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    11worth posted:
    I will likely get blocked with this. In my opinion,statins are killers, and the medical community is complicit. This "lower the numbers at any cost" has not proven to increase the incidence of heart attack nor stroke.I took numerous meds as they were introduced.Finally,I got Lipitor.I kept hearing folks complaining about how lousy they felt, but they folloed the doctor's orders like lambs to the slaughter.So many I know had muscle issues, always blamed on something else, and then I started hearing about congestive heart failure. I experienced it myself, and got off the drug.I felt so much better, and peope commented on how much better I looked, my color improved, and many complaints were resolved, including mucscle pain. My dad who had lifelong heart issues hadn't been on it. I spite of high LDL & Triglycerides, never went on it until he had a pacemaker implanted, went to rehab, and had a stroke there. He never had issues with congestive heart failure....until he died several months later.The doctor in the nursing home had put this 80 year old stroke patient on Lipitor!! I was livid!! I'm not saying it wasn't his time, as he was miserable being bed bound, but it sure got me thinking about how many die of congestive heart failure, who are on Lipitor, or statins in general? I'd bet my life the doctors aren't looking into that. It's easier to give folks a drug to get those numbers down, than to tell them to alter their lifestyle.I did that, and my numbers were nearly normal with a "South Beach" style diet, and exercise. They keep shoving those pills at people. Many want just a pill to cure it all.I am a firm believer that those statins and other drugs are mere moneymakers, and not really resolving anything. We need some real honest dialogue about these drugs.Not the pat,"these should be taken by everybody!" that we are now seeing as the new stance on them! It's frightening that doctors will just continue to prescribe them in spite of all the reports from patients that they make them feel lousy.Seems they do their damndest to blame something else, and clear the statins.I'd love to see somebody look into how many deaths due to congestive heart failure, had the patient been taking statins. I'm betting the number is astronomical. I just wish somebody would listen!
    bobby75703 responded:
    In my opinion, you are 100% correct.

    Getting someone to listen will be a challenge. Worldwide sales of statins gross around $30 Billion per year. Add to that the office visits, lab fees, and over the counter cholesterol remedies. The industry is HUGE.

    Money talks while the industry turns its back on those who suffer and the truth gets kicked under the rug.

    azlady66 responded:
    My chlorestor was a bit high. The Dr gave me Crestor and said she had never seen diet help. I started retaining water, couldn't sleep( had no desire to sleep which was weird) , the thought of food made me ill, was dizzy and so many other things. When I told them they had never heard of some of the problems ...guess I was lying. Told them I was taking cholestoff a natural pill with no side affects. Later I found the pill they gave me for high blood pressure , Bystolic, increased your LDL & Triglycerides and they had given me this about a month before taking the test to check th cholestrol counts. Feel like I was setup.
    I have weaned myself off of bystolic and BP is fine and looking for a new... hopefully good Doctor
    txlady46 responded:
    I can't speak about the congestive heart failure issues you've mentioned; but, I do agree with you that the statins are much too dangerous to be dispensed so freely. I've heard now how they think people should take them even if they don't have elevated cholesterol.

    My cholesterol started going up a few years ago & my doctor put me on one of the statins that had been around for a while - not one of the newer ones you hear so much about. They did help my cholesterol go down. But, after being on them for 2-3 years I started noticing that I just wasn't feeling myself. I had changed doctors & she tested for a lot of different things, but we never discussed the possibility of it being the statin. I then started having a lot of problems with muscle cramps in my left leg almost every night, and sudden spastic type muscle pain in my left arm. It really became alarming to me, so I got online & checked out the possible side effects of the statins - muscle atrophy jumped out at me. I stopped taking the statin.

    Because of a change of insurance companies I had to change doctors again & when I went in to see him the first time I told him what I'd done & why & told him the pain had stopped. But, he basically just poo-pooed the idea that the statin had anything to do with it. I told him I'm not going back on it & that I'll be seeking out natural ways to try to control the cholesterol. (By the way, when he tested me the cholesterol had gone up some but was not at any alarming level.)

    I'll be going back in to see him in 3 months - by then I'll have been off the statins for 15-16 months & trying things my way for about a year. So, I'll be interested to see how things test out at that point.
    tareva responded:
    11worth said: "...has not proven to increase the incidence of heart attack nor stroke.I"

    Uh.....don't you mean "decreased"?
    Mrduane4ta replied to bobby75703's response:
    Ding Ding Ding!!...I 2 refuse to take Statins anymore...General malaise, muscle soreness, etc...& this is 'helping'...? I too have changed my lefestyle & working towards a betterment. My chlolesterol has never been over 160, & the 'other' #'s are not that bad...

    So, the Ubiquinol, other supplements I take, won't be destroyed by 'medicine'....

    Dr. Fuhrman tells it in plain English & well well worth the Googling...peace.

    Ann719 responded:
    I was taking Simvastatin for a couple of years and complained to my doctor that my legs were getting very weak to the point that I was walking with a limp. Each time we spoke he told me to exercise more and that my reflexes were fine. Finally, I insisted that he try to determine the cause of my progressing weakness. Guess what? After several blood tests it was determined that I had the rare condition known as Rabdomyolosis which was caused by the Simvastatin breaking down the protein in my muscles. I immediately stopped the statin and am gradually getting stronger. No more statins for me.
    michaelfgu responded:
    Wow, thanks for sharing this! Something for me to consider as I've been contemplating statins for myself
    fayemartin replied to michaelfgu's response:
    Thank u for this article and the courage to print it. I agree with 11worth because ---- the drug companies have this "sowed up" as far as duping the public, because they KNOW how dangerous statins are. I was on different kinds of statins for years and my cholestrol was still high and then I started to have SEVERE pain in my muscles, especially in my legs and feet to the point of excruciating pain and my knee would draw up to my stomach in so much pain. After going to two different drs I finally found one that would work with me because I refused to take statins anymore.
    11CUPS responded:
    Your blaming a statin for your 80 year old father's death who had heart problems most of his life. Did you think he would go on to be 100 or more. At 51 I had quad bypass, all four were blocked 90% . 3 heart failures after that. Am I not to take ANY meds. No, but I no what they do to me. Bottom line, make a long story short, we all go at some time, maybe 1-2 years old, maybe 90 both instances heart disease. That's the hand your dealt. If all you do is listen to your doctor and think he's GOD, your nuts. Do your homework, get 2nd and 3rd opinions, go on the internet and find out what ELSE is going on with that sophisticated machine called your body is going through. To say statins are wrong for all is stupid. If we were all the same (as in clones), it would be a very boring world. If anybody with heart disease thinks they will live pain free the rest of there day, your outright crazy.
    oceanreads responded:
    I agree, statins are bad for me at least. I have high cholestrol, & have been put on alot of different meds for it. I get so weak with muscle pain & weakness that I get to the point I cannot even walk. Also Lovava about destroyed me & I felt like I was going to die. I will try other methods to reduce cholestrol, but why take these high priced medicines that create so many bad side effects that make you feel so bad & useless, like I may as well already be dead.
    I have experimented with all these meds several times & each time I go off them I feel normal.
    The really sad thing is I do not think the doctors know really what effects these are having on some people.
    Jemmy28 replied to 11CUPS's response:
    Thank you 11CUPS for reminding that no med works for EVERYone but all meds work for SOMEone. My younger sis tried Lipitor and had adverse side effects, she is now on another med that works for her w/o side effects. I am on Lipitor, I have no adverse side effects. Works for me not for her although we share genes. I interview my docs before I allow them to treat my body just as I interview my accountants and stock brokers before I allow them to guide my money.
    mmota responded:
    I am hispanic,57 years old. Both of my parents passed away in the same year a couple of years ago. Both were overweight, diabetic- type 2 and both died of congestive heart failure. My Mother,79, took Avandia for almost a year and a half before we convinced her to get off of it. My Dad,83, passed away 7 months later. I have been diabetic for 3 years and do follow a good diet and exercise halfway decent. I am now on simvistatin. With my new insurance now Lipitor was $364 for 3 months. I have been on a statin for about 4 months. Pain in my upper backside left leg comes fairly strong at times. I am sure that I never had this pain before taking lipitor or simvistatin. I am not sure of what I should do. All of these stories and side effects of all of this medicine leaves me confused. Besides the statin I also take gemfibrozil,lisinopril, metformin and omega 3. Am I going to die from these or will it be the diabetes or even old age? Or will it be simply called congestive heart failure? It feels like a tragic car accident would be the better way to go. And no I am not going thru any depression.
    barbj1015 replied to mmota's response:
    I have been on a couple of different statins now for almost a year and have terrible muscle aches especially after doing the slightest bit of exercise. I'm really debating on stopping what I'm on now..Crestor and just taking my chances.
    gorillalover replied to Mrduane4ta's response:
    In respone to your note regarding statin drugs I would like to say that statins can be very helpful for many people. My family has a high risk of heart disease and problems associated with it like high blood pressure. The one important thing I would like to say to you is it is important to take CQ 10 if you are taking statins because research has shown that statins deplete the vital CQ 10 in your body and that's what causes muscle pain. I have been taking 40 mg. of Lipitor daily for awhile and also take CQ 10 and have no muscle pain. Hope this helps you and others.

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