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    Ongoing PAIN after carotid surgery?
    DANAINMI posted:
    It has been almost 4 months since I underwent an endarterectomy on my right carotid artery. My doctor used a patch, not a stent. I had a 70% blockage but no signs of stroke.

    Not only is there still numbness in half my throat and right ear, I am enduring daily pain around the right carotid artery. The pain itself is constant. I wake up with it every morning and go to bed with it every night. Usually it is a dull pain but occasionally I have intense flareups of pain, bad enough to make me cry out. Sometimes the pain is a persistent burning. I am suffering a lot and don't know when, if ever, the pain will ever stop.

    Complaints to my doctors have accomplished little. My surgeon said that I shouldn't be having this pain, and more or less treated me like my complaints aren't serious, or are just my imagination. At my insistence he ordered a post-op ultrasound, which his nurse who called me said was normal. I have tried repeatedly to get a personal callback from him but he will not return my calls.

    I am very concerned about the possibility of permanent nerve damage around my right carotid. I can't live comfortably with such pain and I am concerned that the condition might worsen in time.

    Advice welcome.
    baylis responded:
    I had this procedure 3 weeks ago. I had virtually no pain after the procedure, however I still have the numbness in the neck and ear. My problem is I have no voice. My Doctor said I have no permanent nerve damage but I am concerned about the vocal cords. I am on my second round of steroids and this has appeared to help. Have you taken any steroids? I am 62 and had approximately 90% blockage.

    DANAINMI responded:
    I can't take steroids as I have had adverse reactions to them in the past. A couple of medical professionals told me my numbness would last for awhile, but finally one informed me it might be permanent. Almost 5 months later, I assume that's the case with me. I still have the numbness exactly as before, and the daily pain continues. I have an appointment to see another doctor about the pain.

    I've read about your problem (no voice). Nerve damage from carotid surgery can cause lasting hoarseness, even paralysis of the vocal chords which is sometimes permanent. It's probably a little too early to know your prognosis, but there seems to be a chance you've suffered nerve damage as I am 99% sure happened to me. You might want to do more research on this. Good health wishes!

    howlin responded:
    I had the surgery on the left side after having 70% blockage. It has been 7 weeks and I have been been progressively getting better, but my voice is not normal, and it feels like I have a lump in my throat. Our daughter in law's mother is a nurse, and she said many people are helped quickly with steroid treatments, which my doctor did not even suggest. I plan to check into this, and will update the results.
    PINKSKAREN replied to howlin's response:
    It has only been 10 days since my surgery on my left carotid. When I woke from my surgery in was in great pain with my left inner ear. I've had headaches everyday, neck is numb from the incision to the right side of my neck. I'm still having inner ear pain and headaches. I am now also having sharp pain in my left jaw and a knot below the left jaw. I also having pain in my throat and around my adam's apple. I'm started having trouble swallowing. My doctor did put my on a steroids pack when I left the hospital. My voice is also changing. I went to see my surgeon on day 6. He told me that he didn't see a knot, and that everything looked good. Now on day 10 and I haven't seen any improvement.
    Mazelb13 responded:
    Hi there, I know it's been awhile but I have been searching the Internet to find someone that has the same symptoms as my mum. I was just wondering did you ever get sorted out? Hope to hear back from you and all is well Xx

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