice? Serious muscle damage is an issue in about 1% of prescriptions meaning 99% of do fine. Maybe we have some other side effects that aren't too bad and we can deal with it until they go away or we don't have any. You would tell a poster to avoid these even though 99% will have no serious effects. How about yours, did you have a biopsy, do you know for certainty it was the statin or was just from stopping? So many questions, so little data.

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